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Storage and Retrieval for Media Databases 2002
Editor(s): Minerva M. Yeung; Chung-Sheng Li; Rainer W. Lienhart
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Volume Number: 4676
Date Published: 19 December 2001
Softcover: 41 papers (426) pages
ISBN: 9780819444165

Table of Contents
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Structural segmentation for multimedia content-based information retrieval
Author(s): Marco Carli; Alberto Degli Esposti; Alessandro Micarelli; Alessandro Neri
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Seeded image segmentation for content-based image retrieval application
Author(s): Jianping Fan; Mathurin Body; Xingquan Zhu; Mohand-Said Hacid; Essam A. El-Kwae
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Evaluation of shape correspondence using ordinal measures
Author(s): Faouzi Alaya Cheikh; Bogdan Cramariuc; Mari Partio; Pasi Reijonen; Moncef Gabbouj
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Automatic classification of images on the Web
Author(s): Alexander Hartmann; Rainer W. Lienhart
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Angle-Tree: a new index structure for high-dimensional point data
Author(s): Daoguo Dong; Xiangyang Xue; Hangzai Luo; Yingqiang Lin
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Logistic regression model for relevance feedback in content-based image retrieval
Author(s): Geert Caenen; Eric J. Pauwels
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Image retrieval using texture features BDIP and BVLC
Author(s): Sang Yong Seo; Young Deok Chun; Dae Sung Kim; Nam Chul Kim
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Novel image retrieval technique using salient edges
Author(s): JunWei Han; Jungong Han; Lei Guo
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Compressed domain indexing of losslessly compressed images
Author(s): Gerald Schaefer
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Extensible feature management engine for image retrieval
Author(s): Simone Santini; Amarnath Gupta
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RFLPRetriever: a content-based retrieval system for biological image databases
Author(s): Chi-Ren Shyu; Seth A. Havermann; Kristopher Stice; Georgia Davis
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Object-oriented query based on belief fusion: application to dermatological databases
Author(s): Mohamed-Chaker Larabi; Noel Richard; Olivier Colot; Christine Fernandez-Maloigne
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New shape representation and similarity measure for efficient shape indexing
Author(s): Konstantin Y. Kupeev; Zohar Sivan
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Feature element theory for image recognition and retrieval
Author(s): Yin Xu; Yujin Zhang
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Hierarchical architecture for content-based image retrieval of paleontology images
Author(s): Jerome Landre; Frederic Truchetet
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New video shot change detection algorithm based on accurate motion and illumination estimation
Author(s): Shang-Hong Lai; Wei-Kuang Lee
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Video segmentation for post-production
Author(s): Ciaran Wills
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Efficient algorithm for scene change detection and camera motion characterization using the approach of heterogeneous video transcoding on MPEG compressed videos
Author(s): Jin-Hau Kuo; Ja-Ling Wu
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Data reduction procedure for principal cast and other talking head detection
Author(s): Ajay Divakaran; Regunathan Radhakrishnan
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Logo detection and classification in a sport video: video indexing for sponsorship revenue control
Author(s): Bohumil Kovar; Alan Hanjalic
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Comparison of sequence matching techniques for video copy detection
Author(s): Arun Hampapur; Kiho Hyun; Ruud M. Bolle
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Event detection and summarization in American football broadcast video
Author(s): Baoxin Li; M. Ibrahim Sezan
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Indexing technique for similarity matching in large video databases
Author(s): Sanghyun Park; June-Suh Cho; Ki-Ho Hyun
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Content-based analysis and indexing of sports video
Author(s): Ming Luo; Xuesheng Bai; Guang-you Xu
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Efficient video sequence matching using the Cauchy function and the modified Hausdorff distance
Author(s): Sang Hyun Kim; Rae-Hong Park
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Learning to annotate video databases
Author(s): Milind Ramesh Naphade; Ching-Yung Lin; John R. Smith; Belle L. Tseng; Sankar Basu
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Distribution of shot lengths for video analysis
Author(s): Cuneyt M. Taskiran; Edward J. Delp
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Automatic categorization design for broadcast news
Author(s): Huitao Luo; Qian Huang
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Motion feature extraction scheme for content-based video retrieval
Author(s): Chuan Wu; Yuwen He; Li Zhao; Yuzhuo Zhong
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Comparison of dictionary-based approaches to automatic repeating melody extraction
Author(s): Hsuan-Huei Shih; Shrikanth S Narayanan; C.-C. Jay Kuo
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Rapid generation of sports video highlights using the MPEG-7 motion activity descriptor
Author(s): Kadir A. Peker; Romain Cabasson; Ajay Divakaran
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Three-dimensional browsing environment for MPEG-7 image databases
Author(s): Thomas Meiers; Thomas Sikora; Ivo Keller
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TVFind (TM): an MPEG-7-based video management system over Internet
Author(s): Jian Huang; Li Zhao; Shiqiang Yang
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Application of MPEG-7 descriptors for temporal video segmentation
Author(s): Michael Hoeynck; Claudia Mayer; Jens-Rainer Ohm
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Video summarization and personalization for pervasive mobile devices
Author(s): Belle L. Tseng; Ching-Yung Lin; John R. Smith
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Automated video summarization using speech transcripts
Author(s): Cuneyt M. Taskiran; Arnon Amir; Dulce B. Ponceleon; Edward J. Delp
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Extracting movie scenes based on multimodal information
Author(s): Ying Li; C.-C. Jay Kuo
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Hierarchical video summarization for medical data
Author(s): Xingquan Zhu; Jianping Fan; Ahmed K. Elmagarmid; Walid G. Aref
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Summarizing motion contents of the video clip using moving edge overlaid frame (MEOF)
Author(s): Tianli Yu; Yujin Zhang
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Benchmarks for storage and retrieval in multimedia databases
Author(s): David A. Forsyth
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Storage, data management, and retrieval in bioinformatics
Author(s): Stephen T. C. Wong; Anil Patwardhan
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