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X-Ray and Gamma-Ray Detectors and Applications IV
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Volume Number: 4784
Date Published: 10 January 2003
Softcover: 39 papers (414) pages
ISBN: 9780819445513

Table of Contents
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CZT detectors with 3D readout for gamma-ray spectroscopy and imaging
Author(s): James L. Matteson; Michael R. Pelling; Robert T. Skelton
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Resistivity dependence on Zn concentration in semi-insulating (Cd,Zn)Te
Author(s): Michael Fiederle; Alex Fauler; Vladimir N. Babentsov; Jan Franc; Klaus Werner Benz
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Spatial properties of large-area crossed-strip CZT detectors
Author(s): Michael R. Pelling; William A. Heindl; James L. Matteson; Richard E. Rothschild
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Background lines in the Mars Odyssey 2001 gamma-ray detector
Author(s): Larry G. Evans; William V. Boynton; Robert C. Reedy; Richard D. Starr; Jacob I. Trombka
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Design and performance of the HEXIS CZT detector module
Author(s): Richard E. Rothschild; James L. Matteson; William A. Heindl; Michael R. Pelling
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3D positioning germanium detectors for gamma-ray astronomy
Author(s): Wayne Coburn; Susan Amrose; Steven E. Boggs; Robert P. Lin; Mark S. Amman; Morgan T. Burks; Ethan L. Hull; Paul N. Luke; Norman W. Madden
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Temperature-dependent electronic decay profiles in CZT: probe of bulk and surface properties
Author(s): Royal Kessick; Hugh Maupin; Gary C. Tepper; Csaba Szeles
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Development of a large single-crystal (3-inch ingot) CdZnTe for large-volume nuclear radiation detectors
Author(s): Longxia Li; Fengying Lu; Chun Lee; Gomez W. Wright; David R. Rhiger; Sanghamitra Sen; Kanai S. Shah; Michael R. Squillante; Leonard J. Cirignano; Ralph B. James; Arnold Burger; Paul N. Luke; Richard Olson
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Advanced-readout ASICs for multielement CZT detectors
Author(s): Gianluigi De Geronimo; Paul O'Connor; Anand Kandasamy; Joe Grosholz
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Development of a model for gamma-ray spectra generation using pixelated mercuric iodide detectors
Author(s): James E. Baciak; Zhong He
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Delayed emission of surface-generated trapped carriers in transient charge transport of single-crystal and polycrystalline HgI2
Author(s): Asaf Zuck; Michael M. Schieber; Oleg Khakhan; Zeev Burshtein
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Liquid Xe TPC with multistrip-type anode
Author(s): Kyoko Takizawa; Tadayoshi Doke; Jun Kikuchi; K. Masuda; N. Matsuoka; H. Nishikido; H. Okada; E. Shibamura
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Color of red mercuric iodide at cryogenic temperatures
Author(s): Alan W. Hunt; Guido Campi; Brendan Twamley; Fred P. Vaccaro; Russell B. Tjossem; Kelvin G. Lynn
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Organic scintillators for neutron detection
Author(s): Zane W. Bell; Gilbert M. Brown; C. H. Ho; Frederick V. Sloop
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Recent results from thin-film-coated semiconductor neutron detectors
Author(s): Douglas S. McGregor; Raymond T. Klann; Jeffrey D. Sanders; John T. Lindsay; Kurt J. Linden; Holly K. Gersch; P. M. De Lurgio; Charles L. Fink; Elsa Ariesanti
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Forming images with thermal neutrons
Author(s): Peter E. Vanier; Leon Forman
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Gamma-neutron measurement complex for detection and identification of radioactive and fissile materials
Author(s): Sergey E. Ulin; Valery V. Dmitrenko; V. T. Samossadny; V. M. Grachov; V. V. Kadilin; Z. M. Uteshev; K. F. Vlasik; D. V. Sokolov; A. A. Kaplun; S. V. Kolesnikov; G. L. Dedenko
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Multiplexed avalanche photodiode arrays for radiation imaging
Author(s): Mitchell L. Woodring; Richard Farrell; James F. Christian; Alex I. Kogan; Michael R. Squillante; Gerald Entine; David K. Wehe
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Integrated x-ray and charged particle active pixel CMOS sensor arrays using an epitaxial silicon-sensitive region
Author(s): Stuart Kleinfelder; Hans Bichsel; Fred Bieser; Howard S. Matis; Gulshan Rai; Fabrice Retiere; Howard Wieman; Eugene Yamamoto
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Absolute light and resolution measurements for sensitive CsI(Tl)/photodiode detectors
Author(s): Michael M. Meier
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X-VIEW: a high-resolution real-time solid state x-ray detection system
Author(s): Sylvie Chapuy; Zlatko Dimcovski; Harald Sperl; Marc Dimcovski; Caroline Valentin; Bruno Defer; Vincent Fridrici; Alain Nicolas; Leo Vincent; Jean Dorey
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Effects of p/n inhomogeneity on CdZnTe radiation detectors
Author(s): Muren Chu; Sevag Terterian; David Ting; Ralph B. James; Marek Szawlowski; Gerald J. Visser
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Development of compound semiconductor detectors for x- and gamma-ray spectroscopy
Author(s): Alan Owens; Hans Andersson; Marcos Bavdaz; Christian Erd; Thomas Gagliardi; Vladimir Gostilo; N. Haack; Michael K. Krumrey; V. Lamsa; David H. Lumb; I. Lisjutin; I. Major; Seppo Arvo Anter Nenonen; Anthony J. Peacock; Heikki Sipila; Sergey Zatoloka
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p-i-n CdTe 128-pixel detector for gamma-ray imaging fabricated by excimer laser processing
Author(s): Toru Aoki; Atsushi Nakamura; Madan Niraula; Yasuhiro Tomita; Yoshinori Hatanaka
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Development of TlBr arrays for hard x- and gamma-ray spectroscopy
Author(s): Alan Owens; Marcos Bavdaz; Vladimir Gostilo; Roland H. den Hartog; Alex G. Kozorezov; I. Lisjutin; Anthony J. Peacock; Sergey Zatoloka
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GLAST LAT silicon tracker
Author(s): Robert P. Johnson
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Medical imaging with mercuric iodide direct digital radiography flat-panel x-ray detectors
Author(s): Haim Gilboa; Asaf Zuck; O. Dagan; Alex Vilensky; B. N. Breen; A. Taieb; B. Reisman; H. Hermon; George Zentai; Larry D. Partain; Robert A. Street; S. Ready
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Radiation damage test of the x-ray CCDs with low-energy protons
Author(s): Emi Miyata; Hirohiko Kouno; Tomoyuki Kamazuka; Mitsunori Fukuda; Mototsugu Mihara; Kensaku Matsuta; Kanenobu Tanaka; Hiroshi Tsunemi; Tadanori Minamisono; Hiroshi Tomida; Kazushisa Miyaguchi
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Improvement of position resolution of CCDs: mesh experiment for small-pixel and back-illuminated CCDs
Author(s): Masami Miki; Emi Miyata; Junko Hiraga; Hirohiko Kouno; Hiroshi Tsunemi; Kazushisa Miyaguchi; Koei Yamamoto
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Small-crystalline detector of high-energy x ray and Beta radiation on the basis of ZnSe(Te)
Author(s): Vladimir D. Ryzhykov; Leonid P. Gal'chinetskii; Konstantin A. Katrunov; Olga V. Zelenskaya; Elena K. Lysetskaya; Nikolay G. Starzhynskiy; Vyacheslav V. Chernikov; S. Kostioukevitch; Boris V. Grin'ov
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Novel photon-counting detectors for x-ray diffraction applications
Author(s): Yacouba Diawara; D. Khazins; S. Medved; B. Becker; Roger D. Durst; T. A. Thorson
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3DX: a micromachined silicon crystallographic x-ray detector
Author(s): John Morse; Christopher J. Kenney; Edwin M. Westbrook; Istvan Naday; Sherwood I. Parker
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Design and characterization of a large-area lens-coupled CCD detector for macromolecular crystallography
Author(s): Edwin M. Westbrook; John Morse; Robert E. Fischer; William M. McGuigan; Steven K. Onishi; Paul Vu; Istvan Naday; C. Bauer; J. Phillips; T. A. Thorson; Roger D. Durst
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Measurements of the quantum efficiency and depletion depth in gallium-arsenide detectors
Author(s): Christian Erd; Alan Owens; G. Brammertz; David H. Lumb; Marcos Bavdaz; Anthony J. Peacock; Seppo Arvo Anter Nenonen; Hans Andersson
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HPVB- and HPVZM-shaped growth of CdZnTe, CdSe, and ZnSe crystals
Author(s): Nikolai N. Kolesnikov; Ralph B. James; Nadejda S. Berzigiarova; Mihail P. Kulakov
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Preparation of semi-insulating CdTe by post-growth annealing
Author(s): Roman Grill; Ivan Turkevych; Jan Franc; Pavel Hoeschl; Eduard Belas; Pavel Moravec
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Photoluminescence of CdTe crystals grown by contactless PVT method
Author(s): Witold Palosz; K. Grasza; Phillip R. Boyd; Yunlong Cui; Gomez W. Wright; U. N. Roy; Arnold Burger
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Excimer laser processing for integrated gamma-ray detectors
Author(s): Atsushi Nakamura; Madan Niraula; Koji Asano; Toru Aoki; Yoshinori Hatanaka
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Grain geometry effect on responsivity of semiconducting HgI2/polymer x-ray detectors
Author(s): Yehezkel Saado; Michael M. Schieber
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