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Radar Sensor Technology and Data Visualization
Editor(s): Nickolas L. Faust; Nickolas L. Faust; James L. Kurtz; Robert Trebits
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Volume Number: 4744
Date Published: 30 July 2002
: 24 papers (254) pages
ISBN: 9780819444943

Table of Contents
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Use of passive radar for mapping lightning channels in a thunderstorm
Author(s): Eugene F. Greneker; Jonathan L. Geisheimer
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High-resolution Doppler model of the human gait
Author(s): Jonathan L. Geisheimer; Eugene F. Greneker; William S. Marshall
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Modeling targets in a forest at VHF and UHF frequencies
Author(s): Anders J. Sullivan
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Measurements of atmospheric turbulence with an x-band radar: correlation with angle-of-arrival results
Author(s): E. Jeff Holder; James Clayton Kerce; Ronald A. Smith; Mark Shipman; Robert W. McMillan; James K. Williams
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Ground penetrating radar signal processing techniques for airfield evaluations
Author(s): Jeffrey H. Meloy; Charles H. Overman; James L. Kurtz; Jonathan R. Porter; James H. Greene
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Ultrawideband through-wall radar for detecting the motion of people in real time
Author(s): Soumya Nag; Mark A. Barnes; Tim Payment; Gary Holladay
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Three-dimensional reconstruction from ISAR sequences
Author(s): Frank E. McFadden
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Interferometric acquisition and fire control radar for short-range missile defense with optimized radar distribution (SWORD)
Author(s): Ronald A. Smith; Mark Shipman; E. Jeff Holder; James K. Williams
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General-purpose electronic warfare system test configuration data model
Author(s): Vivian Viverito
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Extension of the MUSIC algorithm to millimeter-wave (MMW) real-beam radar scanning antennas
Author(s): Canh Ly; Herbert Dropkin; Andrzej Z. Manitius
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Synthetic aperture radar modeling for the Watchkeeper tactical UAV program
Author(s): Alistair D. Jolly; Peter Thompson
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Diagnosis of compartment syndrome using a microwave based detector
Author(s): Geoffrey S. F. Ling; Krishna M. Pasala; Jeremy Blanchard; Michael Rosner; Abel Jarell; Catherine Yun; Patricia Garcia-Pinto; Ki-Il Song; Keith Day; Ronald G. Riechers; Seth M. Zeidman; Peter Rhee; James M. Ecklund; Thomas Fitzpatrick; Stephen Lockhart
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New possibilities of diffractional antennas for radar sensor
Author(s): Igor V. Minin; Oleg V. Minin
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Diffractional antenna-radomes for radar sensors: a review
Author(s): Igor V. Minin; Oleg V. Minin
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Land and rain clutter rejection in millimeter-band radar with continuous and pulsed signals
Author(s): Gennady P. Kulemin
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Core mapping application programming interface (CMAPI)
Author(s): Michael J. Mayhew; Doug J. Barnum; Stephen W. Barth
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Organization and simplification of high-resolution 3D city facades
Author(s): Mitchell Parry; William Ribarsky; Christopher D. Shaw; Justin Jang; Nickolas L. Faust
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Using wavelet transforms in 3D mapping
Author(s): Roy V. Ladner; John Sample; Kevin B. Shaw
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Common data link (CDL) interference model
Author(s): Caramen Cerasoli; Wiley Zhao; John J. Santapietro; R. E. McAlinden; B. F. Smith; P. A. Jacyk
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Visualization of the public transportation infrastructure services using virtual reality standards
Author(s): Denis Gracanin
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Visualization of spatio temporal GPS uncertainty within a GIS environment
Author(s): Suresh Kumar Lodha; Amin P. Charaniya; Nikolai Faaland; Srikumar Ramalingam
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Building the visual Earth
Author(s): William Ribarsky; Christopher D. Shaw; Zachary J. Wartell; Nickolas L. Faust
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Detector robustness to change in depression angle
Author(s): Getachen Kirose; Kenneth I. Ranney; Chi Tran
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Simulation of distributed sensor network for dynamic retargeting
Author(s): Roberto Innocenti; Francois Koenig
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