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Optical Fibers and Sensors for Medical Applications II
Editor(s): Israel Gannot
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Volume Number: 4616
Date Published: 26 March 2002
Softcover: 29 papers (248) pages
ISBN: 9780819443557

Table of Contents
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Recent developments in liquid phase mid-infrared sensor technology
Author(s): Markus Janotta; Boris Mizaikoff
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Interferometric fiber-based optical biosensor to measure ultra-small changes in refractive index
Author(s): Taner Akkin; Digant P. Dave; Thomas E. Milner; Henry Grady Rylander
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Optical fiber sensors for breathing diagnostics
Author(s): Q. Chen; Richard O. Claus; Jeffrey B. Mecham; M. Vercellino; Francisco J. Arregui; Ignacio R. Matias
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Characterization of biofilm components using a fiber optic spectrometer
Author(s): Markus Leitz; R. Sekar; T. Griebe; S. Krautwald; Hilmar Franke
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Real-time optical monitoring of tissue vitality in vivo
Author(s): Avraham Mayevsky; Tamar Manor; Eliyahu Pevzner; Assaf Deutsch; Revital Etziony; Nava Dekel
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Probing brain cancer by fiber optic FTIR spectroscopy
Author(s): Gerald Steiner; Angelique Kano; Tom Richter; Ralf Bergmann; Heike Rodig; Jens Kobelke; Bernd Johannsen; Reiner Salzer
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Multiplexed optical fiber sensors for humidity and chemical analysis
Author(s): Q. Chen; Richard O. Claus; Jeffrey B. Mecham; M. Vercellino; Francisco J. Arregui; Ignacio R. Matias
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Thickness-modulated waveguides for integrated optical sensing
Author(s): Kaspar Cottier; Rino E. Kunz; Guy Voirin; Max Wiki
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Interferometric sensors based on surface plasmon resonance
Author(s): Chien-ming Wu; Shen-Fen Joe; Liann-Be Chang
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Photonic crystal fibers: a variety of applications
Author(s): Anders Bjarklev; Jes Broeng; Stig E. Barkou Libori; Erik Knudsen
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Modeling photonic crystal fibers with localized functions
Author(s): Erik Knudsen; Anders Bjarklev; Jes Broeng; Stig E. Barkou Libori
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Extrusion method for fabrication of hollow waveguides with 1D photonic bandgap structure
Author(s): Daniel J. Gibson; James A. Harrington
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Electroless deposited broadband omnidirectional multilayer reflectors for mid-infrared lasers
Author(s): Moshe Ben-David; Nathan I. Croitoru; Alexandra Inberg; G. Revsin; Israel Gannot
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Femtosecond-pulse delivery by hollow fibers
Author(s): Yuji Matsuura; Mitsunobu Miyagi; Kazuhiko Shihoyama; Masako Kawachi
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Transmission characteristics of an all-optical-waveguide biomedical system for x-ray delivery
Author(s): Ronald W. Waynant; Ilko K. Ilev; Kunal Mitra; Israel Gannot; Robert J. Jennings
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New coatings for metal-dielectric hollow waveguides
Author(s): Roshan J. George; James A. Harrington
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Transmission characteristics of sealed hollow waveguides for Er:YAG laser radiation and their application in the ophthalmology
Author(s): Helena Jelinkova; Michal Nemec; Jan Sulc; Jiri Pasta; Katsumasa Iwai; Yukio Abe; Yi-Wei Shi; Yuji Matsuura; Mitsunobu Miyagi
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Dielectric coatings for Ag/dielectric hollow glass waveguides
Author(s): Veena Gopal; James A. Harrington
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Hollow bent output devices in CO2 laser light delivery system
Author(s): Katsumasa Iwai; Yi-Wei Shi; Yuji Matsuura; Mitsunobu Miyagi; Junko Oishi; Yoshihide Okagami
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Transmission behavior of silica core: fluorine-doped cladding fibers in the visible and ultraviolet region
Author(s): Sonja Unger; Johannes Kirchhof; Siegmund Schroeter; Anka Schwuchow; Holger Frost
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Prototype scanning fiber endoscope
Author(s): Eric J. Seibel; Quinn Y. J. Smithwick; Janet L. Crossman-Bosworth; John A. Myers
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Cladding effects on spectral transmission of optical fibers for medical applications
Author(s): Bolesh J. Skutnik; Holly Park
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Optical imaging of objects within highly scattering media using silicon-micromachined collimating arrays
Author(s): Glenn H. Chapman; Moninder S. Tank; Gary Chu; Maria Trinh
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Flexible beam guiding in a microsurgical UV laser scalpel
Author(s): Georg Hillrichs; Hartmut Dietz; Martin Ruetting; Stanislaw Schastak; Peter Wiedemann; Yuji Matsuura; Mitsunobu Miyagi; Karl-Friedrich Klein
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Hollow-waveguide-based laser-to-ultrasound transducer for drug delivery application
Author(s): Shunichi Sato; Makoto Ogura; Minoru Obara; Yi-Wei Shi; Yuji Matsuura; Mitsunobu Miyagi; Hiroshi Ashida
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Fluorescence in the fiber optic HPTLC-method
Author(s): Karl-Friedrich Klein; Bernd Spangenberg; Bjoern Arenz
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Smart optical fiber probes for precise tissue treatment
Author(s): Ilko K. Ilev; Ronald W. Waynant; Mary Reiter
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Observation of low aluminum corrosion rates during biofilm formation
Author(s): Markus Leitz; Hilmar Franke
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Microstructured polymer optical fibers: progress and promise
Author(s): Maryanne C. J. Large; Martijn A. van Eijkelenborg; Alexander Argyros; Joseph Zagari; Steven Manos; Nader A. Issa; Ian M. Bassett; Simon C. Fleming; Ross C. McPhedran; Martijn de Sterke; Nicolae A. P. Nicorovici
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