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Optical Metrology Roadmap for the Semiconductor, Optical, and Data Storage Industries II

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Volume Number: 4449
Date Published: 10 December 2001

Table of Contents
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Present and future industrial metrology needs for qualification of high-quality optical microlithography materials
Author(s): Axel Engel; Ewald Moersen; A. Jordanov; Konrad Knapp
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Measurement of absorptance of optical coatings for F2 lithography
Author(s): Chidane Ouchi; Masanobu Hasegawa; Akira Matsumoto; Kazuho Sone
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Measuring small absorption losses of laser pulses in fused silica by a pump and probe technique
Author(s): Christian Muehlig; Siegfried Kufert; Sylvia Bark-Zollmann; Wolfgang Triebel
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Measurement of total integrated scatter of optical coatings for 157-nm lithography
Author(s): Tadahiko Saito; Jun Saito; Etsuro Nakamura; Tatsunobu Kudo; Masanao Kagaya; Tetsuo Takahashi
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Combined metrology including VUV spectroscopic ellipsometer and grazing x-ray reflectance for precise characterization of thin films and multilayers at 157 nm
Author(s): Pierre Boher; Patrick Evrard; Jean-Philippe Piel; Jean-Louis P. Stehle
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Recent developments in spectroscopic ellipsometry for in-situ applications
Author(s): Blaine D. Johs; Jeff Hale; Natale Joseph Ianno; Craig M. Herzinger; Thomas E. Tiwald; John A. Woollam
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Infrared spectroscopic ellipsometry for nondestructive characterization of free-carrier and crystal-structure properties of group-III-nitride semiconductor device heterostructures
Author(s): Mathias Schubert; Alexander Kasic; Stephan Figge; Marc Diesselberg; Sven Einfeldt; Detlef Hommel; Ulrich Koehler; Donat Josef As; Juergen Off; Bertram Kuhn; Ferdinand Scholz; John A. Woollam; Craig M. Herzinger
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IR spectroscopic ellipsometry for industrial characterization of semiconductors
Author(s): Pierre Boher; Marc Bucchia; Jean-Philippe Piel; Christophe Defranoux; Jean-Louis P. Stehle; Christopher Pickering
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Feasibility and applicability of integrated metrology using spectroscopic ellipsometry in a cluster tool
Author(s): Pierre Boher; Jean-Philippe Piel; Jean-Louis P. Stehle; Christopher Pickering; Alexandre Tarnowka
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Standardization of the measurement of laser-induced damage threshold and material absorption
Author(s): Roger M. Wood
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How to measure sub-ppm optical homogeneity in fused silica: impact of temperature on accuracy and reproducibility
Author(s): Doerte Schoenfeld; Bodo Kuehn; Armin Steinert; Ralf Takke
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Automated high-accuracy measuring system for specular microreflectivity
Author(s): Ruediger Grunwald; Stefan Nerreter; Jens Wolfgang Tomm; Sandy Schwirzke-Schaaf; Fabian Doerfel
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Measurement of the elastic constants of nanometric films
Author(s): Marco Giuseppe Beghi; Carlo E. Bottani; Andrea Li Bassi; Brian K. Tanner; Andrea C. Ferrari; K. B. K. Teo; J. Robertson
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Use of light scatter signals to identify particle material
Author(s): John C. Stover; Vladimir I. Ivakhnenko; Yuri A. Eremin
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Effects of particle shape on particle identification and scatter predictions
Author(s): Vladimir I. Ivakhnenko; John C. Stover; Craig A. Scheer; Yuri A. Eremin
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Accurate sizing of deposited PSL spheres from light scatter measurements
Author(s): John C. Stover; Craig A. Scheer
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Measuring the scatter distribution of PSL spheres on Si wafers using a fast calibrated CMOS photodetector array
Author(s): Thomas Rinder; Hendrik Rothe
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Interferometric metrology of wafer nanotopography for advanced CMOS process integration
Author(s): John Francis Valley; Chris L. Koliopoulos; Shouhong Tang
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Rapid Confocal Sensor: a noncontact profilometer for fast 3D submicron inspection and metrology of large formats
Author(s): David Vaughnn; Cory Watkins; Dick Anderson
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Quasi-confocal extended field surface sensing
Author(s): Joseph Cohen-Sabban; Jerome Gaillard-Groleas; Pierre-Jean Crepin
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Advantages of a new subnanometer aspheric profiling technique with respect to the unique requirements of EUV lithography mirrors
Author(s): Paul E. Glenn
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Measurement of steep aspheres: a step forward to nanometer accuracy
Author(s): Ingolf Weingaertner; Michael Schulz; Peter Thomsen-Schmidt; Clemens Elster
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Versatile optical system for static and dynamic thermo-magnetic recording using a scanning laser microscope
Author(s): Warwick W. Clegg; David F. L. Jenkins; Na Helian; James Windmill; Robert Windmill
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Recommendations for the metrological calibration of SPMs: a survey on the European SPMet network project
Author(s): Hendrik Rothe; Guenther Wilkening; Dorothee Hueser
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AFM tip calibration using nanometer-sized structures induced by ion beam sputtering
Author(s): Frank Frost; Dietmar Hirsch; Axel Schindler; Bernd Rauschenbach
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Diffractive solid immersion lenses: characterization and manufacturing
Author(s): Robert Brunner; Joerg Bischoff; Klaus Rudolf; Margit Ferstl
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Rapid x-ray reflectivity (XRR) characterization and process monitoring of multilayer Ta/Al2O3/Ta/SiO2/Si
Author(s): JingMin Leng; Jon L. Opsal
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X-ray study of surfaces and interfaces
Author(s): Victor E. Asadchikov; Inna N. Bukreeva; Angela Duparre; Igor V. Kozhevnikov; Yury S. Krivonosov; Christian Morawe; Mikhail V. Pyatakhin; Joerg Steinert; Alexander V. Vinogradov; Eric Ziegler
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Stitching interferometry of aspherical surfaces
Author(s): Thomas Haensel; Andreas Nickel; Axel Schindler
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Microstructure of thin films: correlation with laser damage threshold
Author(s): Jerzy Ciosek; Wojciech Paszkowicz; Piotr Pankowski; Jerzy B. Pelka; Lech T. Baczewski; Jan Marczak; Roman Ostrowski
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Polarized light scattering from metallic particles on silicon wafers
Author(s): Jung Hyeun Kim; Sheryl H. Ehrman; George W. Mulholland; Thomas A. Germer
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