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Reliability, Testing, and Characterization of MEMS/MOEMS
Editor(s): Rajeshuni Ramesham

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Volume Number: 4558
Date Published: 2 October 2001

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MEMS reliability, characterization, and test
Author(s): Allyson L. Hartzell; David J. Woodilla
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Design for reliability of MEMS/MOEMS for lightwave telecommunications
Author(s): Susanne Arney; Vladimir A. Aksyuk; David J. Bishop; Cristian A. Bolle; Robert E. Frahm; Arman Gasparyan; C. Randy Giles; Suresh Goyal; Flavio Pardo; Herbert R. Shea; Michael T. Lin; Carolyn D. White
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Physical and reliability issues in MEMS microrelays with gold contacts
Author(s): Xavier Lafontan; Francis Pressecq; Guy Perez; Christian Dufaza; Jean Michel Karam
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Parametric yield enhancement of a microresonator using statistical optimazation tools
Author(s): Flavien Delauche; Bachar Affour; Christian Dufaza
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Thermally induced change in deformation of multimorph MEMS structures
Author(s): David C. Miller; Martin L. Dunn; Victor M. Bright
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Holographic rapid access system for onboard testing of MEMS in microgravity
Author(s): Valery Petrov
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Design and fabrication of MEMS-based micropropulsion devices at JPL
Author(s): Juergen Mueller; Eui-Hyeok Yang; Amanda A. Green; Victor White; Indrani Chakraborty; Robert H. Reinicke
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Reliable integration of piezoelectric lead zirconate titanate with MEMS fabrication processes
Author(s): Steven J. Gross; Qingqi Zhang; Srinivas Tadigadapa; Susan Trolier-McKinstry; Thomas N. Jackson; Frank T. Djuth
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Method for testing electrostatic discharge tolerance for fingerprint sensor LSI
Author(s): Yasuyuki Tanabe; Hideyuki Unno; Katsuyuki Machida; Norio Sato; Hiromu Ishii; Satoshi Shigematsu; Hiroki Morimura; Hakaru Kyuragi
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CNES reliability approach for the qualification of MEMS for space
Author(s): Francis Pressecq; Xavier Lafontan; Guy Perez; Jean-Pierre Fortea
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Reliability of self-assembled 3D microstructures: dynamic snap-through modeling and experimental validation
Author(s): Olivier Millet; Lionel Buchaillot; Emmanuel Quevy; Dominique Collard
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Stroboscopic interferometry for characterization and improvement of flexural plate-wave transducers
Author(s): Christian Rembe; Pamela Caton; Richard M. White; Richard S. Muller
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Detailed study of scratch drive actuator characteristics using high-speed imaging
Author(s): Lijie Li; James Gordon Brown; Deepak G. Uttamchandani
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Strength assessment of wafer-bonded micromechanical components using the micro-chevron test
Author(s): Matthias Petzold; Heiko Knoll; Joerg Bagdahn
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Nanoscale elastic imaging of micro-electro-mechanical system based micromirrors
Author(s): Bruce Altemus; Gajendra Shekhawat; Bai Xu; Robert E. Geer; James Castracane
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Conduction properties of microscopic gold contact surfaces
Author(s): Joseph Tringe; Warren G. Wilson; Jack E. Houston
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Fracture toughness and fatigue investigations of polycrystalline silicon
Author(s): Joerg Bagdahn; Jan Schischka; Matthias Petzold; William N. Sharpe
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Failure analysis of radio frequency (rf) micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS)
Author(s): Jeremy A. Walraven; Edward I. Cole; Lynn R. Sloan; Susan L. Hietala; Chris P. Tigges; Christopher W. Dyck
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Nondestructive acoustic microimaging (AMI) analysis of MEMS materials, manufacturing, and packaging
Author(s): Steven R. Martell; Janet E. Semmens; Lawrence W. Kessler
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High-speed 3D optical imaging and failure analysis of high- and low-frequency movements in micro-electro-mechanical (MEMS) with nanometer resolution
Author(s): W. Merlijn van Spengen; Ingrid De Wolf; Bob Puers
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Reliability of micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS)
Author(s): Srinivas Tadigadapa; Nader Najafi
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Printing systems for MEMS packaging
Author(s): Donald J. Hayes; Weldon Royall Cox; David B. Wallace
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Moisture and impurities detection and removal in packaged MEMS
Author(s): Stefano Tominetti; Anna Della Porta
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Packaging issues using FEA and experimental verification on a Si-based capacitive microrelay
Author(s): C. S. Premachandran; Xiaowu Zhang; T. C. Chai; Victor Samper; T. B. Lim
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Optimization of anodic bonding to MEMS with self-assembled monolayer (SAM) coatings
Author(s): Melissa V. Collins; Lauren E. S. Rohwer; Andrew D. Oliver; Matthew G. Hankins; Deidre A. Hirschfeld
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Parametric monitoring for the SUMMiT V surface-micromachining process
Author(s): Andrew D. Oliver; Danelle M. Tanner; Seethambal S. Mani; Scott E. Swanson; Karen S. Helgesen; Norman F. Smith
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Characterization of an inchworm actuator fabricated by polysilicon surface micromachining
Author(s): Maarten P. de Boer; David L. Luck; Jeremy A. Walraven; James M. Redmond
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Surface preparation for selective tungsten deposition on MEMS structures
Author(s): Paul J. Resnick; Seethambal S. Mani
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Whole wafer critical point drying of MEMS devices
Author(s): Paul J. Resnick; Peggy J. Clews
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Analysis and design of a capacitive accelerometer based on a electrostatically levitated microdisk
Author(s): Ruth P. Houlihan; Alena Kukharenka; Mircea Gindila; Michael Kraft
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Experimental microfluidics toolbox for MEMS characterization
Author(s): Steve T. Wereley; Carl D. Meinhart; Shannon Stone; Vince Hohreiter; Jacob Chung
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Characterization of MEMS mechanical properties using nanoscale techniques
Author(s): Nicholas X. Randall; Richard A. J. Soden
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