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17th European Conference on Mask Technology for Integrated Circuits and Microcomponents
Editor(s): Uwe F. W. Behringer

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Volume Number: 4349
Date Published: 9 April 2001

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Challenges and opportunities for EPL and EUVL masks
Author(s): Pawitter J. S. Mangat
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Resistless electron beam lithography technique for the fabrication of x-ray masks
Author(s): Eric Lavallee; Dominique Drouin; Jacques Beauvais
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Removal process for buffer layer on multilayer of EUVL mask
Author(s): Eiichi Hoshino; Taro Ogawa; Masashi Takahashi; Hiromasa Hoko; Hiromasa Yamanashi; Naoya Hirano; Akira Chiba; Byoung Taek Lee; Masaaki Ito; Shinji Okazaki
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Progress in placement control for ion beam stencil mask technology
Author(s): Frank-Michael Kamm; Albrecht Ehrmann; Thomas Struck; Karl Kragler; Joerg Butschke; Florian Letzkus; Reinhard Springer; Ernst Haugeneder; Artur Degen; Jens Voigt; Martin Kratzenberg; Ivo W. Rangelow
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Investigation of quartz etch rate uniformity for alternating phase-shift mask applications utilizing a next-generation ICP source
Author(s): C. Strawn; Chris Constantine; Jason Plumhoff; Russell J. Westerman
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Doubly exposed patterning characteristics using two alternating phase-shift masks
Author(s): Sung-Woo Lee; In-Gyun Shin; Yonghoon Kim; Seong-Woon Choi; Woo-Sung Han; Hee-Sun Yoon; Jung-Min Sohn
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Canary reticle: a new diagnostic for reticles and a window into the physics of ESD damage to reticles
Author(s): Lawrence Levit; Andreas Englisch
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130-nm node mask development
Author(s): Jan M. Chabala; Suzanne Weaver; David W. Alexander; Maiying Lu; Nam-Wook Kim; Damon M. Cole
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Continuous image writer with improved image quality for high-accuracy optical patterning
Author(s): Joerg Paufler; Stefan Brunn; Tim Koerner
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First results from a new 248-nm CD measurement system for future mask and reticle generation
Author(s): Gerhard W.B. Schlueter; Gerd Scheuring; Juergen Helbing; Sigrid Lehnigk; Hans-Juergen Brueck
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Improvement of temperature uniformity during prebake process in mask blank production
Author(s): Bernd Beier; Fredi Schubert; Ute Buttgereit; Andreas Bensberg
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Mask definition by nanoimprint lithography
Author(s): D. Lyebyedyev; Hella-Christin Scheer
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Strategies for wafer-scale hot embossing lithography
Author(s): Hella-Christin Scheer; Hubert Schulz; D. Lyebyedyev
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Mask manufacturing contribution on 248-nm and 193-nm lithography performances
Author(s): Alexandra Barberet; Gilles L. Fanget; Jean-Charles Richoilley; Michel Tissier; Yves Quere
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Comparison of linewidth measurements on COG masks
Author(s): Harald Bosse; Werner Mirande; Carl G. Frase; Hans-Juergen Brueck; Sigrid Lehnigk
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High-resolution inspection of 2D microstructures using multimode polarization microscopy
Author(s): Michael Totzeck; Harald Jacobsen; Hans J. Tiziani
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Quality assessment of advanced photomasks using the Q-CAP cluster tool
Author(s): Kai Peter; Thomas Schaetz; Volodymyr Ordynskyy; Roman Liebe; Martin Verbeek; Gerald Galan; Emanuele Baracchi; Corinne Miramond; Hans-Juergen Brueck; Gerd Scheuring; Thomas Engel; Yair Eran; Karl Sommer; Hans Hartmann
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Improved throughput in the ALTA 3000 IC mask writing system
Author(s): Gregory E. Valentin; Vishal Garg; Henry Chris Hamaker; Jay P. Daniel; Daniel R. Sprenkel
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AutoMOPS--B2B and B2C in mask making: mask manufacturing performance and customer satisfaction improvement through better information flow management
Author(s): Luc de Ridder; Olaf Filies; Ben Rodriguez; Aart Kuijken
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Electron-beam lithography data preparation based on multithreading MGS/PROXECCO
Author(s): Hans Eichhorn; Melchior Lemke; Juergen Gramss; B. Buerger; Uwe Baetz; Nikola Belic; Hans Eisenmann
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Study of mask aerial images to predict CD proximity and line end shortening of resist patterns
Author(s): Mircea V. Dusa; Judith van Praagh; Andrew Ridley; Bo So
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Application of e-beam chemically amplified resist to devices below 0.18-um node
Author(s): Chan-Uk Jeon; Chang-Hwan Kim; Seong-Woon Choi; Woo-Sung Han; Jung-Min Sohn
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Photomask blanks quality and functionality improvement challenges for the 130-nm node and beyond
Author(s): Hideo Kobayashi; Masao Ushida; Kunihiko Ueno
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Phase defect inspection of 130-nm node phase-shift masks using a simultaneous transmitted and reflected light pattern inspection algorithm
Author(s): Larry S. Zurbrick; David Emery; Maciej W. Rudzinski; Mark J. Wihl; Michel Prudhomme; Christian Crell; Uwe A. Griesinger; Manuel Vorwerk; Mario Hennig
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Charged-particle-beam-induced processes and their applicability to mask repair for next-generation lithographies
Author(s): Hans W. P. Koops
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Compact excimer laser light source for optical (mask) inspection systems
Author(s): Tobias Pflanz; Heinz Huber
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Defect inspection of IPL stencil masks with a KLA 351 tool
Author(s): Albrecht Ehrmann; Annika Elsner; Rene Redemann
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Establishment of production processes and assurance method for alternating phase shift masks
Author(s): Shiaki M. Murai; Yasuhiro Koizumi; Tatsuhiko Kamibayashi; Hidetaka Saitou; Morihisa Hoga; Yasutaka Morikawa; Hiroyuki Miyashita
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