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Smart Structures and Materials 2002: Smart Systems for Bridges, Structures, and Highways
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Volume Number: 4696
Date Published: 28 June 2002
Softcover: 37 papers (386) pages
ISBN: 9780819444448

Table of Contents
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Scaleable wireless web-enabled sensor networks
Author(s): Christopher P. Townsend; Michael J. Hamel; Peter A. Sonntag; B. Trutor; Steven W. Arms
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Development of reusable software components for monitoring data management, visualization, and analysis
Author(s): Daniele Inaudi
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Field vibration tests of bridge stay cables incorporated with magnetorheological (MR) dampers
Author(s): Jan Ming Ko; Gang Zheng; Z. Q. Chen; Yi-Qing Ni
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Damping identification of MR-damped bridge cables from in-situ monitoring under wind-rain-excited conditions
Author(s): Yi-Qing Ni; Y.F. Duan; Z. Q. Chen; Jan Ming Ko
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Smart suspension systems for bridge-friendly vehicles
Author(s): Yonghong Chen; Chin An Tan; Larry A. Bergman; T. C. Tsao
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Monitoring steel strands via ultrasonic measurements
Author(s): Piervincenzo Rizzo; Francesco Lanza di Scalea
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One year experiences in bridge testing using the loading truck BELFA
Author(s): Peter Schwesinger; Bianca Thor; Frank M. Schwesinger
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Structural monitoring of composite marine piles using multiplexed fiber Bragg grating sensors: in-field applications
Author(s): Christopher S. Baldwin; Toni Salter; John B. Niemczuk; Peter C. Chen; Jason S. Kiddy
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Health monitoring of smart structures using damage index sensors
Author(s): Akira Mita; Shinpei Takahira
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Consideration of environmental and operational variability for damage diagnosis
Author(s): Hoon Sohn; Keith Worden; Charles R. Farrar
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Health monitoring during vibratory compaction of soil
Author(s): Michael A. Mooney; Essam F. Tawfik; Godfrey B. Chan; Jie L. Pan
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Validation of a wireless modular monitoring system for structures
Author(s): Jerome Peter Lynch; Kincho H. Law; Anne S. Kiremidjian; John Edward Carryer; Thomas W. Kenny; Aaron Partridge; Arvind Sundararajan
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Identification of seismic damage to structural buildings using the quasi-Newton method
Author(s): Satoko Ono; Tadatoshi Furukawa; Eizaburo Tachibana
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Monitoring of a concrete arch bridge during construction
Author(s): Daniele Inaudi; A. Ruefenacht; B. von Arx; H. P. Noher; Samuel Vurpillot; Branko Glisic
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Detecting multiple damage types/locations in a civil building structure model
Author(s): Jun Ma; Darryll J. Pines
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Real-time seismic damping and frequency control of steel structures using nitinol wire
Author(s): Gary L. McGavin; Greg Guerin
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Damping via Cu-Zn-Al shape memory alloys (SMA): the action of diffusive effects on the macroscopic description
Author(s): Vicenc Torra; Antonio Isalgue; Francisco C. Lovey; Marcos Sade
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Active vibration control of a smart pultruded fiber-reinforced polymer I-beam
Author(s): Gangbing Song; Pizhong Qiao; Vineet Sethi; A. Prasad
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Nonclipping optimal control of randomly excited nonlinear systems using semi-active ER/MR dampers
Author(s): Zuguang Ying; Yi-Qing Ni; Jan Ming Ko
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Variable structure system based logic fuzzy control of bridge vibration using fail-safe magnetorheological fluid dampers
Author(s): Yanming Liu; Faramarz Gordaninejad; Cahit A. Evrensel; Gregory H. Hitchcock; Xiaojie Wang
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Real-time damage assessment of civil structures using fiber grating sensors and modal analysis
Author(s): Whitten L. Schulz; Joel Pascal Conte; Eric Udd; Marley Kunzler
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Fiber grating traffic monitoring systems
Author(s): Marley Kunzler; Robert Edgar; Eric Udd; Tad Taylor; Whitten L. Schulz; Wesley Kunzler; Steven M. Soltesz
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Sensor/actuators placement on civil structures using a real-coded genetic algorithm
Author(s): Andy Richardson; Makola M. Abdullah
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MEMS ultrasonic transducer for monitoring of steel structures
Author(s): Akash Jain; David W. Greve; Irving J. Oppenheim
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Earthquake response reduction of buildings by rocking structural systems
Author(s): Mitsumasa Midorikawa; Tatsuya Azuhata; Tadashi Ishihara; Yutaka Matsuba; Yoshiyuki Matsushima; Akira Wada
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Continuous measurement of temperature distributed on a building construction
Author(s): Il-Bum Kwon; Chi-Yeop Kim; Man-Yong Choi
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Development of a high-speed texture measurement system
Author(s): Yong Rao; Xuhan Jiang; Xuemin Chen; C. Richard Liu
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Highway crack monitoring system
Author(s): Min Wu; Xuemin Chen; C. Richard Liu
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Auto-adaptive response modification in moment-resisting frame structures
Author(s): Gregor Fischer; Victor C. Li
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Developments in chlorine detection in concrete using NMR
Author(s): Andrew Haebum Yun; Mark E. Patton; James H. Garrett; Gary K. Fedder; Kevin M. Frederick; Jung-Jiin Hsu; Irving J. Lowe; Irving J. Oppenheim; Paul J. Sides
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Microwave sub-surface imaging of damage in concrete structures
Author(s): Yoo Jin Kim; Luis Jofre; Franco De Flaviis; Maria Qing Feng
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Experimental investigation on seismic response control of adjacent buildings using semi-active MR dampers
Author(s): Yi-Qing Ni; H.J. Liu; Jan Ming Ko
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New by-pass, fail-safe, magnetorheological fluid damper
Author(s): Gregory H. Hitchcock; Faramarz Gordaninejad; Xiaojie Wang
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Application of MR damper to base-isolated structures
Author(s): Norio Iwata; Katsuhiko Hata; Hiroshi Sodeyama; Katsuaki Sunakoda; Hideo Fujitani; Takeshi Hiwatashi; Yoichi Shiozaki; Satsuya Soda
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Post-tensioning and splicing of precast/prestressed bridge beams to extend spans
Author(s): Brandon S. Collett; Joseph E. Saliba
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Health monitoring for effective management of infrastructure
Author(s): A. Emin Aktan; Fikret Nacati Catbas; Kirk A. Grimmelsman; Mesut Pervizpour; Joshua Michael Curtis; Kaizhen Shen; Xiaoli Qin
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Health monitoring of concrete structures subjected to environmental attacks
Author(s): Kevin K. Tseng
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