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Laser Radar Technology and Applications VII
Editor(s): Gary W. Kamerman

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Volume Number: 4723
Date Published: 29 July 2002

Table of Contents
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Hellas: obstacle warning system for helicopters
Author(s): Karl R. Schulz; Stefan Scherbarth; Uwe Fabry
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Flash lidar based on multiple-slit streak tube imaging lidar
Author(s): Asher Gelbart; Brian C. Redman; Robert S. Light; Coreen A. Schwartzlow; Andrew J. Griffis
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Research progress on a focal plane array ladar system using a laser diode transmitter and FM/cw radar principles
Author(s): Barry L. Stann; Ahmed Abou-Auf; Keith Aliberti; Mark M. Giza; Greg Ovrebo; William C. Ruff; Deborah R. Simon; Michael R. Stead
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Characterization of a 32-element linear self-mixing detector array for an FM/cw ladar
Author(s): William C. Ruff; Keith Aliberti; Mark M. Giza; Paul H. Shen; Barry L. Stann; Michael R. Stead
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Gated viewing in the atmosphere: a study of performance limits
Author(s): Lena M. Klasen; Ove K. Steinvall; Goeran Bolander; Magnus Elmqvist
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Speckle propagation through atmospheric turbulence: effects of partial coherence of the target
Author(s): Olga Korotkova; Larry C. Andrews
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Nd,Cr4+:YAG passively Q-switched microlaser
Author(s): Eric J. Brekke; Brian L. Peterson; Charles L. Stonecypher
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Diode pumped miniature eye-safe laser q-switched by U2+:CaF2 and Co2+:MgAl2O4
Author(s): Ruikun Wu; John D. Myers; Michael J. Myers; Christopher R. Hardy
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Wide-angle beam steering for infrared countermeasures applications
Author(s): Jennifer L. Gibson; Bradley D. Duncan; Phil Bos; Vasa Sergen
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Phase-lock techniques using new correlation receivers for TOF-laser ranging
Author(s): Zhigang Zhang; Holger Hess; Thorsten Ringbeck; Rudolf Schwarte
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Optimizing lidar dynamic range by engineering the crossover region
Author(s): David W. Roberts; Gary G. Gimmestad
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Advances in wind profiling by means of lidar and video imagery of clouds and aerosols
Author(s): Thomas D. Wilkerson; Cameron Q. Egbert; Ionio Q. Andrus; Mark E. Anderson
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Tunable infrared laser sources for DIAL
Author(s): Timothy J. Carrig; Allen K. Hankla; Gregory J. Wagner; Chris B. Rawle; Iain T. McKinnie
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Theoretical analysis of the impact of local oscillator frequency noise on a laser vibration sensor
Author(s): Philip Gatt; Steven E. Johnson; Sammy W. Henderson; Charley P. Hale
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Comparison of performance capabilities of spread spectrum coherent and direct detection CO2 DIAL systems and associated hardware fielding implications
Author(s): Victor H. Hasson; Gordon L. Dryden
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NEXLASER: an unattended tropospheric aerosol and ozone lidar
Author(s): John M. Stewart; Gary G. Gimmestad; David W. Roberts; Leanne L. West; Jack W. Wood
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Eye-safe lidar as an undergraduate research experience
Author(s): Gary G. Gimmestad; Arthur L. Bowling; David W. Roberts; John M. Stewart; Leanne L. West; Jack W. Wood; Edward M. Patterson
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Burst illumination imaging lidar: intensity correlation function in the image plane
Author(s): Dimitri Edouart; Pascal Churoux; Pierre H. Flamant
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Field-testing protocols for evaluation of 3D imaging focal plane array ladar systems
Author(s): Brian H. Miles; Jay E. Land; Andrew L. Hoffman; William R. Humbert; Brian A. Smith; Andrew B. Howard; Joseph Lee Cox; Michael S. Foster; Dave Onuffer; Sammie L. Thompson; Thomas Ramrath; Clarke E. Harris; Paul Freedman
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Experimental study of energy, temporal, and spatial characteristics of miniature SRS self-conversion Nd3+:KGd(WO4)2 lasers
Author(s): Nikolai S. Ustimenko; Alexander V. Gulin; Vadim A. Pashkov
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