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Vertical-Cavity Surface-Emitting Lasers V
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Volume Number: 4286
Date Published: 4 May 2001
Softcover: 25 papers (268) pages
ISBN: 9780819439642

Table of Contents
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Commercialization of Honeywell's VCSEL technology: further developments
Author(s): James K. Guenter; Jim A. Tatum; Andrew Clark; R. Scott Penner; Ralph H. Johnson; Robert A. Hawthorne; J. Robert Biard; Yue Liu
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Commercialized VCSEL components fabricated at TrueLight Corporation
Author(s): Jin-Shan Pan; Yung-Sen Lin; Chao-Fang Alice Li; C. H. Chang; Jack Wu; Bor-Lin Lee; Y. H. Chuang; S. L. Tu; Calvin Wu; Kai-Feng Huang
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1.3-um optoelectronic devices on GaAs using group III-nitride-arsenides
Author(s): Sylvia G. Spruytte; Mark A. Wistey; Michael C. Larson; Christopher W. Coldren; Henry E. Garrett; James S. Harris
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Polarization switching dynamics in single-mode VCSELs
Author(s): Jan Albert; Krassimir P. Panajotov; Guy Verschaffelt; Bob Nagler; Hugo Thienpont; Irina P. Veretennicoff; Jan Danckaert; Sylvain Barbay; Giovanni Giacomelli; Francesco Marin; Fabrice Monti di Sopra; Sven Eitel
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Characteristics of polarization switching in vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers
Author(s): Thorston Ackemann; Marcus Sondermann
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In-plane strain modification of polarization behavior of vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers
Author(s): Krassimir P. Panajotov; Bob Nagler; Guy Verschaffelt; Jan Albert; Jan Danckaert; Irina P. Veretennicoff; Hugo Thienpont; Jennifer L. Yong; Judy M. Rorison
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Control the transverse mode of vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers by antireflection coating
Author(s): ShuWoei Chiou; C. P. Lee; Hung-Pin D. Yang; Chia-Pin Sung
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Quest for very high speed VCSELs: pitfalls and clues
Author(s): Renaud Stevens; Richard Schatz; Anita Lovqvist; Thomas Aggerstam; Christina Carlsson; Carlos Angulo Barrios; Sebastian Lourdudoss; Marco Ghisoni
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High-speed VCSELs for next-generation telecommunications links
Author(s): John G. Wasserbauer; James G. Beltran; J. E. Bisberg; Leo M. F. Chirovsky; David Galt; T. Hudson; Andrew W. Jackson; David W. Kisker; Michael D. Lange; Ryan L. Naone; Simon R. Prakash; Larry R. Thompson
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Selectively oxidized vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers for high-speed data communication
Author(s): Thomas Aggerstam; Anita Loevqvist; Renaud Stevens; Stefan Jonsson; Rickard M. von Wuertemberg; Richard Schatz; Mardjan Dubois; Marco Ghisoni
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Optimization strategies for diode cascade InGaAs VCSELs
Author(s): Matthias Golling; T. Knoedl; Axel Straub; Max Kicherer; Karl Joachim Ebeling
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Frequency noise and lineshape of VCSELs
Author(s): Silvia Viciani; Francesco Marin
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VCSEL arrays
Author(s): Stephan G. Hunziker; Sven Eitel; Karlheinz H. Gulden; Michael Moser; Rainer Hoevel; Hans-Peter Gauggel; Marcel Brunner
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Continuous-wave operation of phase-coupled vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser arrays
Author(s): Fabrice Monti di Sopra; Marcel Brunner; Rainer Hoevel; Michael Moser; Eli E. Kapon
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32-VCSEL-channel CMOS-based transmitter module for Gb/s data rates
Author(s): Roger King; Rainer Michalzik; Roland Jaeger; Karl Joachim Ebeling; Richard Annen; Hans M. Melchior
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VCSEL arrays for optical wireless systems
Author(s): Katsuhisa Tada; Koichi Nitatori; Takashi Iwamoto; Takamitsu Miura; Masahisa Sakai
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Continuous-wave vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers with emission wavelengths near 650 nm
Author(s): Andrea Oster; M. Zorn; Klaus Vogel; Jorg Fricke; Juergen Sebastian; W. John; Marcus Weyers; Guenther Traenkle
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Visible-light vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers grown by solid-source molecular beam epitaxy
Author(s): Mika J. Saarinen; Ning Xiang; Mihail M. Dumitrescu; Ville Vilokkinen; Petri Melanen; Seppo Orsila; Petteri Uusimaa; Pekka Savolainen; Markus Pessa
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Effects of Bragg mirror interface grading and layer thickness variations on VCSEL performance at 1.55 um
Author(s): Maria Linnik; Aristos Christou
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Lead-salt-based VCSELs for the 3- to 6-um range
Author(s): Thomas Schwarzl; Wolfgang Heiss; G. Springholz; M. Aigle; H. Pascher; K. Biermann; Klaus Reimann
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10-Gb/s very short reach (VSR) interconnect solutions
Author(s): Al Yuen; Dubravko I. Babic
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Research and development of VCSEL-based optical sensors in industrial applications
Author(s): Bo Su Chen; Phil Foster; Ron Warkentine
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Noise-assisted binary information transmission with VCSELs
Author(s): Francesco Marin; Sylvain Barbay; Giovanni Giacomelli
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Modulation waves propagating in VCSEL arrays
Author(s): Spilios Riyopoulos
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Linewidth evaluation in VCSELs
Author(s): Pierluigi De Bernardis; Gian Paolo Bava; Laura Fratta
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