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Applications of Artificial Neural Networks in Image Processing VI

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Volume Number: 4305
Date Published: 4 April 2001

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Clutter-rejection technique for FLIR imagery using dynamic ROI extraction
Author(s): Syed A. Rizvi; Nasser M. Nasrabadi
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Neural network based on multivalued neurons and its application to image recognition and blur recognition
Author(s): Igor N. Aizenberg; Constantine Butakoff
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New technique for real-time distortion-invariant multiobject recognition and classification
Author(s): Rutong Hong; Xiaoshun Li; En Hong; Zuyi Wang; Hongan Wei
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Adaptive image interpolation using a multilayer neural network
Author(s): Mohamed Nooman Ahmed; Brian E. Cooper; Shaun T. Love
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Spline-based neural networks for digital image interpolation
Author(s): Steven C. Gustafson; Gregory J. Meyer
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Fourier-Hankel transform used in image raw data preprocessing
Author(s): Chia-Lun John Hu
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Learning and generating color textures with recurrent multiple class random neural networks
Author(s): Erol Gelenbe; Khaled F. Hussain
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Video compression with wavelets and random neural network approximations
Author(s): Fan Hai; Khaled F. Hussain; Erol Gelenbe; Ratan Kumar Guha
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Versatile learning by sample strategy to perform statistical pattern classification in biomedical images
Author(s): Bernard Fertil; Djamel Brahmi; Nathalie Cassoux; Camille Serruys; Alain Giron
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Approach for 3D volumes matching
Author(s): Sergio Di Bona; Michele Marini; Ovidio Salvetti
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Applying neural network to combining the heterogeneous features in content-based image retrieval
Author(s): HyoungGu K. Lee; Suk In Yoo
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Classification of segmented images combining neural networks and wavelet matching
Author(s): Leticia Flores-Pulido; Aurelio Lopez-Lopez; Leopoldo Altamirano-Robles
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Achieving semantic coupling in the domain of high-dimensional video indexing application
Author(s): Ankush Mittal; Loong-Fah Cheong
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Neural networks for local recognition of images with mixed noise
Author(s): Alexander N. Dolia; Vladimir V. Lukin; Alexander A. Zelensky; Jaakko T. Astola; Chris Anagnostopoulos
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Neural network-based system for pattern recognition through a fiber optic bundle
Author(s): Javier Gamo-Aranda; Paloma Rodriguez-Horche; Miguel Merchan-Palacios; Pablo Rosales-Herrera; M. Rodriguez
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Adaptive kernels for morphological heteroassociative neural networks
Author(s): Manuel Grana Romay; Bogdan Raducanu
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Optical-electronic shape recognition system based on synergetic associative memory
Author(s): Jun Gao; Jie Bao; Dingguo Chen; Youqing Yang; Xuedong Yang
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Automatic generation of multipath algorithms in the cellular nonlinear network
Author(s): Victor M. Preciado; Domingo Guinea; Rodrigo Montufar-Chaveznava
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Image coding by cellular neural networks
Author(s): Rodrigo Montufar-Chaveznava; Domingo Guinea; Maria C. Garcia-Alegre; Victor M. Preciado
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Evaluating neural network reconstruction of wafer profile from electron microscopy
Author(s): Erol Gelenbe; Rong Wang
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