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Proceedings of SPIE Volume 4683

Medical Imaging 2002: Physiology and Function from Multidimensional Images
Editor(s): Anne V. Clough; Chin-Tu Chen
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Volume Number: 4683
Date Published: 24 April 2002
Softcover: 53 papers (514) pages
ISBN: 9780819444288

Table of Contents
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3D human airway segmentation for virtual bronchoscopy
Author(s): Atilla Peter Kiraly; William E. Higgins; Eric A. Hoffman; Geoffrey McLennan; Joseph M. Reinhardt
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Camera motion tracking of real bronchoscope using epipolar geometry analysis and CT-derived bronchoscopic images
Author(s): Daisuke Deguchi; Kensaku Mori; Jun-ichi Hasegawa; Jun-ichiro Toriwaki; Hirotsugu Takabatake; Hiroshi Natori
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Evaluation of virtual exploratory navigation for the characterization of stenosis in the planning of endovascular interventions
Author(s): Oscar Acosta; Cecile Moisan; Pascal Haigron; Antoine Lucas
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Dynamic MR mammography: multidimensional visualization of contrast enhancement in virtual reality
Author(s): Gesine Hellwig; Karl-Hans Englmeier; Juergen Griebel; Robert Lucht; Stefan Delorme; Markus Siebert; Gunnar Brix
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Dual-modality imaging of function and physiology
Author(s): Bruce H. Hasegawa; Koji Iwata; Kenneth H. Wong; Max C. Wu; Angela Da Silva; Hamilton Roger Tang; William C. Barber; Andrew B. Hwang; Anne E. Sakdinawat
Two-modality gamma detection of blood volume by camera imaging and nonimaging stethoscope for kinetic studies of cardiovascular control in nuclear medicine
Author(s): Bernard Eclancher; Jacques Chambron; Barbu Dumitresco; Miklos Karman; Agnes Pszota; Atilla Simon; Anna Didon-Poncelet; Jean Demangeat
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Noninvasive functional cardiac electrical source imaging: combining MRI and ECG mapping for imaging electrical function
Author(s): Bernhard Tilg; Robert Modre; Gerald Fischer; Friedrich Hanser; Bernd Messnarz; Michael F. H. Schocke; Christian Kremser; Franz Roithinger
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Reliability of myocardial perfusion quantification in angiography using a digital flat panel cardiac system
Author(s): Muriel Perrin; Regis Vaillant; Laurence Gavit-Houdant; Jean Lienard; Karim Benali
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Imaging the cardiac blood flow during CPR with EBCT in an animal model
Author(s): Wolfgang A. Recheis; Antonius H. Schuster; Leo Pallwein-Prettner; Axel Kleinsasser; Alexander Loeckinger; Christoph Hoermann; Dieter zur Nedden
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CT perfusion: comparison of gamma-variate fit and deconvolution
Author(s): Zhong Min Lin; Scott Pohlman; A. J. Cook; Shalabh Chandra
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Contactless mapping of rhythmical phenomena in tissue perfusion using PPGI
Author(s): Markus Huelsbusch; Vladimir Blazek
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Characterization of pulmonary microcirculation according to hemodynamic changes with computed tomography
Author(s): Byoung Wook Choi; Kyu Ok Choe; Hee-Joung Kim; Bum Koo Cho; Kyung Young Chung; Se Kyu Kim; Bong Kyung Kim; In Sook Yang
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Multiphase 3D MR tagging method based on TrueFISP sequence
Author(s): Shin-ichi Urayama; Leon Axel; Naoaki Yamada; Jun Okamoto; Hiroshi Watabe; Hidehiro Iida
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Improved cardiac wall motion tracking based on harmonic phase technique
Author(s): Diaa El-Deen M. Yosry; Abou-Bakr M. Youssef; Mohamed Saad El-Sherif; Yasser M. Kadah
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Markov random field model for 3D left-ventricular motion estimation from tagged MRI
Author(s): Yasheng Chen; Amir A. Amini
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Heart wall motion analysis by dynamic 3D strain rate imaging from tissue Doppler echocardiography
Author(s): Mark Hastenteufel; Ivo Wolf; Raffaele de Simone; Sibylle Mottl-Link; Hans-Peter Meinzer
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3D visualization of endocardial peak velocities during systole and diastole
Author(s): Christian D. Eusemann; Erik Leo Ritman; Richard A. Robb
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Determining velocity displacement field from cardiac image sequence
Author(s): Wietske I. Meyering; Marco Antonio Gutierrez; Cecil C. Robilotta; Sergio Shiguemi Furuie
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Noise/dose reduction and image improvements in screening virtual colonoscopy with tube currents of 20 mAs with nonlinear Gaussian filter chains
Author(s): Georg-Friedemann Rust; Volker Aurich; Maximilian Reiser
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Covering all clinically significant areas of the colon surface in virtual colonoscopy
Author(s): Kevin Kreeger; Frank Dachille; Mark R. Wax; Arie E. Kaufman
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Multinetwork classification scheme for detection of colonic polyps in CT colonography data sets
Author(s): Anna K. Jerebko; James D. Malley; Marek Franaszek; Ronald M. Summers
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Curvature-vector pair and its application in displaying CT colon data
Author(s): Zhan Zhang; Kenneth R. Hoffmann; Alan Walczak
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Effect of knowledge-guided colon segmentation in automated detection of polyps in CT colonography
Author(s): Janne J. Nappi; Abraham H. Dachman; Peter MacEneaney; Hiroyuki Yoshida
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Multiresolution retinal vessel tracker based on directional smoothing
Author(s): Karl-Hans Englmeier; Simon Bichler; K. Schmid; M. Maurino; Massimo Porta; Toke Bek; B. Ege; Ole Vilhelm Larsen; Ok Hejlesen
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Upper airway segmentation and measurement in MRI using fuzzy connectedness
Author(s): Jianguo Liu; Jayaram K. Udupa; Dewey Odhner; Joe M. McDonough; Raanan Arens
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Assessment of carotid diameter and wall thickness in ultrasound images using active contours improved by a multiresolution technique
Author(s): Marco Antonio Gutierrez; Paulo Eduardo Pilon; Silvia G. Lage; Liliane Kopel; Ricardo T. Carvalho; Sergio Shiguemi Furuie
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Accurate segmentation for quantitative analysis of vascular trees in 3D micro-CT images
Author(s): Christian H. Riedel; Siang Chye Chuah; Mair Zamir; Erik Leo Ritman
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Estimation of pulmonary arterial volume changes in the normal and hypertensive fawn-hooded rat from 3D micro-CT data
Author(s): Robert C. Molthen; Christian Wietholt; Steven T. Haworth; Christopher A. Dawson
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Three-dimensional representation of integration of functional coronary angiograms and nuclear cardiac imaging
Author(s): Hugo J. Spruijt; Andreas Wahle; Koen M. J. Marques; Nico Westerhof; Robert M. Heethaar; Jean G.F. Bronzwaer; Frans C. Visser
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In-vitro validation of a novel model-based approach to the measurement of arterial blood flow waveforms from dynamic digital x-ray images
Author(s): Kawal Rhode; Tryphon Lambrou; Alexander M. Seifalian; David John Hawkes
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Image-based finite element modeling of hemodynamics in stenosed carotid artery
Author(s): Juan Raul Cebral; Rainald Lohner; Orlando Soto; Peter L. Choyke; Peter J. Yim
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Multislice spiral CT simulator for dynamic cardio-pulmonary studies
Author(s): Silvia De Francesco; Augusto Marques Ferreira da Silva
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Reconstruction of the human brain from MRI-T1 using 3-D morphology and snake
Author(s): Chih-Yang Lin; Yu-Tai Ching
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3D intersubject warping and registration of pulmonary CT images for a human lung model
Author(s): Baojun Li; Gary E. Christensen; John Dill; Eric A. Hoffman; Joseph M. Reinhardt
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Multimodality tomographic scintimammography with PET, PECI, and SPECT: initial evaluation
Author(s): Andrzej Krol; David H. Feiglin; Frank Deaver Thomas; Bradford J. Hellwig; George M. Gagne
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Color analysis of the human airway wall
Author(s): Deepa Gopalakrishnan; Geoffrey McLennan; Martin Donnelley; Angela Delsing; Melissa Suter; Dawn Flaherty; Joseph Zabner; Eric A. Hoffman; Joseph M. Reinhardt
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fMRI activation detection in wavelet signal subspace
Author(s): Hamid Soltanian-Zadeh; Gholam-Ali Hossein-Zadeh; Babak A. Ardekani
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Knowledge-based approach for functional MRI analysis by SOM neural network using prior labels from Talairach stereotaxic space
Author(s): Stephan G. Erberich; Klaus Willmes; Armin Thron; Walter Oberschelp; H. K. Huang
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Robust analysis of event-related functional magnetic resonance imaging data using independent component analysis
Author(s): Yasser M. Kadah
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Simple mathematical model for functional magnetic resonance imaging data
Author(s): Bassem K. Ouda; Bassel S. Tawfik; Abou-Bakr M. Youssef
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Correlation of neurocognitive function and brain parenchyma volumes in children surviving cancer
Author(s): Wilburn E. Reddick; Holly A. White; John O. Glass; Raymond K. Mulhern
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Image segmentation approach to extract colon lumen through colonic material tagging and hidden Markov random field model for virtual colonoscopy
Author(s): Lihong Li; Dongqing Chen; Sarang Lakare; Kevin Kreeger; Ingmar Bitter; Arie E. Kaufman; Mark R. Wax; Petar M. Djuric; Zhengrong Liang
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Electronic colon cleansing using segmentation rays for virtual colonoscopy
Author(s): Sarang Lakare; Dongqing Chen; Lihong Li; Arie E. Kaufman; Zhengrong Liang
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PET imaging and quantitation of Internet-addicted patients and normal controls
Author(s): Ha-Kyu Jeong; Hee-Joung Kim; Haijo Jung; Hye-Kyung Son; Dong-Hyeon Kim; Mijin Yun; Yee-Jin Shin; Jong-Doo Lee
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Increasing spatial resolution and comparison of MR imaging sequences for the inner ear
Author(s): Carl J. Snyder; Lizann Bolinger; Jay T. Rubinstein; Ge Wang
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Using kinetic parameter analysis of dynamic FDOPA-PET for brain tissue classification
Author(s): Hong-Dun Lin; Kang-Ping Lin; Being-Tau Chung; Chin-Lung Yu; Rong-Fa Wang; Liang-Chi Wu; Ren-Shyan Liu
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Position-history and spin-history artifacts in fMRI time series
Author(s): Lucian Muresan; Remco Renken; Jos B.T.M. Roerdink; Hendrikus Duifhuis
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Flexible algorithm for real-time convolution supporting dynamic event related fMRI
Author(s): Brent L. Eaton; Randall J. Frank; Lizann Bolinger; Thomas J. Grabowski
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Development and validation of human airway analysis algorithm using multidetector row CT
Author(s): Yasutaka Nakano; Kenneth P. Whittall; Steve E. Kalloger; Harvey O. Coxson; Julia Flint; Peter D. Pare; John C. English
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Measurement, time-stamping, and analysis of electrodermal activity in fMRI
Author(s): Christopher Smyser; Thomas J. Grabowski; Pierre Rainville; Antione Bechara; Mehrdad Razavi; Sonya Mehta; Brent L. Eaton; Lizann Bolinger
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System for three-dimensional biomechanical analysis of joints
Author(s): Markus Siebert; Karl-Hans Englmeier; Ruediger von Eisenhart-Rothe; Christoph Bringmann; Felix Eckstein; H. Bonel; Maximilian Reiser; Heiko Graichen
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Multislice CT brain image registration for perfusion studies
Author(s): Zhong Min Lin; Scott Pohlman; Shalabh Chandra
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Reconstruction of 3D geometric models of pulmonary arteries from cardiac CT images
Author(s): Chien Chih Yu; Yu-Tai Ching; S. J. Chen
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