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Helmet- and Head-Mounted Displays VII
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Volume Number: 4711
Date Published: 5 August 2002
Softcover: 39 papers (428) pages
ISBN: 9780819444615

Table of Contents
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Advanced rotorcraft helmet display sighting system optics
Author(s): Francois Raynal; Muh-Fa Chen
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Extra-high luminance backlight for helmet-mounted display sighting system for advanced rotorcraft
Author(s): Shu Li; Li Bing
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Advanced rotorcraft helmet-mounted display sighting system (HMDSS) optical distortion correction methodology
Author(s): Robert T. Hebson; Louie Lee
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Emergence of solid state helmet-mounted displays in military applications
Author(s): Curtis J. Casey
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ACE: advanced cockpit technologies evaluation
Author(s): Claes Waldelof; Claes Baeckstroem; Jorgen Larsson; Bengt Willen
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Methods for the assessment of head-mounted displays in visual space
Author(s): Yonggang Ha; Jannick P. Rolland
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Comparison of nxn grille CTF measurement for VESA standard and large-sample aperture methods
Author(s): Russell S. Draper; Charles E. Bradford; David A. Fellowes
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Automated techniques for characterizing and testing helmet-mounted displays
Author(s): Steven H. Conston
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Advancements of the head-tracked vision system (HTVS)
Author(s): Colin E. Reese; Edward J. Bender; Richard D. Reed
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Hybrid head-tracker being examined for the high-accuracy attack rotorcraft market
Author(s): Buddy Blanton
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Elevation head motion in rotary-wing flight with helmet-mounted displays
Author(s): Ryan J. Rostad; Clarence E. Rash
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Helmet-mounted display accuracy in the aircraft cockpit
Author(s): Fred F. Mulholland
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Head-mounted common aperture LWIR and SWIR optics
Author(s): Kyle R. Bryant
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Distortion matching with head-mounted displays
Author(s): Jay Vizgaitis
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Impact of helmet-mounted display visor spectral characteristics on visual performance
Author(s): Peter L. Marasco
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Aircrew acceptance of fixed-focus eyepieces for night vision goggles by NVG-wearing aircrew
Author(s): Share-Dawn P. Angel; Douglas L. Franck
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Imaging properties of retro-reflective materials used in head-mounted projective displays (HMPDs)
Author(s): Hong Hua; Chunyu Gao; Jannick P. Rolland
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Retinal scanning display: a novel HMD approach for Army aviation
Author(s): Mircea M. Bayer
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Optical scanners for high-resolution RSD systems
Author(s): Hakan Urey; Frank A. DeWitt; Selso Luanava
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Electronics architecture for high-resolution RSD systems
Author(s): Maciej Jakuc; Mircea M. Bayer; Jeff Johnson; Jim Medding; Scott Straka; Philip C. Black
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Novel approach to exit pupil expansion for wearable displays
Author(s): Karlton D. Powell; Hakan Urey
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Integrated light modulation architecture for multibeam retinal scanning display systems
Author(s): Frank A. DeWitt; Baldwin S. Ng
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Cohort vision study of Apache AH Mk1 pilots: protocol and methodology
Author(s): Keith L. Hiatt; Malcolm G. Braithwaite; John S. Crowley; Clarence E. Rash; Corina van de Pol; Daniel J. Ranchino; William K Statz; Allison J Eke
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Solutions to helmet-mounted display visual correction compatibility issues
Author(s): Clarence E. Rash; Melvyn E. Kalich; Corina van de Pol
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Operational helmet-mounted display model: prediction of visible grayshades and see-through spectral data
Author(s): Thomas H. Harding; Victor Klymenko; John S. Martin; Clarence E. Rash
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Web-based survey of visual symptoms reported by Apache aviators using the integrated helmet and display sighting system (IHADSS)
Author(s): Clarence E. Rash; Christie L. Suggs
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Sources of error in a helmet-mounted enhanced and synthetic vision system
Author(s): Sion A. Jennings; Greg Craig; Norah K. Link
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Evaluation of off-boresight helmet-mounted display symbology formats for interpretation of ownship status information
Author(s): J. Chris Jenkins; George A. Reis; Paul R. Havig; Eric E. Geiselman
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Flight test evaluation of the nondistributed flight reference off-boresight helmet-mounted display symbology
Author(s): J. Chris Jenkins; Andrew J. Thurling; Paul R. Havig; Eric E. Geiselman
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Luminance contrast requirements for colored symbols in helmet-mounted displays
Author(s): Gary L. Martinsen; Paul R. Havig; Eric L. Heft; John M. LaCreta; David L. Post
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Comparison of HMD ownship status symbology and frame of reference orientation during two aircraft control tasks
Author(s): Paul R. Havig; J. Chris Jenkins; Eric E. Geiselman
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Perception-based synthetic cueing for night vision device rotorcraft hover operations
Author(s): Edward N. Bachelder; Duane McRuer
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Helmet-mounted display as a primary flight reference
Author(s): Christian L. Hart; Scott D. Fechtig
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Head-mounted projective displays for creating distributed collaborative environments
Author(s): Jannick P. Rolland; Larry Davis; Yonggang Ha; Felix G Hamza-Lup; Benjamin Del Vento; Chunyu Gao; Hong Hua; Frank Biocca
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Application of augmented reality to visualizing anatomical airways
Author(s): Larry Davis; Felix G Hamza-Lup; Jason Daly; Yonggang Ha; Seth Frolich; Catherine Meyer; Glenn Martin; Jack Norfleet; Kuo-Chi Lin; Celina Imielinska; Jannick P. Rolland
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HMD systems: design for mass production -- commonality considerations
Author(s): Ze'ev Manobla
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Design of integrated and microminiaturized multifunctional helmet controller
Author(s): Chengbin Liao; Liying Wu; Jian Zhang
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Flight test of monocular day/night HMD systems
Author(s): Craig Hudson; Peter J. Longman; Nat R. Makepeace
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Flat panel displays in the helmet-mounted display
Author(s): Christopher T. Bartlett; Jonathan P. Freeman
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