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High-Resolution Wavefront Control: Methods, Devices, and Applications III

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Volume Number: 4493
Date Published: 1 February 2002

Table of Contents
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Deformable mirror development at Stanford University
Author(s): Justin D. Mansell; Supriyo Sinha; Robert L. Byer
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Manufacturing of an optical-quality mirror system for adaptive optics
Author(s): Julie A. Perreault; Paul A. Bierden; Mark N. Horenstein; Thomas G. Bifano
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Technology for integrated spatial light modulators based on reflective membranes
Author(s): Serhat Sakarya; Gleb V. Vdovin; Pasqualina M. Sarro
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Characterization and control of a novel micromachined membrane mirror for adaptive wavefront control
Author(s): David Charles Dayton; Justin D. Mansell; John D. Gonglewski; Sergio R. Restaino
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Compact adaptive optical compensation systems using continuous silicon deformable mirrors
Author(s): Greg Reimann; Julie A. Perreault; Paul A. Bierden; Thomas G. Bifano
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New liquid crystal devices for adaptive optics
Author(s): Sergio R. Restaino; Jeffrey T. Baker; Don M. Payne
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Phase coding for holographic memory using a deformable membrane mirror
Author(s): Frederic Gonte; Rene Daendliker
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Deformable mirrors for high-power lasers
Author(s): Supriyo Sinha; Justin D. Mansell; Robert L. Byer
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Massive free-space optical 1xN fiber switch using an adaptive membrane mirror
Author(s): Frederic Gonte; Yves-Alain Peter; Hans Peter Herzig; Rene Daendliker
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Sub-millisecond phase contrast wavefront sensor based on an optically addressed ferroelectric liquid crystal spatial light modulator
Author(s): Leonid A. Bersnev; Mikhail A. Vorontsov; John W. Gowens
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Implementation of an adaptive Shack-Hartmann sensor using a phase-modulated liquid crystal spatial light modulator
Author(s): Jungtae Rha; Michael K. Giles
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Customized CMOS wavefront sensor
Author(s): Davies W. de Lima Monteiro; Gleb V. Vdovin; J. Gerardo Rocha; Ventzeslav P. Iordanov; Mikhail Yu. Loktev; Pasqualina M. Sarro
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Analysis of real-time modal reconstruction algorithms for adaptive optics system
Author(s): Xinyang Li; Wenhan Jiang
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Practical concerns for phase diversity implementation in wavefront sensing and image recovery
Author(s): Jean J. Dolne; Richard J. Tansey; K. A. Black; J. H. Deville; Philip R. Cunningham; Kenneth C. Widen; Jennifer L. Hill; Paul S. Idell
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Amplitude-phase distortions estimation by extrafocal images
Author(s): Yurij Petrovich Shumilov; Peter Alexseevich Bakut; Olga M. Ershova
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Influence of large-scale wavefront aberrations on performance of adaptive systems with optical feedback
Author(s): Pavel Ivanov; Alexander V. Koryabin; Victor I. Shmalhausen
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Control of line-addressable micromirror phase arrays using electromechanical bistability
Author(s): Harris J. Hall; Eric P. Magee; William D. Cowan
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Artificial turbulence generation alternatives for use in computer and laboratory experiments
Author(s): Alastair D. McAulay
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Pseudo-random phase plates
Author(s): Steven M. Ebstein
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Adaptive Optics correction of geometrical fluctuations of Virgo input laser beam: preliminary results
Author(s): S. Avino; Fabrizio Barone; Jeffrey T. Baker; Enrico Calloni; Rosario De Rosa; Luciano DiFiore; Leopoldo Milano; Sergio R. Restaino
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Adaptive aberration correction based on an opto-electronic Zernike wavefront sensor and the decoupled stochastic parallel gradient descent control technique
Author(s): Gary W. Carhart; Mikhail A. Vorontsov
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Closed-loop phase-contrast adaptive optics system using liquid crystal phase modulators: experimental results
Author(s): Michael K. Giles; Anthony J. Seward; Todd Giles
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Micro-electromechanical spatial light modulators with integrated electronics
Author(s): Steven Cornelissen; Thomas G. Bifano; Paul A. Bierden
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Adaptive system for eye-lens aberration correction based on stochastic parallel gradient descent optimization
Author(s): Matthew Banta; Mikhail A. Vorontsov; Michael A. DellaVecchia; Larry Donoso
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Use of accelerometers to reduce dynamic range requirements in an adaptive optics system
Author(s): Jeffrey T. Baker; Ty Martinez; Sergio R. Restaino; David V. Wick; Don M. Payne; Galen Gisler; Jeffrey Foster Friedman
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Membrane telescopes: useful in ground-based astronomy?
Author(s): James R. Rotge; Dan K. Marker; Brian J. Lutz; Dennis C. Duneman
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Net-shape polymer mirrors
Author(s): Dan K. Marker; Brian G. Patrick; James R. Rotge; Paul A. Gierow
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Computer-based telescope
Author(s): Sergei A. Dimakov; Boris V. Kislitsyn; Vladimir V. Lyubimov; Irina B. Orlova
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Dynamic holography for high-dynamic-range two-dimensional laser wavefront control
Author(s): Mark T. Gruneisen; Ty Martinez; Donald L. Lubin
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Phase OA LC SLMs for record of thin dynamic holographic correctors with diffraction efficiency over 50%
Author(s): Vladimir A. Berenberg; Aleksander N. Chaika; Nataliya L. Ivanova; Arkady P. Onokhov
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Analogous, completely optical scheme of record of blazed dynamic holograms
Author(s): Vladimir A. Berenberg; Vladimir Yu. Venediktov; Nikolay N. Rosanov; Victor E. Semenov
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Adaptive optical system based on bimorph mirror and Shack-Hartmann wavefront sensor
Author(s): Alexey L. Rukosuev; Alexander Alexandrov; Valentina Ye. Zavalova; Vadim V. Samarkin; Alexis V. Kudryashov
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Bimorph mirrors for powerful laser beam correction and formation
Author(s): Vadim V. Samarkin; Alexander Alexandrov; Alexis V. Kudryashov
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Shack-Hartmann wavefront sensor for laser beam analyses
Author(s): Valentina Ye. Zavalova; Alexis V. Kudryashov
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Low-cost M2-sensor for the adaptive optical system
Author(s): J. V. Sheldakova; Tatyana Yu. Cherezova; Alexis V. Kudryashov
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