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Microrobotics and Microassembly III
Editor(s): Bradley J. Nelson; Jean-Marc Breguet

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Volume Number: 4568
Date Published: 8 October 2001

Table of Contents
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Design and application of a gripper for microparts using flexure hinges and pneumatic actuation
Author(s): Jochen Schlick; Detlef Zuehlke
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Centering electrostatic microgripper and magazines for microassembly tasks
Author(s): Juergen Hesselbach; Stephanus Buettgenbach; Jan Wrege; Sebastian Buetefisch; Christiane Graf
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Microgripper construction kit
Author(s): Ulrich K. Gengenbach; Andreas Hofmann; Friedhelm Engelhardt; Rudolf Scharnowell; Bernd Koehler
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New pneumatically actuated miniature gripper for micro assembly
Author(s): Sebastian Buetefisch; Stephanus Buettgenbach
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Optically transparent gripper for microassembly
Author(s): Eniko T. Enikov; Kalin V. Lazarov
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Monolithic shape memory alloy microgripper for 3D assembly of tissue engineering scaffolds
Author(s): Han Zhang; Yves Bellouard; Thomas C. Sidler; Etienne Burdet; Aun-Neow Poo; Reymond Clavel
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Silicon three-axial tactile probe for the mechanical characterization of microgrippers
Author(s): Sebastian Buetefisch; Ralph Wilke; Stephanus Buettgenbach
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Main design issues for embedding onto a wireless miniature robot a scanning tunneling positioning system capable of atomic resolution over a half-meter diameter surface area
Author(s): Sylvain M. Martel; Torsten Koker; Ian Warwick Hunter
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Vision-based force sensing at nanonewton scales
Author(s): Michael A. Greminger; Bradley J. Nelson
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AFM-based force microsensor for a microrobot
Author(s): Sergej Fatikow; Stephan Fahlbusch
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Delta Haptic Device as a nanomanipulator
Author(s): Sebastien Grange; Francois Conti; Patrick Helmer; Patrice Rouiller; Charles Baur
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Development of a teleoperated micromanipulation system with visual and haptic feedback
Author(s): Antoine Ferreira; Claude Cassier; Yassine Haddab; Patrick Rougeot; Nicolas Chaillet
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Embedded electronics for a 64-channel wireless brain implant
Author(s): Johann D. Burgert; Jan Malasek; Sylvain M. Martel; Colette Wiseman; Timothy Fofonoff; Robert Dyer; Ian Warwick Hunter; Nicholas Hatsopoulos; John Donoghue
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Delta3: design and control of a flexure hinge mechanism
Author(s): Jean-Philippe Bacher; Stefano Bottinelli; Jean-Marc Breguet; Reymond Clavel
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Compliant parallel robot with 6 DOF
Author(s): Juergen Hesselbach; Annika Raatz
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Characterization and control of a 1-DOF monolithic piezoactuator (MPA)
Author(s): Ricardo Perez; Joel Agnus; Jean-Marc Breguet; Nicolas Chaillet; Hannes Bleuler; Reymond Clavel
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Fabrication and experiment of microlegs for an insectlike microrobot
Author(s): Agnes Bonvilain; Nicolas Chaillet
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From decimeter- to centimeter-sized mobile microrobots: the development of the MINIMAN system
Author(s): Heinz Woern; Ferdinand Schmoeckel; Axel Buerkle; Josep Samitier; Manel Puig-Vidal; Stefan A. I. Johansson; Urban Simu; Joerg-Uwe Meyer; Margit Biehl
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Vision-based closed-loop control of mobile microrobots for microhandling tasks
Author(s): Axel Buerkle; Ferdinand Schmoeckel; Matthias Kiefer; Bala P. Amavasai; Fabio Caparrelli; Arul Selvan; Jon R. Travis
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Piezo-drive circuits for amplitude-modulated locomoton for miniature wireless robots
Author(s): Sylvain M. Martel; Ian Warwick Hunter
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Implementing frequency-modulated piezo-based locomotion for achieving further miniaturization for wireless robots
Author(s): Sylvain M. Martel; Juan Bautista Coves Ferrando; Lorenzo Cervera Olague; Timothy Fofonoff; Ian Warwick Hunter
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Infrastructure suited for supporting a fleet of wireless miniature robots designed for atomic-scale operations
Author(s): Sylvain M. Martel; Torsten Koker; Stefen Riebel; Mark Sherwood; Jeremy Suurkivi; Ian Warwick Hunter
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General description of the wireless miniature NanoWalker robot designed for atomic-scale operations
Author(s): Sylvain M. Martel; Lorenzo Cervera Olague; Juan Bautista Coves Ferrando; Stefen Riebel; Torsten Koker; Jeremy Suurkivi; Timothy Fofonoff; Mark Sherwood; Robert Dyer; Ian Warwick Hunter
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Novel heat dissipation approach for high-powered miniature robots
Author(s): Sylvain M. Martel; Jonathan Embler; Stefen Riebel; Jonathan Gibbons; Ian Warwick Hunter
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Microassembly station with controlled environment
Author(s): Quan Zhou; Albut Aurelian; Carlos del Corral; Pedro J. Esteban; Pasi Kallio; Bo Chang; Heikki N. Koivo
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Dynamical strategies for micromanipulation by adhesion
Author(s): Dogan Sinan Haliyo; Yves Rollot; Stephane Regnier
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Dynamics of micro-object operation considering the adhesive effect under an SEM
Author(s): Shigeki Saito; Hideki T. Miyazaki; Tomomasa Sato; Kunio Takahashi; Tadao Onzawa
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Advanced Modular Micro-Production System (AMMS)
Author(s): Tobias Gaugel; Hannes Dobler
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Standards for hybrid microsystems production equipment
Author(s): Ulrich K. Gengenbach
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Toward the personal factory?
Author(s): Jean-Marc Breguet; Arvid Bergander
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Three-dimensional microstructuring of Pyrex glass wafers by spark-assisted chemical etching
Author(s): Hans H. Langen; V. Fascio; R. Wuethrich; D. Viquerat
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Automated assembly of holder chips to AFM probes
Author(s): Gunther Reinhart; Dirk Jacob; Marc Fouchier
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Development of a microrobot-based micropositioning station: the microrobot and its position and orientation measurement method
Author(s): Sounkalo Dembele; Karima Rochdi; Patrick Sandoz; Patrice Lemoal
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