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Cockpit Displays IX: Displays for Defense Applications
Editor(s): Darrel G. Hopper
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Volume Number: 4712
Date Published: 28 August 2002
Softcover: 49 papers (526) pages
ISBN: 9780819444622

Table of Contents
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Defense display strategy and roadmaps
Author(s): Darrel G. Hopper
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Pilot information display for the paperless cockpit, and more
Author(s): Robert D. Seinfeld; Robert P. Herman; Lieb Lotterhos
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Very wide-viewing-angle avionic AMLCDs
Author(s): Errikos Amarilio
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Military display market: third comprehensive edition
Author(s): Daniel D. Desjardins; Darrel G. Hopper
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Consortium for military LCD display procurement
Author(s): Gregg Echols
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Custom-designed AMLCD modules common to multiple platforms from consumer-oriented fabrication facility
Author(s): James Niemczyk
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Web-LCCA: a life-cycle cost model for evaluation of COTS and custom display designs
Author(s): Alberto B. Calvo; Alexander J. Danish; David Marcus
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Large 15-in. flat-panel display glass cockpit for general aviation aircraft
Author(s): Lyle H. Schaefer
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Reflective display characterization: temporal and spatial viewability measurements of holographic polymer-dispersed liquid crystal (HPDLC) display samples
Author(s): Frederick M. Meyer; Denise L. Aleva; Sam J. Longo; Terry L. Trissell; Robert W. Schwartz; Darrel G. Hopper
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Environmental performance of re-sized commercially available AMLCD panels
Author(s): David A. Followell; Stewart Miller
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COTS displays applied to armored fighting vehicles
Author(s): John T. Thomas; Robert Roach
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Development of a replacement AMLCD used on multiple platforms
Author(s): Kevin L. Walsh; Robert Gobron
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Integration of projection displays into military and commercial aircraft cockpits
Author(s): Steven J. Hoener
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Modeling of lamps through a diffuser with 2D and 3D picket-fence backlight models
Author(s): Richard J. Belshaw; Roger Wilmott; John T. Thomas
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Development of an advanced multifunction head-up display using a DMD/laser light engine
Author(s): Michael Billings; James Fernandez; Joe Fittanto; Glenn Tisdale
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Image noise in high-resolution rear-projection screens
Author(s): Brent Larson; Matthew B. Dubin; Aleksandra Kolosowsky; Tim Flegal
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Enabling technologies for plastic displays
Author(s): James C. Sturm; Helena Gleskova; Thomas N. Jackson; Stephen J. Fonash; Sigurd Wagner
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Recent progress in flexible displays
Author(s): Michael S. Weaver; Anna B. Chwang; Mark A. Rothman; Jeff A. Silvernail; Michael G. Hack; Julie J. Brown; Paul E. Burrows; Gordon L. Graff; Mark E. Gross; Peter M. Martin; Michael Hall; Eric Mast; Charles C. Bonham; Wendy D. Bennett; M. Zumhoff
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Seamless tiled projection display
Author(s): Nicole Bordes; S. Wickham; William P. Bleha; Bernard Pailthorpe
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100-million-voxel volumetric display
Author(s): Gregg E. Favalora; Joshua Napoli; Deirdre M. Hall; Rick K. Dorval; Michael Giovinco; Michael J. Richmond; Won S. Chun
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Display bandwidth reduction via latched pixels and processing at the pixel
Author(s): Bruce Gnade; A. Akinwande; Ranganathan Shashidhar; James O. Larimer
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Fiber-channel audio video standard for military and commercial aircraft product lines
Author(s): Jack E. Keller
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Using flat-panel displays in a hybrid analog/digital system
Author(s): Robert P. Herman; Robert D. Seinfeld
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New phosphor technology removes the limitation on resolution and brightness for projection television
Author(s): Larry D. Owen; Steven M. Jaffe; Michael L. Jones; Charles A. Rowell
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Reliability of display technologies in A-10 cockpit based on field experience
Author(s): Kenneth E. Wodke; Darrel G. Hopper
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Performance analysis of photopolymer-based VHOE for time-sequential multiview 3D display system
Author(s): Byung-Chul Cho; Jung-Sik Gu; Eun-Soo Kim
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Performance analysis of a design simulator for integral-photography-based 3D display system
Author(s): Byung-Chul Cho; Eun-Soo Kim
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Exposure schedule scheme for uniform intensities of the reconstructed beams in VHOE-based multiview 3D display system
Author(s): Jung-Sik Gu; Seong-Chul Kim; Byung-Chul Cho; Eun-Soo Kim
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High-efficiency streaming video WLAN miniature displays
Author(s): Gajendra D. Savant; Andrew A. Kostrzewski; Joanna L. Jannson; Kang Lee; Kevin Yu; Tomasz P. Jannson
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Virtual cockpits
Author(s): Anthony E. Sabatino; Tim Flegal
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Prospects for development of AM OLEDs for cockpit display applications
Author(s): Kalluri R. Sarma
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Development of a stereoscopic head-up display
Author(s): Jochen Kaiser; Udo Mayer
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Rugged low-cost display systems
Author(s): Roger Stewart; Anne Chiang; Anno Hermanns; Frederic Vicentini; Jeffrey Jacobsen; Jim Atherton; Ed Boling; Frank Cuomo; Paul Drzaic; Sean Pearson
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IBM 9.2-megapixel flat-panel display: technology and infrastructure
Author(s): Steven L. Wright
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Flexible displays for military use
Author(s): Eric W. Forsythe; David C. Morton; Gary L. Wood
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Advanced applications for a true 3D display
Author(s): Donald F. Wilkins; Alan L. Smeyne
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Review of ultraresolution (10-100 megapixel) visualization systems built by tiling commercial display components
Author(s): Darrel G. Hopper; David G. Haralson; Matthew A. Simpson; Sam J. Longo
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Improved performance from integrated audio video displays
Author(s): Reginald Daniels; Marc Ericson; Guy A. French
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Physics basis of one-beam pumping upconversion three-dimensional volumetric display based on erbium-doped glass
Author(s): Xiaobo Chen; M. X. Li; Z. Charles Ying; Kai Liu; Guowen Wang
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Operators' wish list of cockpit map display features
Author(s): Denise L. Aleva
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Bistable flat-panel display based on a 180-deg. flipping pixel
Author(s): Ami Heines; Adiel Karty; Allon Cohen
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CCD-camera-based head-up display test station
Author(s): Christopher T. Bartlett; Mark H. Handley
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Characterization of on-screen image noise in BlackScreen, a high-contrast high-resolution rear-projection screen for cockpit avionics displays
Author(s): C. Robert Wolfe
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Laser-induced color filter transmission reduction
Author(s): Bruce D. Hufnagel; Paul R. Nemeth
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Proven high-performance display solution
Author(s): Rick J. Johnson; James E. Shaw; Don Mosier; Raymond L. Liss; Todd D. Prouty; Josh Davis; Vincent P. Marzen; Christian T. Deloy
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LCD ruggedization for severe environments
Author(s): Christian T. Deloy; Courtney W. McCauley
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New liquid crystal materials enabling revolutionary display devices
Author(s): Julia Anne Kornfield; Noel A. Clark; Larry Dalton; Seth R. Marder; Christopher Kemper Ober; Peter Palffy-Muhoray; Joseph W. Perry; Ned Thomas; David M. Walba; Shin-Tson Wu
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Considerations of a head-up display field of view
Author(s): Christopher T. Bartlett; Michael L. Busbridge; Olly T. Horton
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DISPLA: decision information system for procurement and logistics analysis
Author(s): Alberto B. Calvo; Alexander J. Danish; Gregory G Lamonakis
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