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Advances in Neutron Scattering Instrumentation
Editor(s): Ian S. Anderson; Bruno Guérard
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Volume Number: 4785
Date Published: 18 November 2002
Softcover: 27 papers (278) pages
ISBN: 9780819445520

Table of Contents
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Current status of the Japan Spallation Neutron Source Project
Author(s): Michihiro Furusaka
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Neutron scattering instrumentation at the Spallation Neutron Source
Author(s): R. Kent Crawford
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Multiplexing chopper systems for pulsed neutron source instruments
Author(s): Ferenc Mezei; Margarita Russina
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Silicon-based glancing incidence reflection superposition lens
Author(s): Alexandru Dan Stoica; Xun Li Wang
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Monolithic polycapillary focusing optic for polychromatic neutron diffraction applications
Author(s): David F. R. Mildner; Huaiyu Heather Chen-Mayer; Walter M. Gibson; Arthur J. Schultz
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Optical design of the SNS liquids reflectometer
Author(s): John F. Ankner; Christine Rehm; Edward D. Blakeman; Roger L. Kellogg
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A look ahead in residual stress analysis: the strain imager at the ILL
Author(s): Giovanni Bruno; Thilo Pirling; S. Rowe; W. Hutt; P. J. Withers; Colin J. Carlile
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Neutron Guinier camera
Author(s): Mihai Popovici; Alexandru Dan Stoica; David L. Worcester
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Beam center shifts caused by vertical focusing
Author(s): Leo D. Cussen
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Monte Carlo simulation of a pulsed-source time-focused crystal analyzer spectrometer
Author(s): Geza Zsigmond; John M. Carpenter; Ferenc Mezei
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Novel polarized neutron tools
Author(s): Eddy Lelievre-Berna
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Remanent transmission neutron polarizer
Author(s): Jochen Stahn; Daniel Clemens
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Enhancing the resolution and intensity of neutron scattering experiments using neutron spin echo
Author(s): Michael R. Fitzsimmons; Helmut Fritzsche; Janos Major; Roger Pynn; M. Theo Rekveldt
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New instruments based on flipper coils or modulation techniques for steady-state or pulsed neutron sources
Author(s): Roland Gaehler; Bjorn Fak; Robert Golub; Thomas Hils; Sergei Klimko; Jyotsana Lal; Sergey Prokudaylo; Christoph Stadler
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Spin-echo resolved grazing incidence scattering (SERGIS) of cold neutrons
Author(s): Gian P. Felcher; Suzanne G. E. te Velthuis; Janos Major; Helmut Dosch; Charlotte Anderson; Klaus Habicht; Thomas Keller
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Analyses and simulations of spin-echo small-angle neutron scattering instrument
Author(s): Jinkui Zhao; Peng Yuan
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Detector requirements for the European Spallation Neutron Source ESS
Author(s): Burckhard Gebauer
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Advanced two-dimensional thermal neutron detectors for scattering studies
Author(s): Jack Fried; Joe A. Harder; George J. Mahler; Donald S. Makowiecki; Joe A. Mead; Veljko Radeka; Neil A. Schaknowski; Graham C. Smith; Bo Yu
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Development of hybrid MSGC detectors with high position and time-of-flight resolution for neutron scattering experiments at ESS
Author(s): Christian Schulz; Burckhard Gebauer; Guenter Richter; Bernhard Namaschk; Lev N. Balykov; Feodosi V. Levchanovski; Alexander Nikiforov; Vladimir I. Shashkin; Alexander Yurievich Klimov; Vladimir V. Rogov
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Comparison between image plate and Micromegas detector for thermal neutron tomography
Author(s): Samuel Andriamonje; Alain Delbart; Isabelle Espagnon; Ioannis Giomataris; Sebastien Herlant; Fabien Jeanneau; Robert Junca; Aamuel Legoupil; Alain Pluquet
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Semiconducting boron-rich neutron detectors
Author(s): Brian W. Robertson; Shireen Adenwalla; Andrew Harken; Peter Welsch; Jennifer I. Brand; John Paul Claassen; Neil M. Boag; Peter A. Dowben
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Aluminium dodecaboride: a possible thermal neutron detector
Author(s): Menhard Kocsis; Janos Major
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Evaluation of a position sensitive neutron detector based on Li6Gd(BO3)3 scintillator
Author(s): Erik Maurits Schooneveld; J. Bart Czirr; Thomas K. McKnight; Nigel J. Rhodes; R. M. Ibberson
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High-position-resolution neutron detector using a position-sensitive photomultiplier tube
Author(s): Jean Franco Clergeau; Bruno Guerard; J. C. Buffet; P. Van Esch
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Optical readout for imaging neutron scintillation detectors
Author(s): Donald P. Hutchinson; Roger K. Richards; L. Curt Maxey; Ronald G. Cooper; David Eugene Holcomb
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Jamin-type interferometer for cold neutrons using Etalon plates
Author(s): Masaaki Kitaguchi; H. Funahashi; T. Nakura; Masahiro Hino; Hirohiko M. Shimizu
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Time-of-flight ultrasmall-angle neutron scattering instrument for SNS
Author(s): Michael M. Agamalian; John M. Carpenter; K. C. Littrell; Pappannan Thiyagarajan; Christine Rehm
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