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Proceedings of SPIE Volume 4331

Smart Structures and Materials 2001: Damping and Isolation
Editor(s): Daniel J. Inman
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Volume Number: 4331
Date Published: 2 July 2001
Softcover: 45 papers (506) pages
ISBN: 9780819440174

Table of Contents
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Analytical modeling for passive damping in smart composites using a multicell method
Author(s): Vijayan Baburaj; Yuji Matsuzaki; Florin Andrei Nae; Tadashige Ikeda
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Using state observers to model viscoelastic effects
Author(s): Luciano Afonso Silva; Eric M. Austin; Daniel J. Inman
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Development and validation of a new experimental method to identify damping matrices of a dynamic system
Author(s): Jay H. Kim; Joon Hyun Lee
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CASTOR damping experiment in-flight results
Author(s): Philippe Guay; Paul W. Bousquet; E. Courau; F. Mercier
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Engineered damping treatments
Author(s): J. Oh; Manas Chandra Ray; Amr M. Baz
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Hybrid vibration control of laminated composite beams using piezoceramic sensor/actuator and viscoelastic material
Author(s): Young Kyu Kang; Jaehwan Kim; Seung-Bok Choi
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Damping SOFIA: passive and active damping for the Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy
Author(s): Joseph R. Maly; Paul J. Keas; Roger M. Glaese
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Advanced methods for optical jitter suppression using acoustic acutators
Author(s): Suk-Min Moon; Robert L. Clark
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Dynamic modeling of semi-active ER/MR fluid dampers
Author(s): Xiaojie Wang; Faramarz Gordaninejad
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Assessment of time response characteristics of electrorheological and magnetorheological dampers
Author(s): Young-Tai Choi; Norman M. Wereley
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Magnetorheological elastomers in tunable vibration absorbers
Author(s): John M. Ginder; William F. Schlotter; Mark E. Nichols
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Design, testing, and model validation of an MR squeeze-flow vibration damper
Author(s): Neil D. Sims; Roger Stanway; Andrew R. Johnson; Phillip Mellor
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Active vibration control of rotor system by a magnetorheological fluid damper
Author(s): Changsheng Zhu; Jiandong Jiang; David A. Robb; David J. Ewins
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Multifrequency piezoelectric vibration absorber for variable frequency harmonic excitations
Author(s): Ronald A. Morgan; Kon-Well Wang
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Piezoelectric isolation system for lightweight automotive seats
Author(s): Mark Malowicki; Donald J. Leo
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Multi-axis whole-spacecraft vibration isolation for small launch vehicles
Author(s): Conor D. Johnson; Paul S. Wilke; Kenneth R. Darling
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Adaptive control for payload launch vibration isolation
Author(s): Julian R. Jarosh; Gregory S. Agnes; Gregory G. Karahalis
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Viscous and metallic dampers in a building structure subjected to varying levels of ground motion
Author(s): Mark G. Vilcheck; Wenshen Pong
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Design methodology for particle damping
Author(s): Bryce L. Fowler; Eric M. Flint; Steven E. Olson
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Enhancement and evaluation of damping performance in layered CLD type coatings
Author(s): Vidyashankar R. Buravalla; Jem A. Rongong; A. A. Goruppa; Geoffrey R. Tomlinson; F. R. Jones
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Optimal NiTi hybrid tendon system for structural vibration control
Author(s): Soheil Saadat; Mohammad N. Noori; Hamid Davoodi; Zhikun Hou; Arata Masuda
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Attenuation and localization of wave propagation in rods with periodic shunted piezoelectric patches
Author(s): Owen G. Thorp; Massimo Ruzzene; Amr M. Baz
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New method for multiple-mode shunt damping of structural vibration using a single piezoelectric transducer
Author(s): Sam Behrens; Andrew J. Fleming; S. O. Reza Moheimani
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Broadband piezoelectric shunts for passive structural vibration control
Author(s): Shu-yau Wu
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Comparison of low-frequency piezoceramic shunt techniques for structural damping
Author(s): Lawrence R. Corr; William W. Clark
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Effect of shunted piezoelectric materials on increasing sound transmission loss
Author(s): Mehdi Ahmadian; Kristina M. Jeric
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Experimental analysis of the benefits of shunted piezoceramics for damped and undamped structures
Author(s): Mehdi Ahmadian; Kristina M. Jeric; Daniel J. Inman
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Dissipation mechanisms of nonobstructive particle damping using discrete element method
Author(s): Tianning Chen; Kuanmin Mao; Xieqing Huang; Michael Y. Wang
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Reduction of friction using piezoelectrically excited ultrasonic vibrations
Author(s): Walter Littmann; Heiner Storck; Joerg Wallaschek
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Development and validation of anelastic-displacement-fields-based dynamic finite elements
Author(s): Razvan Rusovici; Daniel J. Inman; George Andre Lesieutre
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Damping in single crystals of Cu-Zn-Al SMA: predictable effects related to external amplitudes and temperature
Author(s): Vicenc Torra; Antonio Isalgue; Francisco C. Lovey; Marcos Sade
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Rheological modeling of viscoelastic passive dampers
Author(s): Sunwoo Park
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Heat transfer from fail-safe magnetorheological fluid dampers
Author(s): M. Baris Dogruoz; Faramarz Gordaninejad; Eric L. Wang; Arthur J. Stipanovich
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MR fluid sponge devices and their use in vibration control of washing machines
Author(s): Michael J. Chrzan; J. David Carlson
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Effectiveness of a disk-type magnetorheologic fluid damper for rotor system vibration control
Author(s): Changsheng Zhu; David A. Robb; David J. Ewins
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Electrorheological vibration system
Author(s): Evguenia V. Korobko; Zinovy P. Shulman; Yulia O. Korobko
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Hybrid vibration control of laminated composite structures using magnetostrictive and hard damping materials
Author(s): Vidyashankar R. Buravalla; Bishakh Bhattacharya; Geoffrey R. Tomlinson
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Variable hybrid piezoelectric damping based on control power requirement
Author(s): Kazuhiko Adachi; Yoshihumi Awakura; Takuzo Iwatsubo
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Energy recovering PZT-panel for noise reduction: numerical analysis for fully coupled fluid-PZT structure-electric interaction experimental verification
Author(s): Pietro Mandurino; Giuseppe Bertolotto Bianc; Riccardo Garbin
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Passive piezoelectric damping tuned by using measured electrical impedance
Author(s): Jaehwan Kim; Jin-Young Choi
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Piezoelectric actuation of helicopter rotor blades
Author(s): Nicholas A. J. Lieven
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Control of wave propagation in sandwich beams with auxetic core
Author(s): Massimo Ruzzene; Fabrizio L. Scarpa
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Comparison of passive damping treatments for hollow structures
Author(s): Richard J. Pamley; John Richard House; Michael J. Brennan
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Experimental investigation of an enhanced self-sensing active constrained layer damping treatment
Author(s): Kwok Ming Wong; Wei-Hsin Liao
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Viscoelastic properties of MR fluids under oscillatory shear
Author(s): Weihua Li; Hejun Du; G. Chen; Song Huat Yeo
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