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Smart Structures and Materials 2002: Damping and Isolation
Editor(s): Gregory S. Agnes

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Volume Number: 4697
Date Published: 27 June 2002

Table of Contents
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Whole-spacecraft shock isolation system
Author(s): Conor D. Johnson; Paul S. Wilke
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Beam-type modeling of adaptive inflatable tubes
Author(s): Gregory S. Agnes
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Development of an integral damping treatment for NASA's next-generation hollow fan blades
Author(s): John B. Kosmatka; Oral Mehmed
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Improving the MSE method for viscoelastic damped structures
Author(s): Fabrizio L. Scarpa; Francesco P. Landi; Jem A. Rongong; L. DeWitt; Geoffrey R. Tomlinson
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Revised modal strain energy method for finite element analysis of viscoelastic damping treated structures
Author(s): Yanchu Xu; Yanning Liu; Bill S. Wang
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Passive damping of laminated composite materials with engineered defects
Author(s): Thomas H. Fronk; Venkata M. K. Akula; Spencer R. Fugal
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Dynamics analysis of constrained layer damping treated covers for hard disk drives
Author(s): Yanning Liu; Yanchu Xu
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Wave beaming effects in bidimensional cellular structures
Author(s): Fabrizio L. Scarpa; Massimo Ruzzene; Francesco Soranna
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H2 optimization of three-element type dynamic vibration absorbers
Author(s): Toshihiko Asami; Osamu Nishihara
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Dynamically tuned shroud for gun barrel vibration attenuation
Author(s): Andrew G. Littlefield; Eric L. Kathe; Robert Durocher
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Design of multi-degree-of-freedom tuned-mass dampers
Author(s): Jusin M. Verdirame; Samir A. Nayfeh; Lei Zuo
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Power flow analysis for amplifier design and energy harvesting
Author(s): Nikola Vujic; Donald J. Leo; Douglas K. Lindner
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Remote dynamic absorber
Author(s): Todd Stuart Nichols; Hany Ghoneim
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Modeling of piezoelectric materials on rubber beams
Author(s): Eric M. Austin; Balajee Ananthasayanam
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Electrorheological fluids in dynamic squeeze: an improved modeling technique with experimental validation
Author(s): Ali K. El-Wahed; Roger Stanway; John L. Sproston
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Comparative analysis of Bingham characteristics of ER/MR fluids with different viscometers
Author(s): Young-Tai Choi; Norman M. Wereley
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Damping of flexural vibration by coupling to low-density granular materials
Author(s): Samir A. Nayfeh; Jusin M. Verdirame; Kripa K. Varanasi
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Mechanical properties of metallic closed cellular materials containing organic materials for passive damping
Author(s): Satoshi Kishimoto; Norio Shinya
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Control of vibration and wave propagation in sandwich plates with periodic auxetic core
Author(s): Fabrizio L. Scarpa; Massimo Ruzzene; Luca Mazzarella; Panagiotis Tsopelas
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Recursive methods for optical jitter suppression using acoustic actuators
Author(s): Suk-Min Moon; Robert L. Clark
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Vibration suppression of a rotationally periodic structure using an adaptive/PPF control law
Author(s): Mark J. Keller; Gregory S. Agnes
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Current flowing multiple-mode piezoelectric shunt dampener
Author(s): Sam Behrens; S. O. Reza Moheimani
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Modeling and experimental verification using the sensoriactuator circuit for passive vibration damping
Author(s): Matthew Van Santen Kozlowski; Daniel G. Cole; Robert L. Clark
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Optimal placement of semi-active joints in large-space truss structures
Author(s): Jan Wirnitzer; A. Kistner; Lothar Gaul
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Experimental and analytical studies of a novel semi-active piezoelectric coulomb damper
Author(s): Ozlem Durmaz; William W. Clark; David S. Bennett; Jeffrey S.N. Paine; Marc N. Samuelson
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Semi-active vibration isolation using magnetorheological isolators
Author(s): Young-Tai Choi; Norman M. Wereley; Young-Sik Jeon
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Development of the passive-active vibration absorber using piezoelectric actuators
Author(s): Moon K. Kwak; Myoung-Hoon Kwak; Seok Heo
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Optimum design of hybrid piezoelectric damping system for flexible structures
Author(s): Kazuhiko Adachi; Yoshitsugu Kitamura; Takuzo Iwatsubo
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Prediction of ER long-stroke damper response: model updating methods
Author(s): Neil D. Sims; Roger Stanway; C. X. Wong
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Electrorheological damper analysis using an Eyring-plastic model
Author(s): Lionel Bitman; Young-Tai Choi; Norman M. Wereley
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Experimental analysis of lead behavior
Author(s): Alessandro Beghini; Masato Abe; Yozo Fujino; Junji Yoshida
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Performance of SMA-based damping devices with optimized hysteretic characteristics
Author(s): Arata Masuda; Akira Sone; Mohammad N. Noori
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Characteristics of rubber used in seismic isolation by digital and thermal image analysis
Author(s): Chamindalal Sujeewa Lewangamage; Masato Abe; Yozo Fujino; Junji Yoshida
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Harmonic analysis of semi-active control with MR dampers
Author(s): Wei-Hsin Liao; Chun Yu Lai
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Experimental considerations on fabrication of a smart actuator for vibration control using shape memory alloy (SMA)
Author(s): Kaori Yuse; Yoshihiro Kikushima; Ya Xu
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High-torque magnetorheological fluid clutch
Author(s): Barkan M. Kavlicoglu; Faramarz Gordaninejad; Cahit A. Evrensel; Nigar Cobanoglu; Yanming Liu; Alan Fuchs; George Korol
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Active modal control of a truss structure considering displacement constraint
Author(s): Yoshihiro Kikushima; Muneharu Saigo; Takehiko Segawa; Kaori Yuse
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Comparison between the theoretical model and experimental outcomes of oscillations of para- and diamagnetic structures subject to passive magnetic elements
Author(s): Bruno A. D. Piombo; Elvio Bonisoli; Massimo Ruzzene
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Simulation of earthquake-induced structural vibrations in systems with SMA damping elements
Author(s): Stefan Seelecke; Olaf Heintze; Arata Masuda
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