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Electronics and Structures for MEMS II
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Volume Number: 4591
Date Published: 21 November 2001
Softcover: 41 papers (402) pages
ISBN: 9780819443212

Table of Contents
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Biomimetic visual detection based on insect neurobiology
Author(s): David C. O'Carroll
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Nanoelectronic and nanomechanical systems
Author(s): J. S. Aldridge; Andrew N. Cleland; R. Knobel; D. R. Schmidt; C. S. Yung
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Australian national networked tele-test facility for integrated systems
Author(s): Kamran Eshraghian; Stefan W. Lachowicz; Sholeh Eshraghian
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MEMS- and NEMS-based smart devices and systems
Author(s): Vijay K. Varadan
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State of commercialization of MEMS: present and future prospects
Author(s): Alex Hariz
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Interfacing requirements for MEMS components in system-on-chip methodologies
Author(s): Neil W. Bergmann
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Quantum electromechanical systems
Author(s): Gerard J. Milburn; Rodney Polkinghorne
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Neural information transfer in a noisy environment
Author(s): Mark D. McDonnell; Charles E. M. Pearce; Derek Abbott
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Modeling of electrostatic gate operations in the Kane solid state quantum computer
Author(s): Chris I. Pakes; Cameron J. Wellard; David N. Jamieson; Lloyd C. L. Hollenberg; Steven D. Prawer; Andrew S. Dzurak; Alex R. Hamilton; Robert G. Clark
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Motion detection algorithms using template model
Author(s): Hung Nguyen; Sreeja Rajesh; Derek Abbott
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Morphological processor for image applications and its implementation using GaAs technology
Author(s): Francisco Gonzalez; Oscar Tubio; Felix Tobajas; Valentin de Armas; Roberto Esper-Chain; Roberto Sarmiento
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Gallium arsenide processing elements for motion estimation full-search algorithm
Author(s): Jose Fco. Lopez; P. Cortes; S. Lopez; Roberto Sarmiento
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Mass sensitivity of layered shear-horizontal surface acoustic wave devices for sensing applications
Author(s): Kourosh Kalantar-Zadeh; Adrian Trinchi; Wojtek Wlodarski; Anthony Holland; Kosmas Galatsis
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Modeling MEMS manufacturability in virtual prototyping CAD tool
Author(s): Renate Sitte
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User interface for the virtual reality prototyping of micro-electro-mechanical systems software design tools
Author(s): Owen T. Bourne; Renate Sitte
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Sensor modeling for virtual reality micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS) software design tools
Author(s): Ken Udono; Renate Sitte
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Virtual reality modeling aid in MEMS design
Author(s): Zhaoyi Li; Renate Sitte
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Design and modeling of microactuators in MEMS virtual reality prototyping CAD tool
Author(s): Manisah Aumeerally; Renate Sitte
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Terahertz imaging of biological tissue using a chirped probe pulse
Author(s): Bradley Ferguson; Shaohong Wang; Douglas A. Gray; Derek Abbott; Xi-Cheng Zhang
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Design of reconfigurable fractal antennas and rf MEMS for spaced-based communication systems
Author(s): K. J. Vinoy; Vijay K. Varadan
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Thin film characterization using terahertz differential time-domain spectroscopy and double modulation
Author(s): Samuel P. Mickan; Kwang-Su Lee; Toh-Ming Lu; Edward Barnat; Jesper Munch; Derek Abbott; Xi-Cheng Zhang
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Gallium nitride T-ray transmission characteristics
Author(s): Bradley Ferguson; Samuel P. Mickan; Seth Hubbard; Dimitris Pavlidis; Derek Abbott
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Differential current mode I/O pads for 2 Gb/s in gallium arsenide
Author(s): Roberto Esper-Chain; Felix Tobajas; Roberto Sarmiento
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ATM over SDH: design of a STM-16c transceiver using GaAs technology
Author(s): Oscar Tubio; Roberto Esper-Chain; Francisco Gonzalez; Felix Tobajas; Valentin de Armas; Juan A. Montiel-Nelson; Roberto Sarmiento
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Hybrid design of an application-specific integrated chip for frequency-to-digital conversion
Author(s): Neranjen Ramalingam; Vijay K. Varadan
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Low-power high-speed threshold logic and its application to the design of novel carry lookahead adders
Author(s): Peter Celinski; Jose Fco. Lopez; Said F. Al-Sarawi; Derek Abbott
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Wireless navigation inertial sensors on a single chip with bluetooth technology
Author(s): Vijay K. Varadan; K.A. Jose
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Gallium arsenide multiplierless filter bank for two-dimensional discrete wavelet transform (2D-DWT) computation
Author(s): Jose Fco. Lopez; S. Lalchand; Felix Tobajas; S. Lopez; Antonio Nunez; Roberto Sarmiento
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Design and test of a low-drift low-noise large-range micro-accelerometer
Author(s): Wei Su; Mei Li; Xiao-ping He
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High-performance MEMS bandpass filters for acoustic signal processing applications
Author(s): Shih-Hsorng Shen; Shuenn-Tsong Young; Weileun Fang
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Influence of initial curvature on micromachined thermal bimorph actuation
Author(s): Chengpeng Hsu; Wensyang Hsu
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Characterization of a CMOS humidity sensor using different polyimides as sensing films
Author(s): Yanyan Qiu; Carlos Azeredo-Leme; Luis Alcacer; Jose E. Franca
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Implementation of visual motion detection with contrast adaptation
Author(s): Patrick A. Shoemaker; David C. O'Carroll; Andrew D. Straw
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Integrated circuit for SAW and MEMS sensors
Author(s): Wolf-Joachim Fischer; Peter Koenig; Matthias Ploetner; Rudiger Hermann; Helmut Stab
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Experimental investigation of sensitivity dependence with respect to waveguide position on a micromachined diaphragm in a silicon-based integrated optic pressure sensor
Author(s): Takeshi Goto; Atsushi Yamada; Masashi Ohkawa; Seishi Sekine; Takashi Sato
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Miniaturized design of the optical head used for three-dimensional photon storage
Author(s): Guoping Zhang
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Digital vision sensor with pixel level analog-to-digital converter
Author(s): Amine Bermak; Abdesselam Bouzerdoum; Kamran Eshraghian
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Time-frequency analysis of heart rate variability in elderly people
Author(s): Herbert C. Sager; Juergen Guntermann
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Role of interference and entanglement in quantum neural processing
Author(s): Alexandr A. Ezhov; Gennady Berman
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Real life: cellular automaton for investigating competition between pleiotropy and redundancy
Author(s): Teck Lee Hoo; Andrew Ting; Erin O'Neill; Andrew G. Allison; Derek Abbott
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New current-controlled very high value floating CMOS resistor
Author(s): Said F. Al-Sarawi
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