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Optoelectronic Interconnects VIII
Editor(s): Suning Tang; Yao Li

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Volume Number: 4292
Date Published: 30 May 2001

Table of Contents
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High-performance receivers for optical interconnects in standard MOS technology
Author(s): Horst Zimmermann; Thomas Heide; Holger Pless
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Integrated high-speed GaAs MSM photodetector and polyimide channel waveguide array for board-level data communication
Author(s): Lei Lin; Yujie Liu; Chulchae Choi; Bipin Bihari; Ray T. Chen
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Generic three-dimensional wavelength routers based on cross connects of multilayer diffractive elements
Author(s): Xuegong Deng; Ray T. Chen
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Optical GMSK modem for infrared wireless communication based on a new receiver principle in CMOS technology
Author(s): Thorsten Ringbeck; Rudolf Schwarte; Bernd Buxbaum; Holger Hess
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Photonics for time delay in communication systems
Author(s): Zan Shi; James J. Foshee; Jianyi Yang; Suning Tang; Walter B. Hartman; Ray T. Chen
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Centralized optical backplane with energy equalized fan-outs for board-to-board interconnections
Author(s): Gicherl Kim; Xuliang Han; Ray T. Chen
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High-bandwidth multichannel optoelectronic interconnects for parallel data and image transmission and processing
Author(s): J. Jiang Liu; Zaven K. Kalayjian; Brian P. Riely; Brian Gollsneider; William B. Lawler; Wayne H. Chang; Paul H. Shen; Monica Alba Taysing-Lara; Peter G. Newman; George J. Simonis
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Three dimensionally integrated polymer thin film waveguides for high-density true-time-delay lines for phased-array-antenna applications
Author(s): Jeffery J. Maki; Bruce L. Booth; Ray T. Chen
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Optical interconnects using fiber image guides
Author(s): Donald M. Chiarulli; Steven Peter Levitan
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Transformation path concept for 3D lightwave circuits
Author(s): Josef Giglmayr
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Free-space optical interconnection of 3D optoelectronic VLSI chip stacks
Author(s): Dawei Huang; Emel Yuceturk; Guoqiang Li; Mark M. Wang; Xuezhe Zheng; Philippe J. Marchand; Sadik C. Esener; Yue Liu; Volkan H. Ozguz
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Parallel processing demonstrator with plug-on-top free-space interconnect optics
Author(s): Christoph Berger; Xiaoqing Wang; Jeremy T. Ekman; Philippe J. Marchand; Henk Spaanenburg; Mark M. Wang; Fouad E. Kiamilev; Sadik C. Esener
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High-bandwidth low-power parallel optical interconnect using imaging fiber bundles and standard CMOS detectors
Author(s): Cathleen Rooman; Paul L. Heremans; David Filkins; Reiner Windisch; Gustaaf Borghs; Roger A. Vounckx; Maarten Kuijk
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Image fiber coupler design and its performance
Author(s): Moriya Nakamura; Ken-ichi Kitayama
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System demonstrator for board-to-board-level substrate-guided wave optoelectronic interconnections
Author(s): Xuliang Han; Gicherl Kim; Hitesh Gupta; G. Jack Lipovski; Ray T. Chen
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Polymer-based board-level optoelectronic interconnects via micromirror coupler
Author(s): Yujie Liu; Lei Lin; Chulchae Choi; Bipin Bihari; Ray T. Chen
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Thin film polymeric waveguide beam deflector based on thermo-optic effect
Author(s): Chiou-Hung Jang; Lin Sun; Jin-ha Kim; Suning Tang; Bulang Li; Xinghua Han; Xuejun Lu; John Martin Taboada; Dechang An; Qingjun Zuo; Ray T. Chen
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Bandwidth-expandable erbium-doped fiber optical amplifiers
Author(s): Kevin Jianluo Zhang
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Extremely broadband superluminescent diodes/semiconductor laser amplifiers using nonidentical InGaAsP quantum wells
Author(s): Bing-Ruey Wu; Ching-Fuh Lin; Lih-Wen Laih; Tien-Tsorng Shih
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Analysis and design of mushroom-type traveling-wave electroabsorption modulator using the finite difference time domain method
Author(s): Seong-Hae Ok; Seung-Jin Lee; Jeong-Hoon Lee; Soon-Chel Kong; Doo-Gun Kim; Young-Wan Choi; Jae-Hun Kim; Seok Lee; Deok-ha Woo; Sun-Ho Kim
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Photonic true time delay module for high-frequency broadband phased array antenna
Author(s): Yihong Chen; Ray T. Chen
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Three-dimensional micro-optical architecture for chip-level optical interconnects
Author(s): Dennis W. Prather; Sriram Venkatraraman; Marion R. LeCompte; Harry E. Bates; Fouad E. Kiamilev
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Microjet printing of micro-optical interconnects for telecom devices
Author(s): Weldon Royall Cox; Ting Chen; Donald J. Hayes; Michael E. Grove
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Simulation of all-optical time division multiplexed router
Author(s): Ruixin Gao; Zabih F. Ghassemlooy; Graham Swift; Peter Ball
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