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Sensors, and Command, Control, Communications, and Intelligence (C3I) Technologies for Homeland Defense and Law Enforcement
Editor(s): Edward M. Carapezza
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Volume Number: 4708
Date Published: 14 August 2002
Softcover: 46 papers (462) pages
ISBN: 9780819444585

Table of Contents
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Cryptographic wiretapping at 100 megabits
Author(s): Charles J. Antonelli; Kevin Coffman; J. Bruce Fields; Peter Honeyman
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Overview of covert communications through networks
Author(s): Michael A. Caloyannides
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Active response technology
Author(s): Leonard J. Popyack; Stephen Taylor
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Forensic aspects of digital evidence: contributions and initiatives by the National Center for Forensic Science
Author(s): Carrie Morgan Whitcomb
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Early detection of Internet worm activity by metering ICMP destination unreachable messages
Author(s): George Bakos; Vincent H. Berk
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Models of information security trend analysis
Author(s): Timothy J. Shimeall; Phil Williams
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Evidence acquisition tools for cyber sex crimes investigations
Author(s): Jon M. Novotny; A. Meehan; D. Schulte; Gavin W. Manes; Sujeet Shenoi
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Association of glass fragments by their trace elemental content using ICP-MS and LA-ICP-MS in the analysis scheme
Author(s): Jose R. Almirall; Shirly Montero; Kenneth G. Furton
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Investigative change detection: identifying new topics using lexicon-based search
Author(s): Kenneth J. Hintz
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Multisource fusion for opportunistic detection and probabilistic assessment of homeland terrorist threats
Author(s): Kathryn Blackmond Laskey; Tod S. Levitt
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Automated document analysis system
Author(s): Jeffrey D. Black; Robert Dietzel; David Hartnett
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Stepped-frequency CW radar for concealed weapon detection and through-the-wall surveillance
Author(s): Allen R. Hunt; R. Douglas Hogg
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Ultrasonic through-the-wall surveillance system
Author(s): Norbert C. Wild; Frank Doft; John Wondra; Steve Niederhaus; Hon Lam
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Motion and ranging sensor system for through-the-wall surveillance system
Author(s): Jeffrey D. Black
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Handheld ultrasonic concealed weapon detector
Author(s): Norbert Wilde; Steve Niederhaus; Hon Lam; Chris Lum
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Passive millimeter-wave imaging for concealed object detection
Author(s): Stuart Enz Clark; John A. Lovberg; Christopher A. Martin; Joseph A. Galliano
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Performance of shape descriptors applied to the recognition of weapons in CWD data
Author(s): Mohamed-Adel Slamani; David D. Ferris
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Detection and classification of concealed weapons using a magnetometer-based portal
Author(s): Dale K. Kotter; Lyle G. Roybal; Robert E. Polk
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Commercialization aspects of a MMW camera
Author(s): Al Pergande; Lee Mirth; Larry T. Anderson; Paul Benson
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Evaluation of a MMW active through-the-wall surveillance system
Author(s): Nicholas C. Currie; Kenneth Stiefvater
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High-resolution full-panoramic imaging surveillance system
Author(s): Gerald M. Kerbyson
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Robust automatic camera pointing for airborne surveillance
Author(s): David Dwyer; Lee Wren; John Thornton; Nigel Bonsor
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Advances in IR sensor for law enforcement
Author(s): Glenn L. Francisco
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Application of military uncooled infrared sensors to homeland defense
Author(s): Chris Hornberger
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Tracking and imaging humans on heterogeneous infrared sensor arrays for law enforcement applications
Author(s): Steven D. Feller; Y. Zheng; Evan Cull; David J. Brady
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BioCapture: a handheld bioaerosol collector and concentrator
Author(s): Andrew Evan Kamholz; Eric M. Hanczyc
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Multisensor analyzer detector (MSAD) for low cost chemical and aerosol detection and pattern fusion
Author(s): David C. Swanson; Daniel W. Merdes; Daniel B. Lysak; Richard C. Curtis; Derek C. Lang; Andrew F. Mazzara; Nicholas C. Nicholas
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Genetically modified plants for law enforcement applications
Author(s): C. Neal Stewart
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MicroSearch: human presence detection in vehicles
Author(s): Thomas D. Gamble; Thomas Cirillo
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Physical security equipment for combating terrorism
Author(s): Michael Toscano
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Remote sensing: special operations with unattended ground sensors -- perspectives and challenges
Author(s): Paul F. Morgan
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Multimission unattended ground sensor for law enforcement applications
Author(s): Gervasio Prado; George P. Succi; James Fitzgerald; Daniel Clapp; Robert Gampert; Philip O. Martel; Thomas Brennan
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Small power systems for law enforcement applications
Author(s): Paul E. Sims; Michael G. Mauk; Oleg V. Sulima
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Estimation of target range and orientation from video images for law enforcement applications
Author(s): Anthony G. Galaitsis
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Deployment-ready multimode micropower wireless sensor networks for intrusion detection, classification, and tracking
Author(s): Mike A. Horton; Alan Broad; Mike Grimmer; Kristofer S. J. Pister; S. Shankar Sastry; Tom Rosenbury; Norman A. Whitaker
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GIS-based UAV real-time path planning and navigation
Author(s): Eugene Levin; Stephen A. Kupiec; Thomas Forrester; Theodore Albert DeBacker; Tomasz P. Jannson
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Low-cost inflatable lighter-than-air surveillance system for civilian applications
Author(s): Jason S. Kiddy; Peter C. Chen; John B. Niemczuk
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Urban gunshot and sniper location: technologies and demonstration results
Author(s): Glynn Lewis; Scott Shaw; Michael Crowe; Clay Cranford; Kevin Torvik; Peter Scharf; Bob Stellingworth
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Advanced consequence management program: challenges and recent real-world implementations
Author(s): Tom Graser; K. Suzanne Barber; Bob Williams; Feras Saghir; Kurt A. Henry
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Aspects of satellite imagery exploration in GIS-based command and control real-time technologies
Author(s): Eugene Levin; Tomasz P. Jannson; Andrew A. Kostrzewski
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Acoustic monitoring of first responder's physiology for health and performance surveillance
Author(s): Michael V. Scanlon
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Two optical methods for vehicle tagging
Author(s): John K. Coulter; Christopher F. Klein; James C. Jafolla
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WLAN encryption based on local positioning systems
Author(s): Stephen A. Kupiec; Wenjian Wang; Tomasz P. Jannson
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Secure key management scheme for SDH-based all-optical networks
Author(s): JongWook Han; Sang-Su Lee; Taek Yong Nam; Sung Won Sohn
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Command and control suite for small unit operations: the key to ground sensor transition
Author(s): Stephen M. Jarrett
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Advanced crisis response and consequence management: enabling a coordinated response
Author(s): Robert S. Williams; Jennifer L. Brush; Mark L. Heinrich; James M. Mantock; Brian E. Jones; Kurt A. Henry
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