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Ultrafast Phenomena in Semiconductors V
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Volume Number: 4280
Date Published: 23 April 2001
Softcover: 24 papers (258) pages
ISBN: 9780819439581

Table of Contents
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Femtosecond carrier dynamics in GaN
Author(s): Chi-Kuang Sun; Jian-Chin Liang; Yong-Liang Huang; Yin-Chieh Huang; Xiang-Yang Yu; Stacia Keller; Steven P. DenBaars
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Exciton dynamics in homoepitaxial GaN in the picosecond regime
Author(s): Krzysztof P. Korona
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Indium segregation in InGaN/GaN quantum well structures
Author(s): Chih Chung Yang; Shih-Wei Feng; Yen-Sheng Lin; Yung-Chen Cheng; Chi-Chih Liao; Chin-Yi Tsai; Kung-Jeng Ma; Jen-Inn Chyi
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Growth and optoelectronic properties of III-nitride quaternary alloys
Author(s): Jing Li; Ki-Bum Nam; KyoungHoon Kim; Tom Nelson Oder; H. J. Jun; Jing Yu Lin; Hongxing Jiang
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Measurement of carrier transport and dynamics in wide bandgap semiconductors using femtosecond pump-probe techniques
Author(s): Michael Wraback; Hongen Shen; M. C. Wood; John C. Carrano; Charles J. Collins; Ting Li; Joe C. Campbell; Christopher J. Eiting; Damien J. H. Lambert; U. Chowdhury; M. M. Wong; Russell D. Dupuis; Matthew J. Schurman; Ian T. Ferguson
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Dynamics of spontaneous and stimulated emissions in GaN-based semiconductors
Author(s): Yoichi Kawakami; Kunimichi Omae; Akio Kaneta; Koichi Okamoto; Tomoaki Izumi; Shin Saijou; Kenichi Inoue; Yukio Narukawa; Takashi Mukai; Shigeo Fujita
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Theoretical modeling of femtosecond pump-probe spectroscopy in GaN systems
Author(s): Yia-Chung Chang; Chan-Kyung Choi; Jin-Joo Song
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Optimizing GaN/AlGaN multiple quantum well structures by time-resolved photoluminescence
Author(s): Jing Li; Kecai Zeng; Eunjoo Shin; Jing Yu Lin; Hongxing Jiang
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Phonon lifetimes and decay channels in single-crystalline bulk AlN
Author(s): Martin Kuball; J. M. Hayes; Ying Shi; James H. Edgar
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Femtosecond pump-probe spectroscopy of a highly excited GaN epilayer
Author(s): Chan-Kyung Choi; Yong Hwang Kwon; Jerzy S. Krasinski; Gil-Han Park; Girish Setlur; Jin-Joo Song; Yia-Chung Chang
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Nonequilibrium electron distributions and energy loss rate in InxGa1-xAs1-yNy studied by picosecond Raman spectroscopy
Author(s): Y. Chen; Kong-Thon F. Tsen
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Hot phonon effects on the ultrafast relaxation of photoexcited electrons in AlN
Author(s): Mohamed A. Osman
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Femtosecond spectroscopy in ZnO with tunable UV pulses
Author(s): Hong Ye; Philippe M. Fauchet; S. Mathukumar; Yicheng Lu
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Femtosecond-scale response of semiconductors to laser pulses
Author(s): Roland E. Allen; Andrea Burzo; Traian Dumitrica
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Interaction effects in optically dense materials
Author(s): Steven T. Cundiff; Justin M. Shacklette; Virginia O. Lorenz
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Effect of two-photon absorption on optical parametric oscillation
Author(s): Ioulia B. Zotova; Yujie J. Ding
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Detection of ultrafast phenomena with streak cameras and PMTs
Author(s): William C. Cieslik; Kenneth J. Kaufmann
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Time-correlated photon counting instrumentation for time-resolved photoluminescence measurement on semiconductor surfaces
Author(s): Michael Wahl
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Spin dynamics in nonlinear optical spectroscopy of Fermi sea systems
Author(s): Tigran V. Shahbazyan; Ilias E. Perakis; Mikhail E. Raikh
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Adaptive all-order femtosecond dispersion compensation and pulse combining
Author(s): David D. Nolte; Yi Ding
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Structure and second-order nonlinear optical properties of CuCl nanocrystal-doped thin films prepared by rf sputtering
Author(s): Jun Sasai; Katsuhisa Tanaka; Kazuyuki Hirao
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Control of low-temperature-grown GaAs for ultrafast switching applications
Author(s): Valentin Ortiz; Max Stellmacher; Xavier Marcadet; Stephane Formont; Didier Adam; Julien Nagle; Jean-Francois Lampin; Antigoni Alexandrou
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Reflection second-harmonic generation from GaAs/AlAs and GaAs/AlGaAs multilayers
Author(s): Xiaodong Mu; Yujie J. Ding; Haeyeon Yang; Gregory J. Salamo
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Electromagnetically induced transparency in a subband quantum well system
Author(s): Konstantin L. Vodopyanov; G. Brendan Serapiglia; E. Paspalakis; Christopher C. Phillips
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