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Optical Methods for Tumor Treatment and Detection: Mechanisms and Techniques in Photodynamic Therapy XI
Editor(s): Thomas J. Dougherty
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Volume Number: 4612
Date Published: 6 June 2002
Softcover: 24 papers (216) pages
ISBN: 9780819443519

Table of Contents
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Photodynamic therapy for Barrett's esophagus using a 20-mm diameter light-delivery balloon
Author(s): Masoud Panjehpour; Bergein F. Overholt; Mary N. Phan; John M. Haydek; Amy R. Robinson
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Toxic pulmonary effects of photodynamic therapy (PDT) in a mouse model
Author(s): James D. Luketich; Yaron Perry; Hsien Wong; Michael W. Epperly
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WSTO9 (TOOKAD) mediated photodynamic therapy as an alternative modality in the treatment of prostate cancer
Author(s): Qun Chen; Zheng Huang; David L. Luck; Jill Beckers; Pierre-Herve Brun; Brian C. Wilson; Avigdor Scherz; Yoram Salomon; Fred W. Hetzel
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Photodynamic therapy and fluorescence diagnostics of breast cancer metastases with photosense and alasense
Author(s): Elena G. Vakoulovskaya; Victor V. Shental; Victor P. Letyagin; Vitaly J. Brjezovsky; L. V. Oumnova; Georgy N. Vorozhtsov; V. Philinov; Eugeny Ph. Stranadko
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Clinical studies of photodynamic therapy for malignant brain tumors: Karnofsky score and neurological score in patients with recurrent gloms treated with Photofrin PDT
Author(s): Paul J. Muller; Brian C. Wilson; Lothar D. Lilge; Victor X.D. Yang; Abhay Varma; Arjen Bogaards; Fred W. Hetzel; Qun Chen; Tim Fullagar; Robert Fenstermaker; Robert Selker; Judith Abrams
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Targeted photodynamic therapy for infected wounds in mice
Author(s): Michael R. Hamblin; David A. O'Donnell; Touqir Zahra; Christopher H. Contag; Albert T. McManus; Tayyaba Hasan
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Clinical trials of a new chlorin photosensitizer for photodynamic therapy of malignant tumors
Author(s): Valeriy A. Privalov; Alexander V. Lappa; Oleg V. Seliverstov; Alexey B. Faizrakhmanov; Nicolay N. Yarovoy; Elena V. Kochneva; Michail V. Evnevich; Alla S. Anikina; Andrey V. Reshetnicov; Igor Dmitrievich Zalevsky; Yuriy V. Kemov
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Optics of light dosimetry for PDT in superficial lesions versus bulky tumors
Author(s): Steven L. Jacques
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Time-dependent spectra of PPIX after ALA and h-ALA application
Author(s): Dirk Huettenberger; Hans-Jochen Foth; Volker Zenzen; Heinrich Zankl
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Multisensory fiber optic probes for PDT dosimetry: construction, performance, and error analysis
Author(s): Natalie Pomerleau; Lothar D. Lilge
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Treatment planning platform for photodynamic therapy: architecture, function, and validation
Author(s): Brian C. Wilson; William Mark Whelan; Sean R. H. Davidson; Robert A. Weersink; Michael D. Sherar
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Measurement of singlet oxygen luminescence from AML5 cells sensitized with ALA-induced PpIX in suspension during photodynamic therapy and correlation with cell viability after treatment
Author(s): Mark J. Niedre; Michael S. Patterson; Natalie Boruvka; Brian C. Wilson
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Ratio of the spherical and flat detectors at tissue surfaces during pleural photodynamic therapy
Author(s): Timothy C. Zhu; Joseph S. Friedberg; Andrea Dimofte; Jeremy D. Miles; James M. Metz; Eli Glatstein; Stephen M. Hahn
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ALA-containing transparent applicators on the basis of biodegradable polymers for photodynamic therapy of superficial malignancies
Author(s): Gennadii A. Meerovich; Victor B. Loschenov; Victor V. Shental; Elena G. Vakoulovskaya; Anatoly B. Davydov; Gennady L. Khromov; Sergei G. Kuzmin; Eugeny A. Lukyanets; Iosif I. Tkach; Georgy N. Vorozhtsov
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Mitochondrial targets of photodynamic therapy and their contribution to cell death
Author(s): Nancy L. Oleinick; Jitsuo Usuda; Liang-yan Xue; Kashif Azizuddin; Song-mao Chiu; Minh C. Lam; Rachel L. Morris; Anna-Liisa Nieminen
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What are the targets of photodynamic therapy?
Author(s): David Kessel; Michelle Castelli; John Reiners
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Ultrasound backscatter microscopy/spectroscopy and optical coherence (Doppler) tomography for mechanism-specific monitoring of photodynamic therapy in vivo and in vitro
Author(s): Victor X.D. Yang; Greg J. Gzarnota; I. Alex Vitkin; Mike C. Kolios; Michael D. Sherar; Johannes F. de Boer; Bruce J. Tromberg; Brian C. Wilson
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PDT-induced apoptosis: investigations using two malignant brain tumor models
Author(s): Lothar D. Lilge; Keir Menzies; Stuart K. Bisland; Annie Lin; Brian C. Wilson
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Strong two-photon absorption and singlet oxygen photogeneration in near-IR with new porphyrin molecule
Author(s): Aliaksandr Karotki; Mikhail A. Drobizhev; Mikalai Kruk; Aleksander Rebane; Eric Nickel; Charles W. Spangler
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Photodynamic therapy of human glioma spheroids: a comparative study of the effectiveness of 5-aminolevulinic acid and its esters
Author(s): Steen J. Madsen; Chung-Ho Sun; Bruce J. Tromberg; Henry Hirschberg
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Effects of low-fluence-rate PDT on glioma spheroids
Author(s): Steen J. Madsen; Robin M. Rodenbush; Chung-Ho Sun; Bruce J. Tromberg; Henry Hirschberg
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Tumor detection with sonodynamic chemiluminescence from ATX-70 and FCLA under ultrasonic excitation
Author(s): Yonghong He; Da Xing; Yong Yao; Guihong Yan; Ken-ichi Ueda
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Evaluating outcomes of palliative photodynamic therapy: instrument development and preliminary results
Author(s): Teresa T. Goodell; Paulo R. Bargo; Steven L. Jacques
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Predicting fluence measurements from a cylindrical diffusing tip using the P3-approximation
Author(s): Dwayne J. Dickey; Kevin Partridge; Ronald B. Moore; John Tulip
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