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ICONO 2001: Ultrafast Phenomena and Strong Laser Fields
Editor(s): Vyacheslav M. Gordienko; Anatoly A. Afanas'ev; Vladimir V. Shuvalov
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Volume Number: 4752
Date Published: 29 May 2002
Softcover: 28 papers (246) pages
ISBN: 9780819445155

Table of Contents
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Ultrashort pulse solid-state lasers and modern applications
Author(s): Ernst Wintner
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Spectral characteristics of ultrashort pulses in Kerr-lens mode-locked lasers
Author(s): Vladimir L. Kalashnikov; E. Sorokin; Irina T. Sorokina
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Ultrashort mode-locked lasers with additional Raman active elements
Author(s): V. I. Trunov; A. V. Kirpichnikov; Efim V. Pestryakov; V. V. Petrov; A. K. Komarov; Konstantin P. Komarov
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Generation of high-intensity individual attosecond pulses
Author(s): I. P. Prokopovich; Justin Peatross
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Efficient ultrashort light pulse conversion in GHz-THz pulses in ZnTe, GaAs, and DAST crystals
Author(s): Anahit S. Nikoghosyan; Edward M. Laziev; Radik M. Martirosyan; Arsen A. Hakhoumian
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Evolution of ultrashort and extremely short electromagnetic pulses in quadratic-cubic nonlinear medium
Author(s): Andrei I. Maimistov
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Propagation and amplification of ultrashort light pulses in a resonant two-level medium: finite-difference time-domain analysis
Author(s): Andrey V. Tarasishin; S. A. Magnitskii; Alexei M. Zheltikov
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Ultrashort light pulse scattering by 3D interference fringe structure
Author(s): Miguel A. Cervantes; Anatoly M. Smolovich
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Picosecond pulse characterization using single-mode fibers
Author(s): Rama Chari; Vijay Shukla; S. M. Oak
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Coherence, relaxation, and reaction of solution-phase molecules studied by femtosecond nonlinear spectroscopy: vibrational coherence observed in the third-order optical process
Author(s): Tahei Tahara; Satoshi Takeuchi; Satoru Fujiyoshi; Shigeki Matsuo
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Investigation of relaxation times of polymethine dyes absorbing in 750-850 nm spectral range
Author(s): N. Derevyanko; Rimantas Grigonis; Alexander Ishchenko; Valdas Sirutkaitis
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Determination of localization of carriers in disordered semiconductors by femtosecond spectroscopy
Author(s): Yurii E. Lozovik; A. L. Dobryakov; S. A. Kovalenko; S. P. Merkulova; S. Yu Volkov; Magnus Willander
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Femtosecond pump-probe investigation of primary stages of charge carriers generation in C60 films
Author(s): Sergey V. Chekalin; Arkady P. Yartsev; Villy Sundstrom
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Kinetics of stripes and pseudogap in high-temperature superconductors
Author(s): V. M. Petnikova; Vladimir V. Shuvalov; Andrei V. Voronov
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Ultrafast cooling of electronic subsystem in ultrathin metal films
Author(s): V. M. Petnikova; K. V. Rudenko; Vladimir V. Shuvalov
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Recording of interference fringe structure by femtosecond laser pulses in samples of silver-containing porous glass and thick slabs of dichromated gelatin
Author(s): Olga Vladimirov Andreeva; Dmitry A. Dement'ev; Sergey V. Chekalin; V. O. Kompanets; Yu. A. Matveets; Oleg B. Serov; Anatoly M. Smolovich
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XUV-IR multiphoton ionization
Author(s): Pierre Agostini; Pierre-Marie Paul
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Tunnel above-threshold ionization of multicharge ions: photoelectron relativistic distributions and effect of gradient stabilization
Author(s): R. V. Kulyagin; Vladimir D. Taranukhin
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Off-axial phase-matched high-order harmonic generation in extended medium under self-guiding of a laser beam
Author(s): V. T. Platonenko; V. V. Strelkov; G. Ferrante
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Strong increase in the efficiency of high-order harmonic generation using counter-propagating laser pulses
Author(s): I. P. Prokopovich; A. A. Khrutchinsky; D. Yu Churmakov; Justin Peatross; Alexander A. Apolonski
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High-order harmonic generation with selection of narrow-frequency band
Author(s): Vladimir D. Taranukhin
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Interactions of relativistically intense laser pulses with low-frequency oscillations in the electron component of a cold underdense plasma
Author(s): A. L. Galkin; Vladlen V. Korobkin; O. B. Shiryaev
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Evolution of deuterium clusters irradiated by super-intense ultra-short laser pulses
Author(s): Vladimir P. Krainov; M. B. Smirnov
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Short x-ray pulse generation towards time-resolved spectroscopy
Author(s): Naoshi Uesugi; Hidetoshi Nakano; Tadashi Nisikawa; Katsuya Oguri
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Internal electronic conversion decay of low-energy nuclear levels excited in hot dense femtosecond laser plasma
Author(s): O. V. Chutko; Vyacheslav M. Gordienko; Ilya M. Lachko; Andrey B. Savel'ev; E. V. Tkalya; R. V. Volkov
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New approach to laser electron acceleration
Author(s): A. Bahari; I. V. Ivanov; I. A. Kudinov; Vladimir D. Taranukhin
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Fusion neutrons production in D-enriched modified solid targets using moderate intensity femtosecond pulses
Author(s): D. M. Golishnikov; D. M. Gordienko; Andrey B. Savel'ev; R. V. Volkov; V. D. Sevastianov
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Damage process of aluminum crystal surface by a powerful ultrashort laser pulse
Author(s): Valery Besogonov; Vladimir G. Chudinov
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