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Hard X-Ray and Gamma-Ray Detector Physics III
Editor(s): Ralph B. James
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Volume Number: 4507
Date Published: 18 December 2001
Softcover: 32 papers (304) pages
ISBN: 9780819442215

Table of Contents
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Alpha particle response characterization of CdZnTe
Author(s): Mark S. Amman; Julie S. Lee; Paul N. Luke
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Surface treatments and their effects on the performance of Cd1-xZnxTe radiation detectors
Author(s): Yunlong Cui; G. Wright; K. Kolokolnikov; C. Barnett; K. Reed; U. N. Roy; Arnold Burger; Ralph B. James
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Effect of surfaces on the performance of CdZnTe detectors
Author(s): Thomas H. Prettyman; Frank P. Ameduri; Arnold Burger; J. C. Gregory; Mark A. Hoffbauer; P. R. Majerus; Daniel B. Reisenfeld; Stephen E. Soldner; Csaba Szeles
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High-energy characterization of two large-volume multielement CdZnTe detectors
Author(s): Calvin E. Moss; Michael C. Browne; Kiril D. Ianakiev; Thomas H. Prettyman
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Development of compound semiconductor arrays for x- and gamma-ray spectroscopy
Author(s): Alan Owens; Hans Andersson; Marcos Bavdaz; G. Brammertz; Christian Erd; Thomas Gagliardi; V. Gostillo; N. Haack; I. Lisjutin; Seppo Arvo Anter Nenonen; Anthony J. Peacock; Heikki Sipila; Ivor Taylor; Sergey Zatoloka
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Approaching cryogenic Ge performance with Peltier-cooled CdTe
Author(s): Abdurakhman Khusainov; Jan S. Iwanczyk; Bradley E. Patt; Alexandre M. Pirogov; Duc T. Vo; Phyllis A. Russo
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Semi-insulating CdZnTe with improved structural perfection for radiation detector applications
Author(s): Csaba Szeles; William C. Chalmers; Scott E. Cameron; Jean-Olivier Ndap; Mary Bliss; Kelvin G. Lynn
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Effect of twin boundaries on the spectroscopic performance of CdZnTe detectors
Author(s): Bradford H. Parker; Carl Michael Stahle; Don J. Roth; R. Sachidananda Babu; Jack Tueller
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Investigation of the electronic properties of cadmium zinc telluride surfaces using pulsed laser microwave cavity perturbation
Author(s): Gary C. Tepper; Royal Kessick; Csaba Szeles
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Growth of lead iodide platelets for room temperature x-ray detection by the vapor transport method
Author(s): Laura Fornaro; Edgardo Saucedo; Luis Mussio; Alvaro Gancharov
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Comparison between sublimation and evaporation as process for growing lead iodide polycrystalline films
Author(s): Laura Fornaro; Edgardo Saucedo; Luis Mussio; Alvaro Gancharov; Francisco E.G. Guimaraes; Antonio Carlos Hernandes
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Long-term spectral stability of HgI2 gamma-ray detectors
Author(s): Fred P. Vaccaro; Lodewijk Van den Berg; Laurel A. Szubart; Ronald D. Vigil; Raymond P. DeVito; Craig Johnson
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Transportable megapixel gamma camera
Author(s): Steven M. Ebstein
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Transmission-enhanced backscatter x-ray images
Author(s): Alex Chalmers
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Germanium orthogonal strip detector system for gamma-ray imaging
Author(s): Ethan L. Hull; Morgan Burks; Chris P. Cork; William W. Craig; Del Eckels; Lorenzo Fabris; Anthony D. Lavietes; Paul N. Luke; Norman W. Madden; Richard H. Pehl; Klaus Ziock
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Integrated front-end electronics in a detector compatible process: source-follower and charge-sensitive preamplifier configurations
Author(s): Lodovico Ratti; Massimo Manghisoni; Valerio Re; Valeria Speziali
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High-resolution x-ray spectroscopy using a large format GaAs array
Author(s): Didier D. E. Martin; Alan Owens; Christian Erd; S. Andersson; Anthony J. Peacock; Hans Andersson; V. Lamas; Seppo Arvo Anter Nenonen; N. Haack
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Combined gamma-ray and neutron detector for measuring the chemical composition of airless planetary bodies
Author(s): David J. Lawrence; Bruce L. Barraclough; William C. Feldman; Thomas H. Prettyman; Roger C. Wiens
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Tellurium antisites in CdZnTe
Author(s): Muren Chu; Sevag Terterian; David Ting; Ralph B. James; Jay Chris Erickson; H. Walter Yao; Terrance Thiem Lam; Marek Szawlowski; Richard W. Szczebiot
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Comparison of the spectrometric properties of two series of CdZnTe gamma radiation detectors
Author(s): Reinhard Berndt; Patricia Mortreau; Alexander Braun
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Detector performance crystallinity and impurity study of cadmium zinc telluride crystals grown from the melt
Author(s): Haim Hermon; Michael M. Schieber; M. Factor; Tuviah E. Schlesinger; Ralph B. James; H. Yoon; Mark S. Goorsky
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Phonon-mediated detectors of radiation: state of the art
Author(s): Andrea Giuliani
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Low-temperature high-Z gamma-detectors with very high energy resolution
Author(s): Carlos Pobes; Chiara Brofferio; Carlo Bucci; Oliviero Cremonesi; Ettore Fiorini; Andrea Giuliani; Angelo Nucciotti; Maura Pavan; Marisa Pedretti; Gianluigi Pessina; Stefano Pirro; Ezio Previtali; Monica Sisti; Marco Vanzini; Luigi Zanotti
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Identification of hidden fissile materials using high-pressure xenon gamma-ray detectors
Author(s): Sergey E. Ulin; Valery V. Dmitrenko; V. M. Grachev; D. V. Sokolov; Z. M. Uteshev; I. V. Chernysheva; K. F. Vlasik
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PELAN 2001: current status of the PELAN explosives detection system
Author(s): Phillip C. Womble; George Vourvopoulos; Ivan Novikov; Jonathon Paschal
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DT neutron generator as a source for a thermal neutron activation system for confirmatory land mine detection
Author(s): Dean S. Haslip; Thomas Cousins; H. Robert Andrews; Jing Chen; Edward T. H. Clifford; Harry Ing; John E. McFee
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Multichannel fast hard x-ray spectrometer with spatial resolution capability for extended z-pinch plasma sources
Author(s): Hank LeBeau; Dmitry A. Fedin; Victor L. Kantsyrev; Bruno S. Bauer; Sean Keely; A. Kessler; Wade Cline; Gene Newman
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Application of new five-channel x-ray/EUV spectrometer with an imaging transmission diffraction grating for study of z-pinch plasma sources
Author(s): Dmitry A. Fedin; Victor L. Kantsyrev; Bruno S. Bauer; Stephan Fuelling; Sean Keely; Hank LeBeau; Gene Newman; Wade Cline
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Comments on Ramo's theorem
Author(s): Louis-Andre Hamel; Manuel Julien
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Gamma-ray CdTe and CdZnTe detectors: investigations and applications in radiation control devices
Author(s): Dmytro V. Korbutyak; Sergiy G. Krylyuk; Yurii V. Kryuchenko; Igor Kupchak; Vitaliy K. Komar; Dmitriy Nalivaiko; Rostyslav Smuk; Yurii Storonskii
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Pure and deep-level doped semi-insulating CdTe
Author(s): Pavel Hoschl; Roman Grill; Jan Franc; Eduard Belas; Lyudmyla Turjanska; Ivan Turkevych; Klaus-Werner Benz; Michael Fiederle
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Evidence for dislocations or related defects present in CdTe and Cd1-xZnxTe crystals
Author(s): Salah A. Awadalla; Alan W. Hunt; Russell B. Tjossem; Kelvin G. Lynn; Csaba Szeles; Mary Bliss
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