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Proceedings of SPIE Volume 4344

Metrology, Inspection, and Process Control for Microlithography XV
Editor(s): Neal T. Sullivan
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Volume Number: 4344
Date Published: 22 August 2001
Softcover: 90 papers (902) pages
ISBN: 9780819440303

Table of Contents
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From compliance to control: off-roadmap metrology for low-k1 lithography
Author(s): Christopher P. Ausschnitt
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Open-contact failure detection of via holes by using voltage contrast
Author(s): Hidetoshi Nishiyama; Mari Nozoe; Koji Aramaki; Osamu Watanabe; Yoshihiro Ikeda
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Method for prevention of unopened contact hole in dual-damascene process
Author(s): Gyu-Ho Lyu; Chang-Hwan Kim; Suk-Joo Lee; Hee-Hong Yang; Dae-Yup Lee; Ji-Yong Yoo; Jeong-Woo Lee; Yoo-Hyon Kim; Jeong-Lim Nam; Woo-Sung Han
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Inspectability study of advanced photomasks with OPC structures
Author(s): Michael Cross; Kaustuve Bhattacharyya
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High-precision metrology by means of a novel stereo imaging technique based on atomic force microscopy
Author(s): Bernardo D. Aumond; Kamal Youcef-Toumi
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Electric force microscopy with a single carbon nanotube tip
Author(s): John A. Dagata; F. S. S. Chien; S. Gwo; K. Morimoto; Takahito Inoue; J. Itoh; Hiroshi Yokoyama
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Automated search method for AFM and profilers
Author(s): Michael Ray; Yves C. Martin
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W-CMP alignment using ASML's ATHENA system on an I-line stepper
Author(s): K. John Prasad; D. Arunagiri Rajan; Yew-Kong Tan; Gin Ping Sun; Stephen Morgan; Merritt Phillips; Bruce Ng
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Chemical mechanical planarization process induced within lot overlay variation in 0.20-um DRAM: solution and simulation model
Author(s): Chih-Ping Chen; Brian Huang; Wilson Lee; Wen-Jye Chung; Holden T.K. Hou
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Evaluation of overlay measurement target designs for Cu dual-damascene process
Author(s): Moitreyee Mukherjee-Roy; Rakesh Kumar; Ganesh S. Samudra
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Evaluation of overlay performance by using air shower at the prealignment
Author(s): Amit Ghosh; Yew-Kong Tan; D. Arunagiri Rajan; Gin Ping Sun
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Advances in process overlay
Author(s): Paul C. Hinnen; Henry J. L. Megens; Maurits van der Schaar; Richard J. F. van Haren; Evert C. Mos; Sanjay Lalbahadoersing; Frank Bornebroek; David W. Laidler
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Comprehensive analysis of statistical and model-based overlay lot disposition methods
Author(s): David A. Crow; Ken Flugaur; Joseph C. Pellegrini; Etienne L. Joubert
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Problem with submicrometer-linewidth standards and a proposed solution
Author(s): James E. Potzick
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Edge determination for polycrystalline silicon lines on gate oxide
Author(s): John S. Villarrubia; Andras E. Vladar; Jeremiah R. Lowney; Michael T. Postek
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Silicon single atom steps as AFM height standards
Author(s): Ronald G. Dixson; Ndubuisi George Orji; Joseph Fu; Vincent Tsai; Ellen D. Williams; Raghu Kacker; Theodore V. Vorburger; Hal L. Edwards; Debra Cook; Paul E. West; Ralph Nyffenegger
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Application of critical shape analyses to two-dimensional patterns
Author(s): Mike Pochkowski; Chris A. Mack; Bryan S. Kasprowicz
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Impact and characterization of mask repair on wafer CD uniformity
Author(s): Hsien Min Chang; W. B. Shieh; Johnson Liu; Brian Chu; L. H. Tu; James Cheng; David Wang; Jackie Cheng; Steve L. Hentschel; Vincent Hsu
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SPM characterizaton of anomalies in phase-shift mask and their effect on wafer features
Author(s): Sylvain Muckenhirn; A. Meyyappan; Kelvin Walch; Mark John Maslow; Geert Vandenberghe; Johannes van Wingerden
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Characterization of optical proximity correction features
Author(s): John A. Allgair; Michelle Ivy; Kevin Lucas; John L. Sturtevant; Richard C. Elliott; Chris A. Mack; Craig W. MacNaughton; John D. Miller; Mike Pochkowski; Moshe E. Preil; John Charles Robinson; Frank Santos
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Atomic force metrology and 3D modeling of microtrenching in etched photomask features
Author(s): Bradley Todd; Edward Kirk Miller; Thomas V. Pistor
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Light-diffraction-based overlay measurement
Author(s): Joerg Bischoff; Robert Brunner; Joachim J. Bauer; Ulrich Haak
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Optimization of segmented alignment marks for advanced semidonductor fabrication processes
Author(s): Qiang Wu; Zhijian G. Lu; Gary Williams; Franz X. Zach; Bernhard Liegl
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Sampling strategy and model to measure and compensate overlay errors
Author(s): Chen-Fu Chien; Kuo-Hao Chang; Chih-Ping Chen
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Automated method for overlay sample plan optimization based on spatial variation modeling
Author(s): Xuemei Chen; Moshe E. Preil; Mathilde Le Goff-Dussable; Mireille Maenhoudt
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Three-dimensional simulation of SEM imaging and charging
Author(s): Luca Grella; Gian Lorusso; Tim Niemi; Tzu-chin Chuang; David L. Adler
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Monte Carlo model of charging in resists in e-beam lithography
Author(s): Yeong-Uk Ko; David C. Joy
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Wafer edge dies yield improvements
Author(s): Kia Huat Gan; Yew-Kong Tan; Gin Ping Sun
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Improvement in E2 nozzle performance: no imprint and less contamination
Author(s): KianSiong Ang; Shu Jin Low; AikChin Lim; CheeKeong Lim; LiahKee Loh; Yew-Kong Tan; Xu Xiang Yang
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Gauge control for sub-170-nm DRAM product features
Author(s): Neal Lafferty; Christopher J. Gould; Michael E. Littau; Christopher J. Raymond
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Control of resist flow process for sub-0.15-um small contact hole by latent image
Author(s): Byung-Kap Kim; Suk-Joo Lee; Dae-Yup Lee; Jeong-Woo Lee; Jeong-Lim Nam
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Mechanism of deep-UV photoresist tail on inorganic antireflective layer film
Author(s): Seung-Jae Lee; Su Geun Lee; Min Kim; Sun-Hoo Park; Jeong-Lim Nam; Sang-In Lee
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Advanced statistical process control: controlling sub-0.18um lithography and other processes
Author(s): Amit Zeidler; Klaas-Jelle Veenstra; Terrence E. Zavecz
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Evaluation of the dual-exposure technique
Author(s): Harry Sewell; Victor F. Bunze; Nicholas DeLuca; Diane C. McCafferty
Investigation of full-field CD control of sub-100-nm gate features by phase-shift 248-nm lithography
Author(s): Michael Fritze; Brian Tyrrell; David K. Astolfi; Paul Davis; Bruce Wheeler; Renee D. Mallen; J. Jarmolowicz; Susan G. Cann; David Y. Chan; Peter D. Rhyins; Martin E. Mastovich; Neal T. Sullivan; Robert Brandom; Chris Carney; John E. Ferri; B. A. Blachowicz
Metrology and analysis of two-dimensional SEM patterns
Author(s): Chris A. Mack; Sven Jug; Rob Jones; Prasad Apte; Scott Richard Williams; Mike Pochkowski
High-accuracy EUV metrology of PTB using synchrotron radiation
Author(s): Frank Scholze; Burkhard Beckhoff; G. Brandt; R. Fliegauf; Alexander Gottwald; Roman Klein; Bernd Meyer; U. D. Schwarz; R. Thornagel; Johannes Tuemmler; Klaus Vogel; J. Weser; Gerhard Ulm
Feature-shape and line-edge roughness measurement of deep submicron lithographic structures using small-angle neutron scattering
Author(s): Eric K. Lin; Wen-li Wu; Qinghuang Lin; Marie Angelopoulos
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DualBeam metrology: a new technique for optimizing 0.13-um photo processes
Author(s): Steven D. Berger; Denis Desloge; Robert J. Virgalla; Todd Davis; Ted A. Paxton; David Witko
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Asymmetric line profile measurement using angular scatterometry
Author(s): Christopher J. Raymond; Michael E. Littau; Todd Pitts; Peter Nagy
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Measurement precision of optical scatterometry
Author(s): Petre-Catalin Logofatu; John Robert McNeil
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Implementation of spectroscopic critical dimension (SCD) (TM) for gate CD control and stepper characterization
Author(s): John A. Allgair; David C. Benoit; Mark Drew; Robert R. Hershey; Lloyd C. Litt; Pedro P. Herrera; Umar K. Whitney; Marco Guevremont; Ady Levy; Suresh Lakkapragada
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Scatterometry: a metrology for subwavelength surface-relief gratings
Author(s): Petre-Catalin Logofatu; John R. McNeil
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Electromagnetic scatterometry applied to in-situ metrology
Author(s): Michael S. Yeung; Eytan Barouch
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Microeconomics of 300-mm process module control
Author(s): Kevin M. Monahan; Arun K. Chatterjee; Georges Falessi; Ady Levy; Meryl D. Stoller
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Haidinger interferometer for silicon wafer TTV measurement
Author(s): Robert E. Parks; Lianzhen Shao; Angela D. Davies; Christopher J. Evans
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High-speed mapping of intertransistor overlay variations using active electrical metrology
Author(s): Xu Ouyang; C. Neil Berglund; Roger Fabian W. Pease
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Comparison of edge detection methods using a prototype overlay calibration artifact
Author(s): Richard M. Silver; Jau-Shi Jay Jun; Edward Kornegay; Robert D. Morton
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Scanning probe position encoder (SPPE): a new approach for high-precision and high-speed position measurement system
Author(s): Tetsuo Ohara
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Process development and impurities analysis for the bottom antireflective coating material
Author(s): Fu-Hsiang Ko; Hsuen-Li Chen; Tiao-Yuan Huang; Hsu-Chun Cheng; Chu-Jung Ko; Tieh-Chi Chu
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Improving the measurement algorithm for alignment
Author(s): Shinichi Nakajima; Yuho Kanaya; Akira Takahashi; Koji Yoshida; Hideo Mizutani
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Electrical characterization of an ion-beam-mixed metal/polymer system
Author(s): Runhui Huang; Ryan E. Giedd
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Application of SMIF isolation to lithography processes for contamination control
Author(s): Sheng-Bai Zhu
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Postdevelopment defect evaluation
Author(s): Osamu Miyahara; Yukio Kiba; Yuko Ono
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Wafer scale error induced by bottom antireflective coating
Author(s): Dong-Seok Kim; JongHo Jeong; Byung-Ho Nam; Young Ju Hwang; Young Jin Song
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Swing curve phase and amplitude effects in optical lithography
Author(s): Brian Martin; Tom Tighe; Graham G. Arthur
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Secondary-electron image profiles using bias voltage technique in deep contact hole
Author(s): Yeong-Uk Ko; David C. Joy; Neal T. Sullivan; Martin E. Mastovich
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Scanner and stepper intrafield distortion characterization: a comparison and correlation of current techniques
Author(s): Brian N. Martinick; William R. Roberts
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Enhancing the rules for optical proximity correction to improve process latitude
Author(s): Brian Martin; Graham G. Arthur
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Electrical linewidth measurement for next-generation lithography
Author(s): Jongwook Kye; Harry J. Levinson
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Optimization of dielectric antireflective coatings on a transparent substrate in sub-half-micron CMOS technology
Author(s): Graham G. Arthur; Brian Martin; Christine Wallace
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193-nm metrology: facing severe e-beam/resist interaction phenomena
Author(s): Mauro Vasconi; Maddalena Bollin; Gina Cotti; Laurent Pain; Vincent Tirard
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CD SEM carry-over effect investigation
Author(s): Anna K. Chernakova; Alan J. Fan
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Wafer-induced reading error in metal sputtering process
Author(s): Dae-Joung Kim; Seok-Hwan Oh; Gisung Yeo; Yong-Guk Bae; Jaehwan Kim; Young-Hee Kim
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Bulge testing of single- and dual-layer thin films
Author(s): Dryver R. Huston; Wolfgang Sauter; Patricia S. Bunt; Brian Esser
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Extended ATHENA alignment performance and application for the 100-nm technology node
Author(s): Ramon Navarro; Stefan Keij; Arie J. den Boef; Sicco Schets; Frank van Bilsen; Geert Simons; Ron Schuurhuis; Jaap Burghoorn
193-nm photoresist shrinkage after electron-beam exposure
Author(s): Bo Su; Guy Eytan; Andrew R. Romano
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Impact of attenuated PSM repair for 130-nm polygate lithography process
Author(s): Xuelong Shi; Stephen Hsu; Robert John Socha; J. Fung Chen; Andy Cheng; Clyde Su; Jackie Cheng; Andy Chen; Henry Lin; David Wang; Dick Chen; Arthur Lin; Will Conley; Dan Metzger; Sunil Desai; Philip H. Imamura; Micheal J. Sherrill
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Scatterometry for shallow trench isolation (STI) process metrology
Author(s): Christopher J. Raymond; Michael E. Littau; Richard J. Markle; Matthew A. Purdy
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Measurement of sidewall, line, and line-edge roughness with scanning probe microscopy
Author(s): Kelvin Walch; A. Meyyappan; Sylvain Muckenhirn; Jacques Margail
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Foot (bottom corner) measurement of a structure with SPM
Author(s): A. Meyyappan; Martin A. Klos; Sylvain Muckenhirn
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Prevention of optics and resist contamination in 300-mm lithography: improvements in chemical air filtration
Author(s): Devon A. Kinkead; Anatoly Grayfer; Oleg P. Kishkovich
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CD monitoring of critical photo layers in 6-in. GaAs IC process
Author(s): Ying Liu; Iain Black; Kezhou Xie
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CD measurement of re-entry (overhang) obtained by liftoff techniques in 6-in. GaAs IC process
Author(s): Ying Liu; Iain Black
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SEM sentinel-SEM performance measurement system
Author(s): Bradley N. Damazo; Andras E. Vladar; Alice V. Ling; M. Alkan Donmez; Michael T. Postek; E. C. Jayewardene
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Lihtography process optimization for 130-nm polygate mask and the impact of mask error factor
Author(s): Stephen Hsu; Xuelong Shi; Robert John Socha; J. Fung Chen; Jason C. Yee; Mohan Anath; Sunil Desai; Philip H. Imamura; Micheal J. Sherrill; Y. C. Tseng; H. A. Chang; J. F. Kao; Alex Tseng; WeiJyh Liu; Anseime Chen; Arthur Lin; Jan Pieter Kujten; Eric Jacobs; Arjan Verhappen
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Impact of optimized illumination upon simple lambda-based design rules for low-K1 lithography
Author(s): Sergei V. Postnikov; Kevin Lucas; Karl Wimmer
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Experimental determination of the impact of polysilicon LER on sub-100-nm transistor performance
Author(s): Kyle Patterson; John L. Sturtevant; John R. Alvis; Nancy Benavides; Douglas Bonser; Nigel Cave; Carla Nelson-Thomas; William D. Taylor; Karen L. Turnquest
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Redefining critical in critical dimension metrology
Author(s): Farid Askary; Neal T. Sullivan
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Lens heating-induced focus drift of I-line step and scan: correction and control in a manufacturing environment
Author(s): Grace H. Ho; Anthony Cheng; Chung-Jen Chen; C. K. Fang; Meng C. Li; I-Chung Chang; P. T. Chu; Y. C. Chu; K. Y. Shu; C. Y. Huang; H. L. Yeh; H. C. Shiao; Ho Ku Lan
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Reference Material 8091: new scanning electron microscope sharpness standard
Author(s): Andras E. Vladar; Michael T. Postek; Nien-Fan Zhang; Robert D. Larrabee; Samuel N. Jones; Russell E. Hajdaj
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Active monitoring and control of electron-beam-induced contamination
Author(s): Andras E. Vladar; Michael T. Postek; Ronald Vane
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Interferometric testing of photomask substrate flatness
Author(s): Christopher J. Evans; Robert E. Parks; Lianzhen Shao; Tony L. Schmitz; Angela D. Davies
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Innovative techniques for automatic multi-CD-SEM image quality monitoring and matching
Author(s): Haiqing Zhou; Chih-Yu Wang; Joseph P. Pratt
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Using pattern quality confirmation to control a metal-level DUV process with a top-down CD-SEM
Author(s): Chien-Sung Liang; Haiqing Zhou; Mark A. Boehm; Ricky A. Jackson; Chih-Yu Wang; Michael D. Slessor
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