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Optics of Crystals
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Volume Number: 4358
Date Published: 15 March 2001
Softcover: 49 papers (350) pages
ISBN: 9780819440525

Table of Contents
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Interband photorefractive effects and applications
Author(s): Germano Montemezzani; P. Bernasconi; Ph. Dittrich; Roland Ryf; Peter Guenter
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Adaptive interferometry using polarization self-modulation in photorefractive crystals
Author(s): Alexei A. Kamshilin
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Photorefractive surface grating in Z-cut of barium titanate crystal
Author(s): Andrey M. Kirillov; Stanislav M. Shandarov; Nikolay I. Burimov
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Evolution of photorefractive gratings in sillenite crystals in conditions of induced extrinsic photoconductivity
Author(s): A. I. Grachev; Alexei A. Kamshilin; Pavel M. Karavaev; Victor V. Prokofiev
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Mechanism of external electric field influence on the process of hologram building-up in photorefractive crystals
Author(s): Nikolay A. Gusak
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Optical bistability in the light reflection from photorefractive crystals
Author(s): Nicolai S. Petrov; Anatolyi B. Zimin
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Experimental determination of the electro-optic coefficients in Ba0.77Ca0.23TiO3
Author(s): Vladislav Matusevich; Armin Kiessling; Richard M. Kowarschik
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Holographic properties of dielectric crystals and amorphous semiconductor films
Author(s): Andris O. Ozols; Mara J. Reinfelde
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Spectroscopic properties of Bi12SiO20 doped with (Mn,P)
Author(s): Anna V. Egorysheva; Vladimir I. Burkov; Yuri F. Kargin; Vitaliy M. Skorikov; Alexander Ya. Vasil'ev
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Optical activity and circular dichroism in the sillenite crystals
Author(s): Vladimir I. Burkov; Yuri F. Kargin; Anna V. Egorysheva
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Phase dependence of holographic sensitivity of photorefractive Cu:H:LiNbO3 waveguides
Author(s): Sergey M. Kostritskii; Yuri N. Korkishko; Vyacheslav A. Fedorov; Alexander N. Alkaev
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Stoichiometric dependence of optical and photoconductive properties of Bi12TiO20 single crystals
Author(s): Anna V. Egorysheva; Vladimir I. Burkov; Yuri F. Kargin; Vitaliy M. Skorikov
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Origin of transient effects in two-wave mixing experiments in BSO crystals
Author(s): A. I. Grachev; Alexei A. Kamshilin; O. V. Kobozev; Victor V. Prokofiev
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Averaged-equations model for double-phase-conjugation dynamics
Author(s): P. N. Nikiforov; Ivan V. Murashko; V. Yu. Petrun'kin; Igor A. Vodovatov; H. V. Mokrushina
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Optimization of diffraction efficiency of transmission hologram in cubic photorefractive piezocrystal of (110)-cut in dc electric field
Author(s): S. F. Nichiporko; A. E. Zagorskiy; Vasiliy V. Shepelevich; N. N. Egorov; Klaus H. Ringhofer; Yi Hu; Ekaterina F. Shamonina
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Optimum thickness of cubic photorefractive piezocrystal for diffraction efficiency
Author(s): Yi Hu; Klaus H. Ringhofer; Ekaterina F. Shamonina; Alexander A. Firsov; Vasiliy V. Shepelevich
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Developing optic technologies in Belarus
Author(s): Alexander S. Rubanov; Alexei P. Shkadarevich
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Factorization of one-dimensional wave equations for dispersive media
Author(s): Leonid Barkovsky; Alexander Furs
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Long-lived laser-induced gratings in diamond crystals
Author(s): Valery V. Filippov; E. V. Ivakin; N. M. Lapchuk; Alexander S. Rubanov; S. P. Firsov
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Organic and inorganic crystals for electro-optic modulators with low driving voltage
Author(s): Sergey S. Sarkisov; Jifu Liu; Michael J. Curley; Curtis E. Banks
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Nonlinear optical effects in crystals at streamer discharge
Author(s): Valentine V. Parashchuk; Viktor P. Gribkovskii
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Saturation of absorption in n-i-p-i crystals
Author(s): Dmitrii V. Ushakov; Valerii K. Kononenko; Ivan S. Manak
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Technique of CeF3 impurity concentration control in LaF3 crystals by means of the UV absorption spectra
Author(s): Elena A. Krivandina; Zinaida I. Zhmurova; Tatiana M. Glushkova; Dmitrii F. Kiselev; Marina M. Firsova; Antonina P. Shtyrkova
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Production and transformation of ring light beams by means of biaxial crystals
Author(s): Anatol A. Ryzhevich; Evgeni G. Katranji; Aleksander G. Mashchenko
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Light beam focusing in layered periodic crystalline structure
Author(s): Svetlana N. Kurilkina; Sergey N. Kovchur
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Dark spatial optical solitons in lithium niobate waveguides
Author(s): Vladymir M. Shandarov; Detlef Kip; Monika Wesner; Joerg Hukriede
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Features of mode characteristics of anisotropic planar optical waveguides in the vicinity of degeneration points
Author(s): Aleksei A. Romanenko
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Analysis of the characteristics of leaky modes of channel optical waveguides produced in lithium niobate crystal by proton exchange
Author(s): Alexander B. Sotsky; Luidmila I. Sotskaya
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Investigation of a light leakage effect in planar optical waveguides
Author(s): Alexander I. Bashkirov; Stanislav M. Shandarov; Vladymir M. Shandarov; A. Pfarger
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Ring interferometer with liquid crystal as a means of identification of a singular light
Author(s): Igor A. Izmailov; Boris N. Poizner
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Spectrophotometrical method of ordering estimation for liquid crystal in an electro-optical cell
Author(s): Dmitrii F. Kiselev; Tatiana M. Glushkova; Sergei Ivanov; Marina M. Firsova; Antonina P. Shtyrkova
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Effect of orientation inhomogeneity of liquid crystal on the diffraction characteristics of diffraction optical elements
Author(s): E. A. Melnikova; Oleg Gennadievich Romanov; Ihar V. Stashkevitch
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Surface Bessel light beams
Author(s): Andrey M. Goncharenko; Nikolay A. Khilo; Elena S. Petrova
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Optically controlled rotation of multibeam light field
Author(s): Peter A. Khilo; Larisa I. Kramoreva; Nikolay A. Khilo
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First-time observation of Bessel light beam self-diffraction in heavily doped n-InP
Author(s): Anatol A. Ryzhevich; Ilya A. Utkin
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Vector properties of Bessel light beams
Author(s): Sergey S. Girgel; Svetlana N. Kurilkina
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Bessel light beams in a gyrotropic medium
Author(s): Elena S. Petrova
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Generation of difference frequency by Bessel light beams in conditions of quasi-synchronism
Author(s): Peter A. Khilo; Oleg I. Pronevich; Larisa I. Kramoreva
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Opposite interaction of longitudinal acoustic waves in isotropic dissipative media
Author(s): Alexander A. Karabutov; Ivan M. Pelivanov; Victor V. Kozhushko; Georgiy S. Mityurich
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Bragg diffraction of light by acoustophotorefractive holographic gratings in gyrotropic cubic crystals
Author(s): G. V. Kulak; P. I. Ropot
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Formalism of Mueller matrices and its application to calculation of phase-shifting devices
Author(s): P. I. Lamekin; Yu. V. Sivaev; Konstantin G. Predko
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Mueller matrices of nondepolarizing optical systems: the theory and a new method of determination
Author(s): P. I. Lamekin
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Optical activity and selective reflection of light in stratified periodic structure
Author(s): Igor V. Semchenko; Vladimir Kaganovich
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Artificial anisotropic chiral materials for decrease of reflection of electromagnetic waves from metallic surfaces
Author(s): Igor V. Semchenko; Sergei A. Khakhomov; Elena A. Fedosenko
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Laser treating of transparent dielectrics as a method of structure changes operation
Author(s): A. Ya. Ivanov; V. A. Liopo; N. N. Serebriakov; S. V. Vasil'ev
Dependence of diamond laser processing efficiency on crystallographic directions
Author(s): Sergey V. Shalupaev; Evgeny B. Shershnev; Valentina V. Sviridova; Yury V. Nikitjuk
New approach in crystal optics
Author(s): Antoliy G. Khatkevich; Ludmila A. Khatkevich
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