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Optical Diagnostics for Fluids, Solids, and Combustion
Editor(s): Carolyn R. Mercer; Soyoung Stephen Cha; Gongxin Shen
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Volume Number: 4448
Date Published: 26 November 2001
Softcover: 44 papers (420) pages
ISBN: 9780819441621

Table of Contents
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Flame structure studies of burner-stabilized N2O- and NO2-containing flames by mass spectrometry,laser-induced fluorescence, and modeling
Author(s): Rosario C. Sausa; Demetris T. Venizelos
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Modeling of spectral emission images from fully 3D gaseous combustion plumes
Author(s): John A. Conant
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Temporally and spatially resolved diagnostics of nonstationary flames using a kHz disk laser: an intermediate report
Author(s): Dieter Grebner; Dirk Mueller; Wolfgang Triebel; Jens Koenig
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LED-induced fluorescence diagnostics for turbine and combustion engine thermometry
Author(s): Stephen W. Allison; David L. Beshears; Michael R. Cates; M. Paranthaman; George T. Gilles
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Feasibility of cavity ringdown spectroscopy for measuring diesel exhaust
Author(s): Toshiyuki Hasegawa; Patrick V. Farrell
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Direct observation detonator operation
Author(s): Charles Rodger Hall
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Temperature measurements in steady axisymmetric partially premixed flames using rainbow Schlieren deflectometry
Author(s): Xudong Xiao; Ishwar K. Puri
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Microdiagnostics using integrated optics
Author(s): Colleen Mary Fitzpatrick; Anthony E. Smart; Mohammed Abid
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Measurement of velocity gradients in boundary layers by a spatially resolving laser Doppler sensor
Author(s): Juergen W. Czarske; Lars Buettner; Thorsten Razik; Herbert Welling
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In-line fiber optic laser Doppler velocimetry
Author(s): Edmon Chehura; Chen-Chun Ye; Ralph P. Tatam
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Optical fiber strain gauge using a mirror with a pinhole
Author(s): Toru Yoshizawa; Hiroshi Takase; Masayuki Yamamoto; Yukitoshi Otani
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Projection moire interferometry measurements of micro air vehicle wings
Author(s): Gary A. Fleming; Scott M. Bartram; Martin R. Waszak; Luther N. Jenkins
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Phase-shifting AFM moire method
Author(s): Anand Krishna Asundi; Huimin Xie; Jin Yu; Zhaowei Zhong
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Dynamic digital speckle interferometry applied to optical diagnosis of gas-liquid phase change
Author(s): Yaozu Song; Hongling Zhang; Wei Zhang; Tianfeng Jiao
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Development of an intelligent videogrammetric wind tunnel measurement system
Author(s): Sharon S. Graves; Alpheus W. Burner
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Multi-axis interferometer system for vibration measurement with oblique angles
Author(s): Matthew Vellone; Lisa M. R. Hardaway; Jason D. Hinkle; Lee D. Peterson
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Full surface strain measurement using shearography
Author(s): Roger M. Groves; Stephen W. James; Ralph P. Tatam
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Ultrasonic imaging of subsurface objects using photorefractive dynamic holography
Author(s): Vance A. Deason; Kenneth L. Telschow; Scott M. Watson
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Paper surface diffraction to characterize the fiber orientation distribution
Author(s): Mario Pereira; Jose Teixeira; Paulo Torrao Fiadeiro; Jacques Silvy
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Measurement of both sample width and differential refractive index through spectrally resolved white light interferometry
Author(s): Carmen Sainz; Jose E. Calatroni; Rafael A. Escalona Z.
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Multipoint diffraction interferometry for 3D profilometry
Author(s): Seung-Woo Kim; Byoung-Chang Kim
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Computer simulation of aero-optic phenomena based on empirical data
Author(s): David C. Weber; James D. Trolinger; William C. Rose
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Stereoscopic tracking velocimetry based on neural networks for particle tracking
Author(s): Yi Ge; David Lee; Soyoung Stephen Cha; Dong-Jin Cha
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Optimization of training sets for neural-net processing of characteristic patterns from vibrating solids
Author(s): Arthur J. Decker
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Estimation of moving heat sources with a three-dimensional unsteady inverse method
Author(s): David Nortershauser; Pierre Millan
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Simple approach to CCD camera calibration for optical diagnostics instrumentation
Author(s): Soyoung Stephen Cha; Fred W. Leslie; Narayanan Ramachandran
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New achievement in PIV image processing system
Author(s): Guoqiang Deng; Shou-ping Dong; Tongqing Wang
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Strain contouring using Gabor filters
Author(s): Anand Krishna Asundi; Jun Wang
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Acousto-optic frequency switching for single-camera planar Doppler velocimetry
Author(s): Helen D. Ford; David S. Nobes; Ralph P. Tatam
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Instantaneous two-camera three-dimensional planar Doppler velocimetry using imaging fiber bundles
Author(s): David S. Nobes; Helen D. Ford; Ralph P. Tatam
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Optical tomography realized by optical fiber sensors
Author(s): Chunsheng Yan; Shurong Lai; Yanbiao Liao
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Density field measurement of thermal convection by digital laser speckle photography
Author(s): Masaaki Kawahashi; Hiroyuki Hirahara; Munetaka Ichikawa
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Analysis of Spacelab-III reconstructed wavefronts by nonholographic methods
Author(s): Chandra S. Vikram; William K. Witherow
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New developments in digital electronic flow diagnostics
Author(s): Chris Anderson; James D. Trolinger
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Internal flow measurement in transonic compressor by PIV technique
Author(s): Tongqing Wang; Huaiyu Wu; Yin Liu
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Optical tomography for two-phase flow measurement
Author(s): Nan Zeng; Shurong Lai; Yanbiao Liao
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DPIV measurements using pre-bias method for flow field velocity uniformity in a water tunnel
Author(s): Gongxin Shen; Zhan Huang; Runjie Wei; Hui Guo
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DPIV and interferometry technique for velocity field and concentration field measurement in crystal growth
Author(s): Qi Kang; Li Duan
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Capillary convection in protein crystal growth
Author(s): Li Duan; Qi Kang
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Theory of measurement of an object in-plane velocity by means of a speckle decorrelation
Author(s): Miroslav Hrabovsky; Pavel Horvath; Zdenek Baca; Petr Smid; Ladislav Soukup
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Singularities of interferometric pictures in gas flow diagnostics
Author(s): Igor Victorovic Ershov; Yuriy D. Babichev
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Visualization of stress distribution in solid by mechanoluminescence
Author(s): Chao-Nan Xu; Yun Liu; Morito Akiyama; Kazuhiro Nonaka; Xu-Guang Zheng
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Overview of laser velocimetry techniques developed at ONERA
Author(s): Alain Boutier
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Processing droplet temperature measurement data obtained with rainbow thermometry
Author(s): J. P.A.J. van Beeck; M. L. Riethmuller; Gerard Lavergne; Y. Biscos; A. Atthasit
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