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Ninth International Conference on Ground Penetrating Radar
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Volume Number: 4758
Date Published: 12 April 2002
Softcover: 131 papers (756) pages
ISBN: 9780819445223

Table of Contents
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GPR antenna simulations in time domain
Author(s): Alexander G. Yarovoy; G. Mur; Leo P. Ligthart
Radiation pattern of a borehole radar antenna
Author(s): Karl J. Ellefsen; David L. Wright
Analysis of antennas for step-frequency ground-penetrating radar
Author(s): Valeri A. Mikhnev; Y. Maksimovitch; Pertti Vainikainen
Array of phase-shifted transmitters for GPR purposes
Author(s): Pascale Lutz; Herve Perroud; Jean-Baptiste Daban; Eric De Bazelaire
Wideband system for measuring dielectric properties of concrete
Author(s): Steven G. Millard; J. Davis; Yi Huang; J. H. Bungey
Imaging the past: archaeological radar stratigraphic analysis at Mahram Bilqis
Author(s): Brian J. Moorman; J.-M. Maillol; J. L. Williams; F. S. Walter; W. D. Glanzman
Archaeological GPR investigation at Rennes-le-Chateau, France
Author(s): Harry M. Jol; R. J. DeChaine; R. Eisenman
GPR investigations at Qumran, Israel: site of the Dead Sea Scrolls discovery
Author(s): Harry M. Jol; M. Broshi; H. Eshel; R. A. Freund; J. F. Shroder; P. Reeder; R. Dubay
Borehole radar imaging from deviating boreholes
Author(s): C. M. Simmat; N. Osman; J. E. Hargreaves; I. M. Mason
Basalt-flow imaging using a high-resolution directional borehole radar
Author(s): Craig W. Moulton; David L. Wright; Raymond S. Hutton; David V. Smith; Jared D. Abraham
Directional borehole radar for three-dimensional imaging
Author(s): Koen W.A. van Dongen; Peter M. van den Berg; Jacob T. Fokkema
Effect of wet drilling in kaolinitic strata on borehole radar performance
Author(s): Wessel J. A. van Brakel; Marius D. van Wyk; Marc Rutschlin; Johannes H. Cloete
Borehole radar imaging in three dimensions
Author(s): N. Osman; I. M. Mason; G. Turner; E. Wedepohl
Depth of first detectable defect in a masonry wall using FPR
Author(s): S. Colombo; Antonios Giannopoulos; Mike C. Forde
GPR detection of voids in post-tensioned concrete bridge beams
Author(s): Antonios Giannopoulos; Paul Macintyre; Scott Rodgers; Mike C. Forde
Review of NDT methods on a weak post-tensioned beam before autopsy
Author(s): X. Derobert; Odile Abraham; Ch. Aubagnac
Automatic 3D mapping of features using GPR
Author(s): Waleed Al-Nuaimy; H. Lu; S. Shihab; Asger Eriksen
Effective source wavelet determination
Author(s): Jan van der Kruk; Evert C. Slob
Automatic target detection in GPR data
Author(s): Waleed Al-Nuaimy; Yi Huang; S. Shihab; Asger Eriksen
Unsupervised segmentaiton of subsurface radar images
Author(s): Waleed Al-Nuaimy; Yi Huang; S. Shihab; Asger Eriksen
Application possibilities of super-resolution technique for GPR imaging
Author(s): Shanker Man Shrestha; Ikuo Arai; Takashi Miwa
Detection of forensic burials in Florida using GPR
Author(s): John J. Schultz; Anthony B. Falsetti; M. Collins; Steven Koppenjan; Michael W. Warren
Searching for concealed human remains using GPR imaging of decomposition
Author(s): Michelle L. Miller; Robert S. Freeland; Steven Koppenjan
Forensic application of sweep-frequency and impulse GPR
Author(s): Robert S. Freeland; Ronald E. Yoder; Michelle L. Miller; Steven Koppenjan
Ground-penetrating radar soil suitability map of the conterminous United States
Author(s): James A. Doolittle; Fred E. Minzenmayer; Sharon W. Waltman; Ellis C. Benham
GPR imaging of a turbidite outcrop in Almada Basin (Brazil)
Author(s): J. M. Travassos; Marco A. R. Ceia; A. Abel G. Carrasquilla
Subsurface imaging with low-frequency sar. field validation in France and Egypt using ground-penetrating radar
Author(s): Gilles Grandjean; Philippe Paillou; N. Baghdadi; E. Heggy; Th. August; Jose Achache
GPR assessment of creep-fault-induced damage in urban areas
Author(s): Dolores Ibanez Garduno; Roman Alvarez; Victor Hugo Garduno Monroy; I. Israde-Alcantara; E. Arreygue-Rocha
Mapping golf green drainage systems and subsurface features using ground-penetrating radar
Author(s): R. Boniak; S. K. Chong; S. J. Indorante; James A. Doolittle
Cross-hole georadar monitoring for moisture distribution and migration in soil beneath an infiltration pit: a case study of an artificial groundwater recharge test in Niigata, Japan
Author(s): Seiichiro Kuroda; Hiroomi Nakazato; Satoshi Nihira; Motoharu Hatakeyama; Mutsuo Takeuchi; Masato Asano; Yoshinori Todoroki; Michiaki Konno
Development of material properties for railway application of ground-penetrating radar
Author(s): Theodore R. Sussmann; Katherine R. O'Hara; Ernest T. Selig
3D georadar surveying in areas of moderate topographic relief
Author(s): B. Heincke; T. Spillmann; H. Horstmeyer; Alan G. Green
Applying a wavenumber notch filter to remove interferences caused by railway sleepers from a GPR section
Author(s): Sophie Geraads; Bruno Charachon; Olivier Loeffler; Gildas Omnes
Customized GPR system for railroad track verification
Author(s): Guido Manacorda; Davide Morandi; Antonio Sarri; Giuseppe Staccone
GPR rapid survey system for small-diameter tunnels
Author(s): Eiji Sakurada; Masaharu Inagaki
Searching out mammoth remains in permafrost (Taimyr, Siberia) using ground-penetrating radar
Author(s): Gilles Grandjean; Christian de Marliave; Bernard Buigues; Dick Mol; Gilles Ruffie
Application of ground-penetrating radar in placer mining: a case study from Guyana's Potaro region
Author(s): Csaba Ekes; Adrian Hickin; Paul Matysek; Eric Kinnan
Application of GPR to ornamental rock quarry
Author(s): Paula L. F. da Rocha; Marcelo M. dos Anjos; Carlos J. de Abreu; Henrique Lorenzo; Adriano Caranassos; Rinaldo Marques
3D radar response of a karstic zone
Author(s): Bernard Giroux; Michel Chouteau
Multicomponent imaging of different objects with different strike orientations
Author(s): Jan van der Kruk; J. H. Zeeman; Jeroen Groenenboom
GPR processing using local planewave imaging
Author(s): Svein-Erik Hamran; Isabelle Lecomte; Leiv-J. Gelius
Efficient calculation of scattering from a buried circular cylinder
Author(s): Thorkild B. Hansen; Peter Meincke
Numerical simulation of near-surface GPR in TE and TM modes
Author(s): Lanbo Liu; Steven A. Arcone
Numerical modeling development for characterizing complex GPR problems
Author(s): Kwan-Ho Lee; N. V. Venkatarayalu; Chi-Chih Chen; Fernando Teixeira; Robert Lee
Water detection in the Martian subsurface
Author(s): E. Heggy; Philippe Paillou; F. Demontoux; Gilles Ruffie; Gilles Grandjean
Ground-penetrating radar of the Netlander mission
Author(s): Richard Ney; Jean-Jacques Berthelier; V. Ciarletti; B. Martinat; M. Hamelin; M. Rodriguez-Cassola; F. Dolon; S. Bonaime; A. Reineix; B. Nevejans; C. Duvanaud; F. Costard; Philippe Paillou
Dynamically configurable GPR data acquisition and display application
Author(s): A. Wallis; Alan Langman; Michael R. Inggs
Miniature ground-penetrating radar for planetary subsurface characterization: preliminary field test results
Author(s): Soon Sam Kim; Steven R. Carnes; Narayan R. Mysoor; Christopher T. Ulmer; Raymond E. Arvidson
Novel GPR system for high-resolution inspection of walls and structures
Author(s): Antonio Sarri; Guido Manacorda; Mario Miniati
Sandy till characterized by ground-penetrating radar
Author(s): Ingelise Moeller; Peter Roll Jakobsen
Field study of GPR attenuation rates in natural and contaminated silt
Author(s): Steven A. Arcone; Allan J. Delaney
Efficient large-scale underground utility mapping in New York City using a multichannel ground-penetrating imaging radar system
Author(s): Ralf Birken; Douglas E. Miller; Maclyn Burns; Paul Albats; Robert Casadonte; Ross Deming; Tony Derubeis; Thorkild B. Hansen; Michael Oristaglio
3D utility mapping using electronically scanned antenna array
Author(s): Egil S. Eide; Jens F. Hjelmstad
Radar response approximations for buried plastic landmines
Author(s): Friedrich Roth; Piet van Genderen; Michel Verhaegen
Full-polarimetric video impulse radar for landmine detection
Author(s): Alexander G. Yarovoy; Leo P. Ligthart; Alexander Schukin; Igor V. Kaploun
Novel method of plastic landmine radar detection
Author(s): Nikolay Chubinsky; Andrei Krampuls
Case study: GPR testing of a Shanghai historical bank building
Author(s): Xiongyao Xie; Yonghui Zhao; Chen Wang
High-frequency penetrating radar for masonry investigation
Author(s): Massimiliano Pieraccini; Guido Luzi; Daniele Mecatti; Linhsia Noferini; Carlo Atzeni
Resolution of GPR bow-tie antennas
Author(s): Steven G. Millard; A. Shaari; J. H. Bungey
Imaging tree root systems In Situ
Author(s): Lucian Wielopolski; George Hendrey; Michael McGuigan; Jeffrey J. Daniels

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