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Applications of X Rays Generated from Lasers and Other Bright Sources II
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Volume Number: 4504
Date Published: 14 November 2001
Softcover: 30 papers (266) pages
ISBN: 9780819442185

Table of Contents
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Ultrafast x-ray absorption spectroscopy using laser-driven electron x-ray sources (LEXS)
Author(s): Guangjun Cheng; Fang Shan; Abhi Freyer; Ting Guo
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X-ray optics for study of ultrafast processes in crystalline samples
Author(s): Eckhart Foerster; Ingo Uschmann; O. Wehrhan; Andreas Morak; Thomas Feurer; Roland A. Sauerbrey; D. Boschetto; Antoine Rousse; Daniele Hulin
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High-resolution x-ray spectromicroscopy of fs laser-produced plasma by tunable high-luminosity spherical crystal spectrometers with x-ray CCD or MCP
Author(s): Tatiana A. Pikuz; Anatoly Ya. Faenov; A. I. Magunov; Igor Yu. Skobelev; F. Blasco; C. Stenz; Francois Salin; P. Monot; T. Auguste; Sandrine Dobosz; P. D' Oliveira; S. Hulin; Michel Bougeard
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Femtosecond solid-liquid phase transition studied with ultrafast x-ray diffraction
Author(s): S. Fourmaux; Antoine Rousse; Christian Rischel; Ingo Uschmann; Stephane Sebban; Philippe Balcou; G. Grillon; Eckhart Forster; Jean-Claude J. Gauthier; Daniele Hulin
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Ultrashort soft x-ray pulse-shape measurement using optical field ionization dynamics in noble gas
Author(s): Katsuya Oguri; Hidetoshi Nakano; Tadashi Nishikawa; Naoshi Uesugi
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Ultrafast x-ray absorption spectroscopy: observing the equilibrium structure and structural dynamics of solvated molecules
Author(s): Yan Jiang; Wei Li; Guohua Cao; Taewoo Lee; Gyanprakash Ketwaroo; Christoph G. Rose-Petruck
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Characterization of a broadband multi-keV laser plasma x-ray source for femtosecond time-resolved EXAFS
Author(s): Patrick Forget; Fabien Dorchies; Jean-Claude Kieffer; Csaba Toth; Andrea Cavalleri; Craig W. Siders; Jeffrey A. Squier; Olivier Peyrusse
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Laser light coupling physics in high-repetition-rate laser-plasma droplet-target x-ray point sources
Author(s): Christian K. Keyser; Robert Bernath; Martin C. Richardson
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Soft x-ray and EUV emission from cryogenic liquid jets irradiated with fs, ps, and ns laser pulses
Author(s): Marek Wieland; Manfred Faubel; Martin Schmidt; Ulrich Vogt; Thomas Wilhein
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Characterization and optimization of a laser-produced x-ray source with a double-stream gas puff target
Author(s): Henryk Fiedorowicz; Andrzej Bartnik; Roman Jarocki; Jerzy Kostecki; Jacek Krzywinski; Rafal Rakowski; Miroslaw Szczurek
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Krypton as filter for ions, debris, and useless radiation in EUV projection lithography systems
Author(s): Francesco Flora; Luca Mezi; Sarah Bollanti; Francesca Bonfigli; Paolo Di Lazzaro; Tommaso Letardi; Cheng En Zheng
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Compact high-average-power laser-plasma x-ray source by cryogenic target
Author(s): Takayasu Mochizuki; Atsushi Shimoura; Sho Amano; Shuji Miyamoto
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Subpicosecond dynamics of intense laser-cluster interaction: keV x rays and highly charged ion production
Author(s): Emily Lamour; Serge Dreuil; Jean-Claude J. Gauthier; Olivier Gobert; Pierre Meynadier; Didier Normand; Michel Perdrix; Catherine Prigent; J.M. Ramillon; Jean Pierre Rozet; Dominique Vernhet
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Absolute EUV yield of laser-irradiated Xe-clusters dependent on pulse width
Author(s): Peter Viktor Nickles; Matthias Schnuerer; Holger Stiel; Ulrich Vogt; Sarkis A. Ter-Avetisyan; Wolfgang Sandner
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Characterization of laser-induced EUV plasma sources
Author(s): Sebastian Kranzusch; Klaus R. Mann
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X-ray radiation properties of clusters heated by fs laser pulses
Author(s): Anatoly Ya. Faenov; Igor Yu. Skobelev; A. I. Magunov; Tatiana A. Pikuz; Joseph Abdallah; G. C. Junkel-Vives; F. Blasco; Fabien Dorchies; C. Stenz; Francois Salin; T. Auguste; Sandrine Dobosz; P. Monot; P. D' Oliveira; S. Hulin; A. Boldarev; V. A. Gasilov
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Multi-kilovolt x-ray conversion efficiencies
Author(s): Christina A. Back; John L. Davis; Jacob Grun; Otto L. Landen; Michael C. Miller; Larry J. Suter
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Intense XUV source of radiation within the 4- to 45-nm spectral range based on capillary discharge plasmas
Author(s): Alexander P. Shevelko; Larry V. Knight; R. Steven Turley; Oleg F. Yakushev
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Fast collisional capillary discharge source for soft x-ray production and applications
Author(s): Giuseppe Tomassetti; Libero Palladino; Antonio Ritucci; Lucia Reale; Tania Limongi; Sergei V. Kukhlevsky; Jozef Kaiser; Francesco Flora; Luca Mezi
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Novel x-ray tube with a line filament
Author(s): Sang Gon Lee; Jun Gyo Bak; Manfred Bitter; Richard More
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Scaling of x-ray K-shell sources from laser-solid interactions
Author(s): Jonathan Workman; George A. Kyrala
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X pinch: a source of 1- to 10-keV x rays
Author(s): Tatyana A. Shelkovenko; Sergey A. Pikuz; Daniel B. Sinars; Katherine M. Chandler; David A. Hammer
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High-resolution spectroscopy of a subpicosecond laser-produced lanthanum plasma
Author(s): Jean-Claude Kieffer; Patrick Forget; Pascal Gallant; Olivier Peyrusse
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X-ray spectra in the 12- to 60-keV energy range from plasmas produced by the OMEGA laser
Author(s): John F. Seely; Richard D. Deslattes; Lawrence T. Hudson; Glenn E. Holland; R. Atkin; David D. Meyerhofer; Christian Stoeckl
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Low timing-jitter pulsed hard x-ray photography by laser-plasma-triggered electron beam
Author(s): Takashi Iwamoto; Yuji Morihisa; Yuzo Nagumo; Shigeki Hayashi; Takashi Yagi; Kazumasa Honda; Isao Kojima
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Absolute x-ray calibration of laser-produced plasmas using a CCD linear array and a focusing crystal spectrometer
Author(s): Alexander P. Shevelko; Larry V. Knight; Quan Wang; Oleg F. Yakushev
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Experimental and theoretical studies of dual energy subtraction angiography (DESA) performed using laser-based x-ray source
Author(s): Andrzej Krol; Jean-Claude Kieffer; Zahia Ichalalene; Zhiming Jiang; Charles C. Chamberlain; Ernest M. Scalzetti
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Phase-contrast x-ray radiography using the X pinch radiation
Author(s): Sergey A. Pikuz; Tatyana A. Shelkovenko; Daniel B. Sinars; Katherine M. Chandler; David A. Hammer
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Novel portable high-luminosity monochromatically tunable x-ray microscope
Author(s): Francesco Flora; Sarah Bollanti; A. Lai; Paolo Di Lazzaro; Tommaso Letardi; Antonio Grilli; Libero Palladino; Giuseppe Tomassetti; Armando Reale; Lucia Reale; Anna Scafati; L. Baccehtta; Lucia Alianelli; Manuel Sanchez del Rio; Tatiana A. Pikuz; Anatoly Ya. Faenov
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Temporal and spectral dependence of samariuom x-ray emission in subpicosecond and nanosecond laser-produced plasmas
Author(s): Claude J. Chenais-Popovics; Patrick Audebert; M. Fajardo; Ronnie L. Shepherd; Olivier Peyrusse; Jean-Claude J. Gauthier
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