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Astronomical Data Analysis
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Volume Number: 4477
Date Published: 1 November 2001
Softcover: 32 papers (326) pages
ISBN: 9780819441911

Table of Contents
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Panchromatic mining for quasars: an NVO keystone science application
Author(s): Robert J. Brunner
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Using data mining to find bent-double radio galaxies in the FIRST survey
Author(s): Chandrika Kamath; Erick Cantu-Paz; Imola K. Fodor; Nu Ai Tang
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Capabilities of the NASA/IPAC extragalactic database in the era of a global virtual observatory
Author(s): Joseph M. Mazzarella; Barry F. Madore; George Helou
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Data mining for multiwavelength cross-referencing
Author(s): Bruno Voisin; Jose Donas
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Exploration of parameter spaces in a virtual observatory
Author(s): S. George Djorgovski; Ashish Mahabal; Robert J. Brunner; Roy E. Williams; R. Granat; David Curkendall; Joseph C. Jacob; Paul Stolorz
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Extraction of catalogs from astronomical images
Author(s): Roberto Tagliaferri; Giuseppe Longo; Gerardo Iovane
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Advanced data mining tools for exploring large astronomical databases
Author(s): Giuseppe Longo; Roberto Tagliaferri; Salvatore Sessa; Patricio F. Ortiz; Massimo Capaccioli; A. Ciaramella; Ciro Donalek; Giancarlo Raiconi; A. Staiano; Alfredo Volpicelli
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Sherpa: a mission-independent data analysis application
Author(s): Peter Freeman; Stephen Doe; Aneta Siemiginowska
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Bayesian bootstrap filtering for the satellite attitude determination using a star sensor
Author(s): Sangwoo Cho; Joohwan Chun
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Pattern recognition techniques and the measurement of solar magnetic fields
Author(s): Arturo Lopez Ariste; David E. Rees; Hector Socas-Navarro; Bruce W. Lites
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Adaptive image enhancement in the presence of aperture phase errors using genetic algorithms
Author(s): Peter A. Fridman
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Estimating the instantaneous power spectrum of an x-ray binary system
Author(s): Lorenzo Galleani; Leon Cohen; Douglas J. Nelson; Jeffrey D. Scargle
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Astronomical image decomposition using wavelets, ridgelets, and curvelets: the combined transforms method
Author(s): Jean-Luc Starck
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Information integration and retrieval: the CDS hub
Author(s): Francois Genova; Francois Bonnarel; Pascal Dubois; Daniel Egret; Pierre Fernique; Gerard Jasniewicz; Soizick Lesteven; Francois Ochsenbein; Marc Wenger
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On-demand delivery of large compressed images in astronomy: computational requirements
Author(s): Fionn D. Murtagh; Mireille Louys; Jean-Luc Starck; Francois Bonnarel; Mohsen M. Farid
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Topic maps as a virtual observatory tool
Author(s): Ashish Mahabal; S. George Djorgovski; Robert J. Brunner; Roy E. Williams
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CCA performance of a new source list/EZW hybrid compression algorithm
Author(s): A. Kris Huber; Scott E. Budge; Todd K. Moon; Gail E. Bingham
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Evolution of Urania into the AVO
Author(s): Michael J. Kurtz; Guenther Eichhorn
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Building the infrastructure for the virtual observatory
Author(s): Robert James Hanisch
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Linking science analysis with observation planning: a full circle data lifecycle
Author(s): Sandy Grosvenor; Jeremy E. Jones; Anuradha Koratkar; Connie Li; Jennifer Mackey; Ken Neher; Karl R. Wolf
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Code sharing and collaboration: experiences from the Scientist's Expert Assistant project and their relevance to the virtual observatory
Author(s): Anuradha Koratkar; Sandy Grosvenor; Jeremy E. Jones; Connie Li; Jennifer Mackey; Ken Neher; Karl R. Wolf
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Interoperability tools for the Virtual Observatory
Author(s): Daniel Egret; Francois Genova
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Data flow system for the very large telescope interferometer
Author(s): Pascal Ballester; Alberto Maurizio Chavan; Bill Cotton; Vincent Coude du Foresto; Andreas Glindemann; Carlos Guirao; Walter Jaffe; Pierre Kervella; Antonio Longinotti; Isabelle Percheron; Michele Peron; Than Phan Duc; Benoit Pirenne; Peter J. Quinn; Andrea Richichi; Markus Schoeller; Andreas J. Wicenec; Rainer Wilhelm; Markus Wittkowski; Stefano Zampieri
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Data analysis with the Chandra data model library
Author(s): Jonathan McDowell
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New tools and methods to browse HST images and spectra
Author(s): Markus Dolensky; Alberto Micol; Francesco Pierfederici; Benoit Pirenne
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Querator: an advanced multi-archive data mining tool
Author(s): Francesco Pierfederici
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Analysis of the Chandra x-ray observatory aspect camera PSF and its application to post-facto pointing aspect determination
Author(s): David Morris; Thomas L. Aldcroft; Robert A. Cameron; Mark L. Cresitello-Dittmar; Margarita Karovska
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Highly accurate photometric equalization of long sequences of coronal images
Author(s): Antoine Llebaria; Arnaud Thernisien
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Data fusion and photometric restoration
Author(s): Norbert Pirzkal; Richard N. Hook
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Source detection for the ISOCAM parallel survey
Author(s): Stephan Ott; Jean-Luc Starck; N. Schartel; Ralf Siebenmorgen; T. Vo; H. Aussel; Etienne Bertin
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Cross-matching DENIS and 2MASS point sources toward the Magellanic Clouds
Author(s): Nausicaa Delmotte; Daniel Egret; Cecile Loup; Maria-Rosa Cioni
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Astrogrid and data mining
Author(s): Clive Page
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