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Organic Photonic Materials and Devices III
Editor(s): Bernard Kippelen; Donal D. C. Bradley

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Volume Number: 4279
Date Published: 15 June 2001

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Defining performance limits for polymeric EO modulators
Author(s): Bruce H. Robinson; Larry Raymond Dalton
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Polymeric optical waveguide components fabricated by simultaneous embossing and poling at elevated temperatures
Author(s): Okihiro Sugihara; Yanlong Che; Shinya Shibata; Makoto Nakanishi; Hideo Yamaji; Hisashi Fujimura; Chikara Egami; Naomichi Okamoto
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Synthesis and optical properties of azo -dye-attached novel second-order NLO polymers with high thermal stability
Author(s): Takami Ushiwata; Etsuya Okamoto; Kyoji Komatsu; Toshikuni Kaino
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Optimization of the nonlinear optical response in chiral media
Author(s): Victor P. Ostroverkhov; Oksana Ostroverkhova; Rolfe G. Petschek; Kenneth D. Singer; Ludmila Sukhomlinova; Robert J. Twieg
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Polymetric waveguide beam deflector for electro-optic switching
Author(s): Jin-ha Kim; Lin Sun; Chiou-Hung Jang; Dechang An; John Martin Taboada; Qingjun Zhou; Xuejun Lu; Ray T. Chen; Bulang Li; Xinghua Han; Suning Tang; Hua Zhang; William H. Steier; Albert S. Ren; Larry Raymond Dalton
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Fabrication of demultiplexer for T bps optical signals by using spincoated squarylium dye J-aggregates exhibiting femtosecond optical response
Author(s): Izumi Iwasa; Makoto Furuki; Minquan Tian; Yasuhiro Sato; Lyong Sun Pu; Setoshi Tatsuura; Osamu Wada
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Novel highly efficient hybrid photoconducting polymer-liquid crystal structures and their application for optical beam processing
Author(s): Stanislaw Bartkiewicz; Andrzej Miniewicz; Francois Kajzar
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Optimization of photorefractive polymers doped with styrene-based chromophores
Author(s): C. Fuentes-Hernandez; Jon A. Herlocker; J. F. Wang; Yadong Zhang; Seth R. Marder; Nasser Peyghambarian; Bernard Kippelen
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Organic-based electrically switchable Bragg gratings and their applications in photonics and telecommunications
Author(s): Gary Qian; Jennifer K. Colegrove; Pei-Yuan Liu; Xina Quan
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Electrically switchable polymer-stabilized cholesteric diffraction gratings
Author(s): S. W. Kang; Samuel Sprunt; Liang-Chy Chien
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Adaptive grating optical limiting with organic photonic materials
Author(s): Hua-Kuang Liu; Luogen Deng; Ruibo Wang; Chunfei Li
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Superquenching of fluorescent polyelectrolytes and its applications for chemical and biological sensing
Author(s): Troy Bergstedt; Robert Jones; Roger Helgeson; Duncan W. McBranch; David G. Whitten
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Photochemical self-developing of doped sol-gel hybrid glass waveguides
Author(s): Byeong-Soo Bae; Jiin Jung; Oun-Ho Park
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Remote vapor phase processing of organic semiconductors for optoelectronic applications
Author(s): Sumant Padiyar; Li Chen; Harry Efsthadiatis; Robert E. Geer
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Resonant-cavity organic light-emitting diodes for low-cost optical interconnects between CMOS silicon circuits
Author(s): Frederique Jean; Jean-Yves Mulot; Pierre Cambon; Bernard Geffroy; Christine Denis; Andre Lorin; Fabrice Venturati; Jean-Michel Nunzi
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Design of reflective filters based on organic materials using genetic algorithms
Author(s): Yukun Bai; Aleksandra B. Djurisic; Weiling Guo; E. Herbert Li
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Preparation of high-quality organic films by deposition and co-deposition via supersonic seeded beams
Author(s): Tullio Toccoli; Andrea Boschetti; Claudio Corradi; Maurizio Mazzola; Paolo Milani; Alessandro Podesta; Salvatore Iannotta
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Charge transport in conjugated materials: insight from quantum chemical calculations
Author(s): David Beljonne; J. P. Cornil; J. Ph. Calbert; Jean-Luc Bredas
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Two types of excitons in poly(p-phenylene-vinylene) thick film at high-density excited state
Author(s): Shunsuke Kobayashi; Fumio Sasaki; Kazuhiro Murata; Takanobu Noguchi; Toshihiro Ohonishi
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High-intensity vibrations in poly-para-phenylene chain: experiment and model
Author(s): Valerii M. Kobryanskii
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Nonlinear optical properties of pi-conjugate organic materials: holographic grating recording and optical limiting effect
Author(s): Natalia V. Kamanina; Valentin N. Sizov; Dmitry I. Staselko
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Optical phase conjugation by degenerate four-wave mixing in photorefractive mesogenic composites
Author(s): Keiko Kitamura; Hiroshi Ono; Hideki Norisada; Nobuhiro Kawatsuki
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Loss measurements on laser-dye-doped and undoped unclad plastic optical fibers
Author(s): Sarah Kopecky; Carl W. Dirk; Albert Peralez; Osvaldo Rodriguez; Elder de la Rosa-Cruz; Miguel Ocampo; Victor M. Castano; M. Rogelio Rodriguez
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Fullerene-doped polymer-dispersed liquid crystals as effective materials for laser modulation and hologram recording
Author(s): Natalia V. Kamanina; Lev N. Kaporskii
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Vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers constructed with AlQ3 active regions employing a DBR structure
Author(s): John Rennie; Tohru Ushirogouchi; Gen-ichi Hatakoshi
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Lasing without inversion in a polymer optical nonlinear system
Author(s): Tingwan Wu; Yunjun Yu; Wenbo Huang
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High-dynamic-range cationic two-photon photopolymerization
Author(s): Yuri B. Boiko; Joannes M. Costa; Mark M. Wang; Sadik C. Esener
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New efficient light-emitting polymer diode for flat-panel display applications
Author(s): Salvatore Cina; Nick Baynes; Ellen Moons; Richard H. Friend; Jeremy H. Burroughes; Carl R. Towns; Karl Heeks; Rick O'Dell; Steven O'Conner; Nikoletta Anthanassopoulou
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Organic electroluminescent diodes as a light source for polymeric integrated devices
Author(s): Yutaka Ohmori; Hirotake Kajii; Takahisa Tsukagawa; Katsumi Yoshino; Masanori Ozaki; Akihiko Fujii; Makoto Hikita; Satoru Tomaru; Sabro Imamura; Hisataka Takenaka; Junya Kobayashi; Fumio Yamamoto
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