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Microfluidics and BioMEMS
Editor(s): Carlos H. Mastrangelo; Holger Becker
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Volume Number: 4560
Date Published: 28 September 2001
: 32 papers (300) pages
ISBN: 9780819442888

Table of Contents
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Microfabricated artificial-muscle-based microvalve array
Author(s): KeQin He; Serban F. Peteu; Marc J. Madou
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Novel concept for flow-rate and flow-direction determination by means of pH-sensitive ISFETs
Author(s): Arshak Poghossian; Lars Berndsen; Hans Lueth; Michael J. Schoening
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Construction of a microfluidic bistable fluid amplifier using the nickel electroforming method
Author(s): Narciso F. Macia
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Micropumps: summarizing the first two decades
Author(s): Peter Woias
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Simulations of a microvalve and a micropump
Author(s): Yuan Xu; Wen On Choong; Francis E.H. Tay; Xuanxiong Zhang; Yen-Peng Kong; Haiqing Gong
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Three-dimensional simulation of micropumps
Author(s): Yuan Xu; Yen-Peng Kong; Xuanxiong Zhang; Kui Yao; Wen On Choong; Francis Eng Hock Tay; Wen Ping Wang
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Dynamic modeling and optimization of a valveless PZT micropump
Author(s): Shifeng Li; Yang Liu; Shaochen Chen
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Microreactor for efficient catalyst evaluation
Author(s): Ronald S. Besser; Sean Ouyang; Harshal Surangalikar; Michelle Prevot
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Microfluidic sample preparation for immunoassays
Author(s): Steven R. Visuri; William J. Benett; Kerry Bettencourt; John Chang; Karl A. Fisher; Julia Hamilton; Peter A. Krulevitch; Christina S. Park; Cheryl A. Stockton; Lisa A. Tarte; Amy Wang; Thomas Wilson
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Feasibility of high-resolution oligonucleotide separation on a microchip
Author(s): Abdel R. Minalla; Robert Dubrow; Luc J. Bousse
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Animal on a chip: a microscale cell culture analog device for evaluating toxicological and pharmacological profiles
Author(s): Aaron Sin; Gregory T. Baxter; Michael L. Shuler
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New microchannel device for protein separation and detection
Author(s): Yue Kuo; Hyun Ho Lee
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Future of DNA diagnostic testing
Author(s): Kurt E. Petersen
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Simulation of interfacial dynamics of time-dependent converging flows in microchannels
Author(s): R. D. Prabhu; Darren L. Hitt
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Experimental investigation of flow and heat transfer characteristics of R-134a in microchannels
Author(s): Hisham E. Hegab; Abdullahel Bari; Timothy A. Ameel
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Microfabrication and primary test of a dosing actuator driven by electrolysis
Author(s): Xuanxiong Zhang; Yuan Xu; Xujiang He; Francis Eng Hock Tay
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Development of surface micromachining technologies for microfluidics and bioMEMS
Author(s): Murat Okandan; Paul Galambos; Sita S. Mani; Jerome F. Jakubczak
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Modeling the electrostatic self-assembly (ESA) fabrication process using cellular automata
Author(s): William B. Spillman; Tingying Zeng; Richard O. Claus
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Sensing and actuating functionality of hybrid MEMS combining enhanced chemi-mechanical transduction with surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy
Author(s): Nickolay V. Lavrik; Chris A. Tipple; Panos G. Datskos; Michael J. Sepaniak
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Ceramic magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) micropump
Author(s): Daniel J. Sadler; Rajnish Changrani; Chia-Fu Chou; Daniel Zindel; Jeremy Burdon; Frederick Zenhausern
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Autonomous microdevices for phototherapy
Author(s): Vladimir P. Zharov; Sergey A. Naumov; Igor A. Khlusov
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Applications of ink-jet printing technology to BioMEMS and microfluidic systems
Author(s): Patrick W. Cooley; David B. Wallace; Bogdan V. Antohe
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Microfluidic study of the liquid transfer properties of reservoir pins for use in microarraying
Author(s): Jonathan Pearson; Stuart A. Elmes; David F. Moore
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Micro/nano spacecraft thermal control using a MEMS-based pumped liquid cooling system
Author(s): Gajanana C. Birur; Tricia Waniewski Sur; Anthony D. Paris; Partha Shakkottai; Amanda A. Green; Siina I. Haapanen
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Rapid fabrication of embossing tools for the production of polymeric microfluidic devices for bioanalytical applications
Author(s): Sean M. Ford; Andrew B. McCandless; Xuezhu Liu; Steven A. Soper
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High-speed electrostatic gas microvalve switching behavior
Author(s): Philippe Dubois; Benedikt Guldimann; Nico F. de Rooij
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Polymeric microfluidic device for separation of small molecules
Author(s): Jun Kameoka; Hongwei Zhong; Jack Henion; Harold G. Craighead
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Addressable electrodes microarray for biological analysis system
Author(s): Mihaela Ilie; Elena Cianci; Vittorio Foglietti; Antonio Minotti; Gianluca de Bellis; Giancarlo Caramenti
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Comparison of micromixer with conventional static mixer for use in fast compeititive reactions
Author(s): James Palmer; Lixiao Zeng; Roy Penney
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Microfluidic technology and polymer nanoimprinting
Author(s): Rafiqul Islam; Thomas Glinsner
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Continuous-flow submicroliter-scale PCR chip for DNA amplification
Author(s): Wei Zheng; Shaochen Chen
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Design and simulation of a vacuum micropump
Author(s): Zhenjiang Cui; Christos G. Takoudis
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