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In-Line Characterization, Yield, Reliability, and Failure Analysis in Microelectronic Manufacturing II
Editor(s): Gudrun Kissinger; Larg H. Weiland

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Volume Number: 4406
Date Published: 23 April 2001

Table of Contents
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Failure analysis concepts for microelectronics technologies and manufacturing of the future
Author(s): Christian Boit; Rainer Weiland; A. Olbrich; U. Muehle; B. Simmnacher
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Observation of titanium-silicide via backside etching
Author(s): E. M. Fleuren; Xiao-Mei Zhang
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In-line failure analysis on productive wafers with dual-beam SEM/FIB systems
Author(s): Rainer Weiland; Christian Boit; Nick Dawes; Andreas Dziesiaty; Ernst Demm; Bernd Ebersberger; Lothar Frey; Stefan Geyer; Alexander Hirsch; Christoph Lehrer; Peter Meis; Matthias Kamolz; Henri Lezec; Hans Rettenmaier; Wolfgang Tittes; Rolf Treichler; Harald Zimmermann
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Failure analysis of advanced packaging technologies using scanning acoustic microscopy
Author(s): John J. Barton; Anthony Compagno; Cian O'Mathuna
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Planarization wrinkle in CIS color filter process
Author(s): Chih-Kung Chang; Yu-Kung Hsiao; Shang-Yung Yang; Kuo-Liang Lu
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In-line and nondestructive analysis of selectively grown epitaxial Si1-xGex and Si/ Si1-xGex layers by spectroscopic ellipsometery and comparison with other established techniques
Author(s): Roger Loo; Matty Caymax; Guillaume Blavier; Stephanie Kremer
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In-line inspection method with AIT-II and ADC
Author(s): Kathleen Terryll; Carlos Mateos
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In-line monitoring of process-induced damage through chemical contamination in microelectronic manufacturing
Author(s): Dumitru Gh. Ulieru
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Wire-ball-bonding process evaluatiuon by using focused ion beam bondball characterization
Author(s): Peter J. Jacob; Guenter Grossmann; Andreas Schertel; Uwe Thiemann
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Microlaminography for high-resolution BGA and flip-chip inspection
Author(s): Alexander Sasov
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Adapted time power profile for laser beam soldering with solder paste
Author(s): Luedger Bosse; Arnold Gillner; Reinhart Poprawe
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Recent advances in endpoint and in-line monitoring techniques for chemical-mechanical polishing processes
Author(s): David J. Stein; Dale L. Hetherington
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Process-induced threshold voltage fluctuations on SOI fully depleted technology
Author(s): Olivier Potavin; Abdelaziz Ahaitouf
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Wafer-level stress data successfully used as early burn-in predictor
Author(s): Ana Sacedon; Miguel Alonso Merino; Victorino Martin Santamaria; Jesus Inarrea; Francisco J. Sanchez-Vicente; Jesus de la Hoz; Jose Angel Ayucar; Isabel Menendez-Moran; Alvaro Riloba; Carlos Mata; Miguel Recio
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Novel technique for reliability testing of silicon integrated circuits
Author(s): Phuong LeMinh; H. Wallinga; P. H. Woerlee; Albert van den Berg; J. Holleman
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Control and reduction of post-metal etch corrosion effects due to airborne molecular contamination
Author(s): Carmen Morilla; Pilar Prieto; Francisco Barbado
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Increasing etch uniformity using in-line endpoint systems on complex spacer technology
Author(s): Danielle K. Kempa; Sandra L. Hyland
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Methodology of a short-loop yield analysis for defect impact studies
Author(s): Andrew Skumanich; Elmira Ryabova
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Mechanism and annihilation of shallow-trench-isolation-enhanced poly-mask-edge N+/P-well junction leakage
Author(s): Kelvin Yih-Yuh Doong; Sheng-che Lin; Sunnys Hsieh; Binson Shen; Yu-Hao Yang; Peter Chen; Charles Ching-Hsiang Hsu
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Localization of defects using checkerboard test structures
Author(s): Sven-Olaf Schellenberg
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In-line reaction based on predictive yield-loss analysis
Author(s): Miguel Recio; Miguel Alonso Merino; Alfredo Garcia; Sergio Cruceta
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In-line defect to final test bitmap correlations: a Bayesian approach
Author(s): Mark A. Spinelli; K. Preston White
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Web-based procedure to speed up reaction to in-line inspection alarms
Author(s): Rosa Fernandez Castro; Alfonso Lorenzo; Fernando Urgel; Carlos Mata
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Large polysilicon grain defects in gate deposition due to prior contamination
Author(s): Kathleen Terryll; Miguel Angel Garcia; Pablo S. Dominguez
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New novel method for solving ASML alignment fail (model error) in color filter process
Author(s): Fu-Tien Weng; Chung-Sheng Hsiung; Yu-Kung Hsiao; Sheng-Liang Pang; Kuo-Liang Lu
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Thermoradiation modification of characteristics of silicon diffusion diodes
Author(s): Shermakhmat Makhkamov; Nigmatilla A. Tursunov; Maripjon Ashurov; Zokirkhon M. Khakimov
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Photo-induced effects in the glass-ITO system
Author(s): Jadwiga Olesik
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Control of organic contamination in CMOS manufacturing
Author(s): Juergen H. Buegler; J. Frickinger; G. Zielonka; Lothar Pfitzner; Heiner Ryssel; M. Schottler
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Integrated metrology: an enabler for advanced process control (APC)
Author(s): Claus Schneider; Lothar Pfitzner; Heiner Ryssel
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