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Ultraviolet Ground- and Space-based Measurements, Models, and Effects
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Volume Number: 4482
Date Published: 17 January 2002
Softcover: 50 papers (486) pages
ISBN: 9780819441966

Table of Contents
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Modeling and measurements of UV radiation in the atmosphere-ocean system: a review
Author(s): Knut H. Stamnes
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Effects of aerosol optical depth and single scattering albedo on surface UV irradiance
Author(s): Alkiviadis F. Bais; Andreas Kazantzidis; Stylianos Kazadzis; Dimitris S. Balis; Christos S. Zerefos; Chariclea Meleti
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USDA reference UV spectroradiometric network: Current performance and operational experience
Author(s): Lee Harrison; Jerry L. Berndt; Piotr W. Kiedron
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Comparisons between ground measurements of UV irradiance 290 to 380nm and TOMS UV estimates over Moscow for 1979-2000
Author(s): Nataly Ye. Chubarova; Alla Yu. Yurova; Nickolay A. Krotkov; Jay R. Herman; Pawan K. Bhartia
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Comparison of Brewer UV irradiance measurements with TOMS satellite retrievals
Author(s): Vitali E. Fioletov; James B. Kerr; David I. Wardle; Nickolay A. Krotkov; Jay R. Herman
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Comparisons of USDA UV shadow-band irradiance measurements with TOMS satellite and DISORT model retrievels under all sky conditions
Author(s): James R. Slusser; Nickolay A. Krotkov; Wei Gao; Jay R. Herman; Gordon Labow; Gwen Scott
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Comparisons of corrected daily integrated erythemal UVR from the U.S. EPA/UGA network of Brewer spectroradiometers with model and satellite data
Author(s): Jeff Sabburg; Michael G. Kimlin; John E. Rives; Richard Stephen Meltzer; Thomas E. Taylor; Gina Schmalzle; Sherry Zheng; Nancy Huang; Andrew R. Wilson; Petra M. Udelhofen
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Version 2 TOMS UV algorithm: problems and enhancements
Author(s): Nickolay A. Krotkov; Jay R. Herman; Pawan K. Bhartia; Colin J. Seftor; Antti Arola; Jussi Kaurola; Lasse Koskinen; S. Kalliskota; Petteri Taalas; Igor V. Geogdzhaev
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Applications of ultraviolet absolute radiometry in satellite and surface-based remote sensing of atmospheric ozone
Author(s): Donald F. Heath; Ziauddin Ahmad
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Empirical approach to converting spectral UV measurements to actinic flux data
Author(s): Ann Ruth Webb; Richard Kift; Stephan Thiel; Alkiviadis F. Bais; Mario Blumthaler; Arve Kylling; Rainer M. Schmitt; Gian-Paolo Gobbi
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Comparison of measured and modeled spectral ultraviolet irradiance at Antarctic stations used to determine biases in total ozone data from various sources
Author(s): Germar Bernhard; Charles Rockwell Booth; James C. Ehramjian
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Relationships between daily UV-A, UV-B, and hemispherical solar radiation
Author(s): Gene A. Zerlaut; Yukiharu Miyake
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Problems in assessment of the UV penetration into natural waters from space-based measurements
Author(s): Alexander Vassilkov; Jay R. Herman; Nickolay A. Krotkov; B. Greg Mitchell; Mati Kahru
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Effective surface albedo due to snow cover of the surrounding area
Author(s): Philipp Weihs; Jacqueline Lenoble; Mario Blumthaler; Gunther Seckmeyer; Rolf Philipona; Alain De la Casiniere; Claude Sergent; Timothy Martin; Julian Gruebner; Thierry Cabot; Dominique Masserot; Daniel A. Schmucki; Stana Simic; G. Rengarajan
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Estimating the UV diffuse fraction of solar radiation under partly cloudy skies
Author(s): Richard H. Grant; Wei Gao
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Synergetic use of NOAA/AVHRR and Meteosat cloud information for space-based UV measurements
Author(s): Ralf Meerkoetter; Luca Bugliaro
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Solar UV-B measured at the surface and inferred by satellite at a rural Texas site, 1994-2001
Author(s): Forrest Mims
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Effect of ambient temperature and internal relative humidity on spectral sensitivity of broadband UV detectors
Author(s): Martin Huber; Mario Blumthaler; Josef Schreder
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Determination of spectral irradiances from broadband instrument measurements
Author(s): Susana B. Diaz; Donald W. Nelson; Guillermo Deferrari; Carolina Camilion
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Long-term evaluation of UV-B irradiance in middle-latitude Japan in the 1990s
Author(s): Masako Sasaki; Shu Takeshita; Takehiko Oyanagi; Yukiharu Miyake; Toshibumi Sakata
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Measurements of aerosol optical depths in the UV-A: a comparison between a USDA Yankee Environmental Systems UV-multifilter rotating shadowband radiometer and an EPA Brewer spectrophotometer
Author(s): Jeral Garcia Estupinan; Michael H. Bergin; James R. Slusser; Richard Stephen Meltzer
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Effects of different types of contrails to the photolysis rates of J(O1D) and J(N02)
Author(s): Dimitris S. Balis; Christos S. Zerefos; Andreas Kazantzidis; Kostas Elefteratos; Chariclea Meleti; George Tselioudis
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UV radiation in the Alps: the altitude effect
Author(s): Daniel A. Schmucki; Rolf Philipona
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Satellite-derived UV maps over Europe: method and applications
Author(s): Jean Verdebout; Peter Vogt
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Specifications and performance of UV rotating shadowband spectroradiometer (UV-RSS)
Author(s): Piotr W. Kiedron; Lee Harrison; Jerry L. Berndt; Joseph J. Michalsky; Arthur F. Beaubien
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Worldwide forecast of the biologically effective UV radiation: UV index and daily dose
Author(s): Alois W. Schmalwieser; Guenther Schauberger; Michal Janouch; Manuel Nunez; Tapani Koskela; Daniel Berger; Gabriel Karamanian; Pavel Prosek; Kamil Laska
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Effect of aerosols on surface UV at Socorro, New Mexico: measurements based on global irradiances and a direct sun photometer
Author(s): Ken Minschwaner; Leah Varney; Virginia Starke
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Retrieval of investigated source spectrum for ultraviolet radiation measurements
Author(s): Natalia A. Semenova; Alexander D. Kupko; Leonid A. Nazarenko
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Urban tree influences on ultraviolet irradiance
Author(s): Gordon M. Heisler; Richard H. Grant; Wei Gao
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Experimental exposure of plankton suspensions to polychromatic ultraviolet radiation for determination of spectral weighting functions
Author(s): Patrick J. Neale; Jennifer J. Fritz
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Bacterial survival in turfgrass as predicted from the UV environment
Author(s): Elizabeth Walter-Shea; Gary Yuen; Kenneth Hubbard; Garald Horst
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Possibility of ozone depletion monitoring in conditions of opaque atmosphere using D-dosimeter
Author(s): Irina P. Terenetskaya
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Ultraviolet B, vitamin D, and their mechanisms in cancer prevention
Author(s): Cedric F. Garland; Frank C. Garland; Edward D. Gorham; Martin Lipkin; Harold Newmark; Joseph V. Raffa; Michael F. Holick
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Health benefits of solar UV-B radiation: cancer risk reduction
Author(s): William B. Grant
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Yield and yield formation of winter wheat in response to enhanced solar ultraviolet-B radiation
Author(s): Youfei Zheng; Wei Gao; James R. Slusser; Richard H. Grant; Chuanhai Wang
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Comparisons of spore dosimetry and spectral photometry for measurement of biologically effective doses of solar UV radiation
Author(s): Nobuo Munakata; David Bolsee; Didier Gillotay; Stylianos Kazadzis; Alkiviadis F. Bais; Kazuo Makita; Lucia Boeira; Nelson J. Schuch
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Effects of UV-B radiation on phenolic composition and deposition patterns and leaf physiology in three Eastern tree species
Author(s): Joseph H. Sullivan; Dennis C. Gitz; Michael S. Peek; Andrew J. McElrone
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Relationship between UV-B radiation of the sun and the light trapping of the European Corn Borer (Ostrinia Nubilalis Hbn.)
Author(s): Janos Puskas; Laszlo Nowinszky; Csaba Karossy; Zoltan Toth; Peter Nemeth; Eva Nagy
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Methodology for comprehensive evaluation of UV-B tolerance in trees
Author(s): Yadong Qi; Shuju Bai; Thomas G. Vogelmann; Gordon M. Heisler; Jianhua Qin
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Impact of enhanced ultraviolet-B irradiance on cotton yield and qualities
Author(s): Wei Gao; Youfei Zheng; James R. Slusser; Gordon M. Heisler
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Characterization of broadband UV-B radiometers using a CCD spectrometer
Author(s): Mark C. Beaubien; Arthur F. Beaubien; James C. Hemingway
Modeling ultraviolet-B radiation in a maize canopy
Author(s): Wei Gao; Richard H. Grant; Gordon M. Heisler; James R. Slusser
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Comparisons of UV synthetic spectra retrieved from the USDA UV multifilter rotating shadowband radiometer with collocated USDA reference UV spectroradiometer and NIWA UV spectroradiometer
Author(s): Wei Gao; James R. Slusser; Lee Harrison; Patrick Disterhoft; Qilong Min; Becky Olson; Kathleen O. Lantz; Bill Davis
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Cloud spectral transmittance in the UV and visible at Ushuaia (54 degrees 49 minutes S, 68 degrees 19 minutes W)
Author(s): Susana B. Diaz; Paula Vigliarolo; Carolina Vera; Guillermo Deferrari
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Comparison of different methods for the determination of the average UV albedo in a mountainous terrain
Author(s): Philipp Weihs; Stana Simic; G. Rengarajan; Wolfgang Laube; W. Mikielewicz
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Total ozone content as input parameter for the prediction of the biologically effective UV radiation: analysis of the temporal and spatial variability over Austria
Author(s): Alois W. Schmalwieser; Guenther Schauberger; Stana Simic; Philipp Weihs; Michal Janouch; Karel Vanicek
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Intercomparison of UV-B radiometer
Author(s): Shu Takeshita; Yukiharu Miyake; Masamitsu Ichihashi; Masako Sasaki
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UV-B over Canada measured by Brewer spectrophotometers and estimated from ozone and pyranometer observations
Author(s): Vitali E. Fioletov; L. J. Bruce McArthur; James B. Kerr; David I. Wardle
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Calculating solar ultraviolet radiation by computational models in Nanjing region
Author(s): Youfei Zheng; Wei Gao; Guangyu Shi
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Investigation on a low-ozone episode at the end of November 2000 and its effect on ultraviolet radiation
Author(s): Alessandro Galliani; Anna Maria Siani; Giuseppe Rocco Casale
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