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Three-Dimensional Image Capture and Applications V
Editor(s): Brian D. Corner; Roy P. Pargas; Joseph H. Nurre

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Volume Number: 4661
Date Published: 8 March 2002

Table of Contents
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Desktop 2D/3D image capturing system using a digital camera
Author(s): Takashi Kitaguchi; Tomofumi Kitazawa; Yasuhiro Sato; Shin Aoki; Takefumi Hasegawa
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MDSP: a modular DSP architecture for a real-time 3D laser range sensor
Author(s): David A. Green; Francois Blais; J. Angelo Beraldin; Luc Cournoyer
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New range finder based on the re-encoding method and its application to 3D object modeling
Author(s): Tsutomu Abe; Kiwame Tokai; Yoshinori Yamaguchi; Osamu Nishikawa; Tetsuo Iyoda
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Handheld camera 3D modeling system using multiple reference panels
Author(s): Kouta Fujimura; Yasuhiro Oue; Tomoya Terauchi; Tetsuichi Emi
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Surface reconstruction of abdominal organs using laparoscopic structured light for augmented reality
Author(s): Jeremy D. Ackerman; Kurtis Keller; Henry Fuchs
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Multicamera setup for generating stereo panoramic video
Author(s): Stavros Tzavidas; Aggelos K. Katsaggelos
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Automatic 3D building reconstruction
Author(s): Ildiko Suveg; George Vosselman
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Production of 3D consistent image representation of outdoor scenery for multimedia ambiance communication from multiviewpoint range data measured with a 3D laser scanner
Author(s): Takahiro Saito; Hiroshi Imamura; Shin-ichi Sunaga; Takashi Komatsu
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Phase matching with multiresolution wavelet transform
Author(s): Jun Zhou; Yi Xu; Wurong Yu
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3D reconstruction of articulated objects from uncalibrated images
Author(s): Fabio Remondino
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Creating true 3D-shape representation: merging methodologies
Author(s): Robert Sitnik; Malgorzata Kujawinska
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Three-dimensional imaging for automated manufacturing assembly applications
Author(s): Songtao Li; Dongming Zhao
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Implementation of design simulator for integral photography-based 3D imaging and display system
Author(s): Byung-Chul Cho; Jung-Hwan Ko; Eun-Soo Kim
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Assessment of mesh simplification algorithm quality
Author(s): Michael Roy; Frederic Nicolier; S. Foufou; Frederic Truchetet; Andreas Koschan; Mongi A. Abidi
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Digital library framework for progressive compressed 3D models
Author(s): Hesham F. Anan; Kurt Maly; Mohammad Zubair
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Modeling human faces with multi-image photogrammetry
Author(s): Nicola D'Apuzzo
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Two methods for locating feducial points on three-dimensional scans of the human face
Author(s): Brian D. Corner; Peng Li; Robert M. Beecher; Steven Paquette
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Automatic landmark extraction from three-dimensional head scan data
Author(s): Peng Li; Brian D. Corner; Steven Paquette
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Repeated-measure validation of craniofacial metrics from three-dimensional surface scans: application to medical genetics
Author(s): Eric A. Lauer; Brian D. Corner; Peng Li; Robert M. Beecher; Curtis Deutsch
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Virtual face reconstruction based on 3D skull model
Author(s): Vladimir A. Knyaz; Sergey Yu. Zheltov; Dmitry G. Stepanyants; Elena B. Saltykova
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Object digitalization using a scanning fringe projection system
Author(s): Michael Zacher; Ingo Krohne; Ulf Glaser; T. Pfeifer
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Vision system for classification of metallic tokens using the selective stereo gradient method
Author(s): Markus Adameck; Michael Hossfeld; Manfred Eich
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Multiple-angle 3D video technology for distant live concerts
Author(s): Tetsuri Inoue; Kazumi Komiya; Keiko Momose; Yoshiyori Urano; Hideyoshi Tominaga
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