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WDM and Photonic Switching Devices for Network Applications II

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Volume Number: 4289
Date Published: 20 April 2001

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Performance comparisons of coarse, multimode, and high channel count wavelength division multiplexer devices
Author(s): Victor Ivan Villavicencio; Jie Qiao; Feng Zhao; William W. Morey
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Measurement and control of in-band dispersion in AWGs
Author(s): Koorosh Aflatooni; Ming Yan; Brian McGinnis; Marc A. Stiller
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Optimal design of grating-based wavelength division (de)multiplexers for optical network
Author(s): Feng Zhao; Jie Qiao; Xuegong Deng; Jizuo Zou; Baoping Guo; Ray Collins; Victor Ivan Villavicencio; George Chang; James W. Horwitz; Bruce Morey; Ray T. Chen
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Passive single-mode wavelength division (de)multiplexers for short-link multiwavelength applications in field environments
Author(s): Xuegong Deng; Feng Zhao; Jizuo Zou; Ray T. Chen; William W. Morey; James W. Horwitz; Victor Ivan Villavicencio; George Chang; Ray Collins
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High-capacity and high-speed DWDM and NWDM optical devices for telecom and datacom applications
Author(s): Joseph C. Chon; Benjamin B. Jian; Jerry R. Bautista
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Next-generation transparent DWDM networks
Author(s): William L. Emkey
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Multimode 200-GHz-spaced dense wavelength division demultiplexing for local area networks
Author(s): Jie Qiao; Feng Zhao; Jizuo Zou; Ray T. Chen; William W. Morey; James W. Horwitz; Ray Collins; George Chang; Victor Ivan Villavicencio
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Defect review in the photonics revolution: the critical role of near-field optics in the characterization of waveguides, optical interconnects, optical and electro-optical switches, lasers, and thei
Author(s): Aaron Lewis
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Virtual topology design for a hypothetical optical network
Author(s): Karcius Day Rosario Assis; Helio Waldman; Luiz de Calazans Calmon
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Ultrafast all-optical regeneration using a simple SOA/DFB laser device
Author(s): Vishal Saxena; Kevin A. Williams; Richard V. Penty; Ian H. White
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Laser phase noise, RIN, modal noise, MUI, and receiver noises' effects in performance analysis of multiwavelength OOCDMA system
Author(s): Chenniappan Ravichandran; Karuppasamy Murugesan
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Integration of dynamic functions on silica PLCs
Author(s): Anthony J. Ticknor; Wenjie Chen
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2.5-Gb/s wavelength conversion based on grating fiber external cavity laser
Author(s): Sheng Zhou; Guang Xie; Peter Kung
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Analysis of coating design in a virtually imaged phased array (VIPA) chromatic dispersion compensator
Author(s): Christopher Lin; Masataka Shirasaki
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L-band erbium-doped silica fibers and their applications
Author(s): Jian Liu; Paul F. Wysocki; Matt Andrejco; Bera Palsdottir
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Electrically tunable chirped fiber Bragg gratings by a bulk distributed heater
Author(s): Zhihao Chen; Chao Lu; Junhong Ng; Tee Hiang Cheng
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Generalized Mach-Zehnder optical switches
Author(s): Laurence W. Cahill; Frank P. Payne
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Development of key devices used in optical cross-connects
Author(s): Wei Gong; YanFeng Fu; Guang Xie; Junqiang Sun
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Digital tunable color filter and beam scanner
Author(s): Yu Wang
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Hybrid polymer devices for improved thermal control and performance
Author(s): Robert A. Norwood
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Polarization-insensitive thermo-optic switch based on multimode polymeric waveguides with high device packing density
Author(s): Xuejun Lu; Dechang An; Lin Sun; Qingjun Zhou; Ray T. Chen
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Single- to multiwavelength conversion using amplified spontaneous emission of semiconductor optical amplifier
Author(s): Yunfeng Shen; Junhong Ng; Zhihao Chen; Deming Liu; Chao Lu; M. Kameshwar Rao
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Novel single-fiber bidirectional optical add-drop multiplexer for optical distribution networks
Author(s): Yunfeng Shen; Xiang Zhou; Xiangnong Wu; Zhihao Chen; Chao Lu; M. Kameshwar Rao
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