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Fiber Optics and Optoelectronics for Network Applications
Editor(s): Jian Liu; Zhigong Wang
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Volume Number: 4603
Date Published: 16 October 2001
Softcover: 55 papers (310) pages
ISBN: 9780819443427

Table of Contents
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Properties of Ce: KNSBN photorefractive fiber and its applications
Author(s): Zhaoqi Wang; Hongli Liu; Guoguang Mu
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Experimental study on fused fiber coupler
Author(s): Yuanhong Yang; Di Wu; Xinliu Jiang
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Tunable multichannel isolation filter using a fiber-to-LiNbO3 coupler with intermediate coupling layer
Author(s): Kyung-Rak Sohn; Jaewon Song
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Modal fields of symmetric metal-clad planar uniaxial crystal waveguide
Author(s): Qi Guo; Zhiwei Shi; Wencheng Xu
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Theoretical study of crosstalk for AWGs
Author(s): Daqing Zhu; Dongsheng Lu; Zhene Xu; Wei Lei; Manli Zhou
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Simulation of optical waveguides with FDTD method
Author(s): ZhenYu Yang; Zhene Xu; Dongsheng Lu; Daqing Zhu; Peng Li
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Optical propagation characteristics of thin film waveguide and 1-um polystyrene microsphere array mixed system
Author(s): Fujun Huang; Shinzo Morita
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Design of wide-passband top-flattened and side-steepened acousto-optical tunable filter
Author(s): Hong Zhang Hu; S. J. Zhang; W. Liu; F. Geng
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Properties of integrated acousto-optic tunable filters in multiwavelength operation for WDM system
Author(s): Hong Zhang Hu; Y. N. Li; Jisheng Yang; F. Geng
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Structure optimization of integrated optical polarization splitter
Author(s): Hong Zhang Hu; J. Chen; Haibin Zhang; Jisheng Yang; F. Geng
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Self-injection-locking single frequency Yb-doped fiber ring laser
Author(s): Lixin Xu; Hai Ming; Jiangping Xie; Wencai Huang; Anting Wang; Xiaoshi Zhang; Wei An; Yunxia Wu
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Wavelength-tunable single-frequency Er:Yb codoped DBR fiber laser
Author(s): Wencai Huang; Hai Ming; Lixin Xu; Jiangping Xie; Anting Wang; Xiaoshi Zhang
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Design of multichannel parallel data transmission optical link
Author(s): Wencai Jing; Ge Zhou; Haifeng Li; Zhaohui Li; Yuxiu Deng; Hongxia Zhang; Yimo Zhang
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Method of measurement of ultrashort light pulse chirp
Author(s): Wei Shi; Han Yang; Wei Sun; Maobin Yi
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Numerical analysis of specially sample fiber Bragg grating for dispersion compensation
Author(s): Lin Zhu; Guozhong Wang; Li Xia; Shizhong Xie
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Design of the oxide film surface acoustical waveguide in acousto-optic tunable filters
Author(s): Jisheng Yang; Yingchao Hao; Haibin Zhang; Hong Zhang Hu
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Optimization of two steps of cascaded Raman amplifiers
Author(s): Ronghua Chi; Yigang Li; Guofu Hou; Bangcai Huang; Fuyun Lu; Kecheng Lu
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Theory of dispersion loss nonlinearity and polarization mode dispersion simultaneous cancellation in WDM systems via optical phase conjugation
Author(s): Zihua Zhang
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Etched fiber optic sensor and its application in monitoring system
Author(s): Ping Wu
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Distributed fiber optic Raman high-temperature (1000oC) measurement networks
Author(s): Zaixuan Zhang; Ning Guo; Xiangdong Yu; Jianfeng Wang; Xiaobiao Wu; Insoo S. Kim; Yohee Kim
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10-Gb/s 1:4 demultiplexer in 0.25-um CMOS
Author(s): Lei Tian; Zhigong Wang; Haitao Chen; Tingting Xie; Jianhua Lu; Rui Tao; Yi Dong; Shizhong Xie
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Frequency chirp analysis of all-optical wavelength converters based on cross-gain modulation in semiconductor optical amplifier
Author(s): Shibao Wu; Xiaohan Sun; Mingde Zhang
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Reliability analysis based on membership cloud model in distributed optical fiber industrial network
Author(s): Haifeng Huang; Xiaohan Sun; Wen Dai; Mingde Zhang
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Operation mechanism in the dedicated multimedia fiber industrial network (FIN)
Author(s): Jinhui Li; Xiaohan Sun; Mingde Zhang; Dong Ding
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Optimal design of the parameters in dispersion compensation fibers
Author(s): Lin Liu; Mingde Zhang; Xiaohan Sun
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Resource reservation and allocation algorithm in optical network
Author(s): Xiaofei Liu; Xiaohan Sun; Mingde Zhang
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Homodyne crosstalk in optical cross-connects
Author(s): Min Rao; Xiaohan Sun; Mingde Zhang
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Simulation of symmetric directional coupler with optical rib waveguide using 3D-BPM based on the Galerkin method
Author(s): Jinbiao Xiao; Xiaohan Sun; Mingde Zhang
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Optoelectronic integrated single power source MSM/HEMT photoreceivers
Author(s): Rong Wang; Jin-Ping Ao; Zhigong Wang; Xian-Jie Li; Wei-Ji Liu; Ximing Ke
Design of a low-power 1.5-Gb/s CMOS 1:4 demultiplexer IC
Author(s): Wencai Lu; Zhigong Wang; Lei Tian; Tingting Xie; Yi Dong; Shizhong Xie
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Performance improvement of optically amplified systems using out-of-band forward error correction
Author(s): Juanjuan Yan; Yi Dong; Shizhong Xie; BingKun Zhou
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1x7 plastic optical fiber coupler using cylindrical mixing rod
Author(s): Chun Yang; Xiaohan Sun; Yunming Wang; Mingde Zhang; Dong Ding
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Voltage sensor utilizing all-fiber Mach-Zehnder interferometer
Author(s): Yonglin Huang; Dejun Feng; Zhaowen Xu; Zhengrong Tong; Guiyun Kai; Xiaoyi Dong
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Fiber optic refractive index reconstruction from its near-field image
Author(s): - Meiliayana; - Muljono
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Microstructure of oxygen-rich silicon oxynitride
Author(s): Yaping Dan; Ruifeng Yue; Yan Wang; Yongzhao Yao; Li-Tian Liu
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Fourier-transform spectral measurement with waveguide holographic grating
Author(s): Manli Hu; Jifang Liu; Yulin Li; Yushan Tan
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Alternative approach to optical logic operations using quarternary concept
Author(s): Partha Ghosh; Partha Pratima Das; Sauransu Mukhopadhyay
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Poling behavior of the polymer film for optoelectric device applications
Author(s): Shug-June Hwang; Hsin Her Yu
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Cladding layer for photonic integrated circuits
Author(s): Chih-Wei Hsu; Way-Seen Wang; Hsuen-Li Chen; Tzyy-Jiann Wang; Yan Hao Huang
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Experimental study of temperature sensitivity fiber grating component packaged with mixed polymers
Author(s): Weigang Zhang; Guang Zhou; Chunliu Zhao; Qida Zhao; Guiyun Kai; Xiaoyi Dong
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Fiber Bragg grating filter synthesis using the genetic algorithm
Author(s): Meng Liang; Qiang Fang; Yong Wang
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Light-induced array waveguide in photorefractive crystal
Author(s): Jifang Liu; Haiyang Liu; Manli Hu; Yulin Li
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Porous silicon optical waveguides formed by anodization process
Author(s): Zhenhong Jia
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Design of novel transponder applied in the edge of transparent subnets
Author(s): Xudong Yang; QingJi Zeng; Xu Zhu; Yun Wang
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Continuous-tuning mode-locked fiber ring laser using a F-P LD
Author(s): Chunliu Zhao; Ning Ma; Xinyong Dong; Weigang Zhang; Bangquan Liao; Shuzhong Yuan; Xiaoyi Dong
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Experimental study of fiber grating curvature sensor
Author(s): Xinyong Dong; Hongyun Meng; Bai'ou Guan; Chunliu Zhao; Guiyun Kai; Xiaoyi Dong
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Novel structure for fiber grating sensors
Author(s): Hongyun Meng; Xinyong Dong; Shiquan Yang; Yonglin Huang; Xiaoyi Dong
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Birefringent gratings induced by polarized laser in azobenzene-doped poly(methyl methecrylate) optical fibers
Author(s): Xingsheng Xu; Hai Ming; Hui Ma; Xiaohong Sun; Wei Cheng; Jichun Ye; Qijin Zhang; Jiangping Xie
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Design and analysis of a novel multipumped Raman fiber amplifier
Author(s): Pengcheng Liu; Jun Zhang; Lutan Hu; Qu Li; Yingli Chen
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10-Gb/s external modulator module using capacitive and inductive peaking technology
Author(s): Bo Pan; Jianjun Gao; Baoxin Gao
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Optimization of polymer-arrayed waveguide grating multiplexer
Author(s): Chunsheng Ma; Wenbin Guo; Daming Zhang; Kaixin Chen; Yu Zhao; Zhanchen Cui; Shiyong Liu
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3.5-Gb/s 0.35-um CMOS data decision IC
Author(s): Zheng Gu; Zhigong Wang; Huan Wang; Rui Tao; Tingting Xie; Shizhong Xie; Yi Dong
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Design and fabrication of highly efficient optical array generator
Author(s): Shouping Nie; Ming Wang
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Theory of acousto-optic mode coupling and experimental study on fiber null coupler
Author(s): Lei Wu; Yuan Zheng; Baoqing An; Shuqiang Chen
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