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Remote Sensing of the Ocean and Sea Ice 2001

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Volume Number: 4544
Date Published: 14 January 2002

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Relation between SLA and SST: coupled pattern analysis of the data collected during two years of Mediterranean forecasting system pilot project (MFSPP)
Author(s): Bruno Buongiorno Nardelli; Gilles Larnicol; Emma D'Acunzo; Rosalia Santoleri; Pierre-Yves Le Traon
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Results on SSH neural network forecasting in the Mediterranean Sea
Author(s): Michel Rixen; Jean-Marie Beckers; Alberto Alvarez; Joaquim Tintore
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SOFT project: a new forecasting system based on satellite data
Author(s): Ananda Pascual; A. Orfila; Alberto Alvarez; E. Hernandez; D. Gomis; Alexander Barth; Joaquim Tintore
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Development of a radar backscatter model for sea ice for operational applications
Author(s): Trevor Macklin; Clare J. Oddy; Peter Wadhams; Jane C. Penny; Chris Brownsword
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QuickScat-SeaWinds scatterometer observations of sea ice types around Greenland
Author(s): Rasmus Tage Tonboe
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Estimation of the Atlantic sea-level response to atmospheric pressure using ERS-2 altimeter data and a global ocean model
Author(s): Jesus Gomez-Enri; Pilar Villares; Miguel Bruno; Jerome Benveniste
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ENVISAT radar altimeter system
Author(s): Jerome Benveniste; Alberto Resti; Monica Roca; M. P. Milagro-Perez; Guido Levrini
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Operational ocean color approach with Vegetation/SPOT-4
Author(s): Bertrand Fougnie; Patrice J. Henry; Philippe Gaspar
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Detecting coral reef substrate types by airborne and spaceborne hyperspectral sensors
Author(s): Tiit Kutser; Arnold G. Dekker; William Skirving
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Algorithm for generating bathymetric chart from remote sensing data
Author(s): Khiruddin Abdullah; Mohammad Zubir Mat Jafri; Z. B. Din
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Comparison between analytical and Monte Carlo hyperspectral reflectance models for coastal remote sensing
Author(s): Charles R. Bostater; Manuel Gimond
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Comparison of SSM/I-derived meteorological surface fields to ship/buoy observations and model results in the Mediterranean Sea
Author(s): Francesco Bignami; Salvatore Marullo; Piero Lionello; Roberto Bozzano
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Evaluating offshore wind energy resource by spaceborne radar sensors: the use of advanced signal processing techniques
Author(s): Nicholas Fichaux; Thierry Ranchin
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Role of the objective functions in scatterometer wind field reconstruction
Author(s): Stefania Marsili; Maurizio Migliaccio; Maurizio Sarti
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Sea surface as seen at L-band microwaves: modeling and applications
Author(s): Nicolas Floury; Giovanni Toso
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Synergy of altimeter signal amplitude and phase information for evaluation of sea wave and atmospheric stratification conditions
Author(s): Artashes K. Arakelyan; Astghik K. Hambaryan
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Satellite observation of sharp frontal shear instabilities and surface jets in the Mediterranean Sea
Author(s): R. D'Archino; Ettore Salusti
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Barotropic and baroclinic currents in the Strait of Otranto (southern Adriatic Sea)
Author(s): Ettore Salusti; Roberta Serravall
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Backscattering of ultrashort laser pulse in turbid media
Author(s): Stanislav Narivonchik; Victor G. Bespalov
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Large-scale teleoperation approach to exploration of the Hudson submarine canyon
Author(s): Gregory A. Konesky
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Sensitivity analysis of the Florida Tech UTC-M mesoscale atmopsheric seabreeze model to estimates of water and land heating rates using AVHRR SST and coastal margin land temperatures
Author(s): Charles R. Bostater; Lisa H. Huddleston; Jerome King
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Optical characteristics of E. huxleyi in an axenic tank culture
Author(s): Tadakuni Miyazaki; Mary-Helene Noel; Masataka Watanabe
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Electrophysical parameters and statistical performances of the ocean and sea by passive methods
Author(s): Victor Manuel Velasco Herrera; Graciela Velasco Herrera; Roman Alvarez Bejar; Valerii Konstantinovich Volosyuk
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Improvements to a layered analytical irradiance model for application to coastal waters with depth-dependent water constituents, various bottom types, and variable water depths
Author(s): Charles R. Bostater; Lisa H. Huddleston; Mackenzie Tepel
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