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Component and Systems Diagnostics, Prognosis, and Health Management

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Volume Number: 4389
Date Published: 20 July 2001

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Intelligent approach to prognostic enhancements of diagnostic systems
Author(s): George Vachtsevanos; Peng Wang; Noppadon Khiripet; Ash Thakker; Thomas R. Galie
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Procedure for tracking damage evolution and predicting remaining useful life with application to an electromechanical experiment system
Author(s): David Chelidze; Joseph P. Cusumano; Anindya Chatterjee
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Statistical approach to prognostics
Author(s): Ethan Phelps; Peter K. Willett; Thiagalingam Kirubarajan
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Autonomous diagnostics and prognostics of signal and data distribution systems
Author(s): Kenneth G. Blemel
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Remote diagnosis tool via Internet
Author(s): Roger Xu; Jinli Chen; Chi-Man Kwan
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Visualizing failure effects in complex human-machine systems
Author(s): Jana M. Price; Amit Mathur; Rebecca M. Morley; Richard C. Scalzo
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Remote diagnosis of the International Space Station utilizing telemetry data
Author(s): Somnath Deb; Chuck Domagala; Sudipto Ghoshal; Ann Patterson-Hine; Richard Alena
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Recording and storing of electrical signals for diagnostics purposes
Author(s): Volodymyr I. Ponomaryov; Leonardo Badillo; W. Fonseca; Cristina Juarez; J. Luis Sanchez; J. Vega
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Capacity and reliability analyses with applications to power quality
Author(s): Mohammad Azam; Fang Tu; Yuri Shlapak; Thiagalingam Kirubarajan; Krishna R. Pattipati; Rajaiah Karanam
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System diagnosability analysis using model-based diagnosis tools
Author(s): Gregory Provan
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Neural-networks-based sensor validation and recovery methodology for advanced aircraft engines
Author(s): Onder Uluyol; Anna L. Buczak; Emmanuel Nwadiogbu
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Development of Bayesian diagnostic models using troubleshooting flow diagrams
Author(s): Krzysztof Wojtek Przytula; Don Thompson
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Signal processing and neural network toolbox and its application to failure diagnosis and prognosis
Author(s): Fang Tu; Fang Wen; Peter K. Willett; Krishna R. Pattipati; Eric H. Jordan
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Helicopter gearbox fault isolation
Author(s): Chi-Man Kwan; Alexander Davydov; Roger Xu
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Development of a neuro-fuzzy expert system for predictive maintenance
Author(s): Gary G. Yen; Phayung Meesad
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Comparison of artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms as a predictor of surgical outcomes in benign prostatic hyperlasia cases (BPH)
Author(s): Dalila B. Megherbi; A. J. Boulenouar; N. Kaula; D. Tracy; S. M. Lodhi; C. Dixon
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Model-based testability assessment and directed troubleshooting of shuttle wiring systems
Author(s): Somnath Deb; Chuck Domagala; Roshan Shrestha; Venkatesh Narayana Malepati; Kevin F. Cavanaugh; Ann Patterson-Hine; Dwight Sanderfer; Jim Cockrell
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Assessment of the NASA Space Shuttle Program's problem reporting and corrective action system
Author(s): David J. Korsmeyer; John A. Schreiner
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ICAS: the center of diagnostics and prognostics for the United States Navy
Author(s): Brian Finley; Eric A. Schneider
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Reasoning and modeling systems in diagnosis and prognosis
Author(s): Amit Mathur; Kevin F. Cavanaugh; Krishna R. Pattipati; Peter K. Willett; Thomas R. Galie
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Analysis of the Westland data set
Author(s): Fang Wen; Peter K. Willett; Somnath Deb
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Bearing monitoring
Author(s): Roger Xu; Mark W. Stevenson; Chi-Man Kwan; Leonard S. Haynes
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Availability and potential value of high-frequency vibration information for aviation diagnostics, prognostics, and health management
Author(s): Theodore C. Goodenow; Marty F. Karchnak
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Machinery diagnostic application of the Morlet wavelet distribution
Author(s): Howard A. Gaberson
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Fault detection algorithms for real-time diagnosis in large-scale systems
Author(s): Thiagalingam Kirubarajan; Venkatesh Narayana Malepati; Somnath Deb; Jie Ying
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On-line intelligent fault-tolerant control for catastrophic system failures
Author(s): Gary G. Yen; Liang-Wei Ho
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Sequential Monte Carlo filtering vs. the IMM estimator for fault detection and isolation in nonlinear systems
Author(s): Visakan Kadirkamanathan; P. Li; Thiagalingam Kirubarajan
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Integrated approach to diagnosis of complex hybrid systems
Author(s): Sriram Narasimhan; Gautam Biswas; Gabor Karsai
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Dynamic scene: a basis of identification of a technical state of machinery
Author(s): Anna Timofiejczuk
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