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Laser Resonators and Beam Control V
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Volume Number: 4629
Date Published: 6 June 2002
Softcover: 29 papers (238) pages
ISBN: 9780819443687

Table of Contents
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Automated beam monitoring and diagnosis for CO2 lasers
Author(s): Stefan Mann; Lars Boeske; Stefan Kaierle; Ernst-Wolfgang Kreutz; Reinhart Poprawe
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On-line beam performance monitoring to improve laser reliability and performance
Author(s): Lawrence I. Green
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Low-cost laser-beam analyzer
Author(s): Tatyana Yu. Cherezova; Yu. V. Sheldakova; Alexis V. Kudryashov
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Phase-locked array of 25 broad-area lasers
Author(s): Volker Raab; Ralf Menzel
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Modeling of phase-locking of slab-lasers with hybrid resonators
Author(s): Anatoly P. Napartovich; Nickolai N. Elkin; Vera N. Troshchieva; James P. Reilly
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Spectral beam combining of fiber lasers: tolerances, lens design, and microlens array inclusion
Author(s): Erik J. Bochove
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Fiber coupling of laser diode arrays for high brightness: cladding considerations
Author(s): Bolesh J. Skutnik; Holly Park
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Monolithic blue upconversion fiber laser
Author(s): Volker Gaebler; Hans Joachim Eichler
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Coherent combination of fiber laser beams
Author(s): Mark A. Culpepper
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Aberrations in lenslike antiguides for semiconductor lasers
Author(s): Alan H. Paxton
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High-efficiency laser resonators for high-brightness beam-generation with application to micromaterial processing and nonlinear processes
Author(s): Thomas C. Sidler
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Intracavity beam shaping of a Nd:YAG laser
Author(s): Michael Gerber; Alexis V. Kudryashov; Thomas Graf
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Laser resonator design with dual phase conjugation mirrors
Author(s): Young Key Kwon; Frank S. Barnes
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Adaptive thermal optics in high-power laser resonators
Author(s): Thomas Graf; Eduard Wyss; Michelle Roth; Heinz P. Weber
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Double rod Nd: YAG laser with 180 W average output power and diffraction limited beam quality via path matched birefringence compensation
Author(s): Martin Ostermeyer; Guido Klemz; Ralf Menzel
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Synchronization of a pulsed Q-switched laser with a femtosecond laser with jitter less than 100 ps
Author(s): Efim A. Khazanov; Alexey Anastasiev; Eugeny Katin; Oleg V. Palashov
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High-efficiency microwave and millimeter-wave electro-optical modulation with whispering-gallery resonators
Author(s): Vladimir S. Ilchenko; Andrey B. Matsko; Anatoly A. Savchenkov; Lute Maleki
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Er:ZBLALiP whispering-gallery mode lasers at 1550 nm investigation of red-shift due to pump intensity
Author(s): Guy Stephen; Hue-Yin Xu; Zhiping Cai; Patrice Feron; Michel Mortier
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Laser action on "Scar"-modes and KAM-transition to chaos in semiconductor diode lasers with deformed resonators
Author(s): Evgenii E. Narimanov; Claire F. Gmachl; Federico Capasso; James N. Baillargeon; Alfred Y. Cho
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High-Q whispering-gallery mode sensor in liquids
Author(s): Jay L. Nadeau; Vladimir S. Ilchenko; Dmitri Kossakovski; Gregory H. Bearman; Lute Maleki
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Carbon monoxide sealed-off laser with operated dispersive cavity for medicine, ecology, active media, and material study
Author(s): Yuri N. Bulkin; Anatoliy A. Adamenkov; Evgeniy A. Kudryashov; V. V. Buzoveria; Vladimir Masychev
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Production of picosecond square-shaped ultraviolet pulses for low-emittance electron bunch generation from an RF photocathode
Author(s): Akira Yada; Kazuya Takasago; Shinji Ito; Tatsuya Yanagida; Jinfeng Yang; Masakazu Washio; Kenji Torizuka; Akira Endo
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Measurement of small stress fluctuations in fused silica fibers using an optical microcavity sensor
Author(s): I. A. Bilenko; A. Samoilenko; Vladimir S. Ilchenko
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Development of high-average power picosecond laser systems
Author(s): David Burns; Gareth J. Valentine; W. Lubeigt; Erwin A. Bente; Allister I. Ferguson
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Adaptive optics in a multistage TiS laser
Author(s): H. Baumhacker; Georg Pretzler; Klaus-Juergen Witte; Manuel Hegelich; Marcin Kaluza; S. Karsch; Alexis V. Kudryashov; Vadim V. Samarkin; A. Rukosuev
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High-Q optical nanocavities in planar photonic crystals
Author(s): Jelena Vuckovic; Marko Loncar; Tomoyuki Yoshie; Axel Scherer; Michael Armen; Jon Williams; Hideo Mabuchi
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Ring resonators as nonlinear phase-shifting elements
Author(s): Yan Chen; Steve Blair
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Design and Installation of a static wavefront correction optic on the HELEN laser
Author(s): Thomas H. Bett; N. W. Hopps; Michael C. Rushford; Jerald A. Britten; Curly R. Hoaglan; Sham N. Dixit
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Influence of thermal lens spherical aberrations on laser performances: intracavity programmable phase control
Author(s): Jerome Bourderionnet; Arnaud Brignon; Jean-Pierre Huignard; Eric Lallier; Brigitte Loiseaux; Robert Frey
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