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Integrated Optics Devices V
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Volume Number: 4277
Date Published: 15 May 2001
Softcover: 48 papers (480) pages
ISBN: 9780819439550

Table of Contents
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Advances in the development of simulation tools for integrated optics devices: FDTD, BPM, and mode-solving techniques
Author(s): Stoyan Tanev; Dazeng Feng; Steven Dods; Velko Peyov Tzolov; Z. Jan Jakubczyk; Chengkun Chen; Pierre Berini; Christoph A. Waechter; Helder F. Pinheiro; Andres P. L. Barbero; Hugo E. Hernandez-Figueroa
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Design and simulation tools for optical microresonators
Author(s): Stephen C. Greedy; Svetlana V. Boriskina; Phillip Sewell; Trevor Mark Benson
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Optical switching technologies and their applications
Author(s): Caterina Ciminelli; F. Meli; Giorgio Grasso
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Passive optical components for WDM applications
Author(s): Peter Kersten; Fatima Bakhti
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InGaAs/InGaAsP diffused quantum wells optical amplifiers and modulators
Author(s): Wallace C. H. Choy; Jian Jun He; Ming Li; Yan Feng; Emil S. Koteles
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Arrays of wavelength monitoring photodetectors for WDM and fiber sensing applications
Author(s): Adam S. Densmore; Paul E. Jessop
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Theoretical characteristics of TM-pass waveguide polarizers for glass-integrated optics using periodic dielectric multilayer as cladding
Author(s): Kazutaka Baba; Tamon Iden; Mitsunobu Miyagi
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Characterization of the near-surface region in ion-exchanged glass waveguides
Author(s): Flavio Horowitz; Marcelo Barbalho Pereira; M. Behar; Luiz Carlos Barbosa; Stefano Pelli; Giancarlo C. Righini
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Ion-exchanged integrated devices
Author(s): Jean-Emmanuel Broquin
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Anodic gold corrosion in optical modulators
Author(s): Paola Furcas; Rosaria DePalo; Maria Elena Patella; Giuali Salmini; Massimo Vanzi
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Vapor-phase proton-exchange in lithium tantalate for high-quality waveguides fabrication
Author(s): Roberta Ramponi; Roberto Osellame; Marco Marangoni; Vera Russo
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Nanopolyacetylene: optical properties and practical application
Author(s): Valerii M. Kobryanskii
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Nonlinear integrated optical frequency converters with periodically poled Ti:LiNbO3 waveguides
Author(s): Gerhard Schreiber; Dirk Hofmann; Werner Grundkoetter; Yeung Lak Lee; Hubertus Suche; Viktor Quiring; Raimund Ricken; Wolfgang Sohler
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All optical control of self-pumped phase conjugation from BaTiO3:Co photorefractive crystal
Author(s): Yoshihiro Koizumi; Go Urushibata; Minoru Obara
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All-optical cryptographic device for security applications
Author(s): Fabio Garzia; Mario Bertolotti
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Photonic bandgap structures in planar nonlinear waveguides: application to second harmonic generation
Author(s): Devid Pezzetta; Concita Sibilia; Mario Bertolotti; Joseph W. Haus; Michael Scalora; Mark J. Bloemer; Charles M. Bowden
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Efficient and thermal-enhanced 480-nm upconversion emission in Tm3+/Yb3+-codoped silica-on-silicon channel waveguides pumped at 1064 nm
Author(s): Marcos V.D. Vermelho; Maria Tereza de Araujo; Evandro A. Gouveia; Artur S. Gouveia-Neto; J. Stewart Aitchison
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Crystal cut dependent H+ and Er3+ doping into lithium niobate and sapphire
Author(s): Jarmila Spirkova-Hradilova; Pavla Nekvindova; Jiri Vacik; Jarmila Cervena; Vratislav Perina; Anna Mackova; Josef Schroefel; Milos Budnar; Alenka Raspet; Benjamin Zorko; Primoz Pelicon
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Modeling and characterization of guided wave optical sensor devices
Author(s): B. M. Azizur Rahman; Kenneth T. V. Grattan
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Two-dimensional active pixel InGaAs focal plane arrays
Author(s): Quiesup Kim; Michael J. Lange; Christopher J. Wrigley; Thomas J. Cunningham; Bedabrata Pain
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Integrated optical cross strip interferometer
Author(s): Manfred Lohmeyer; Remco Stoffer; Ludger Wilkens; Horst Doetsch
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Preliminary investigation of an active PLZT lens
Author(s): Bruce R. Peters; Patrick J. Reardon; K. Jeremy Wong
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Design of an integrated optical preprocessor for remote sensing applications
Author(s): Vittorio M. N. Passaro; Mario Nicola Armenise; Roberto Diana; F. De Leonardis; Michele A. Forastiere; Stefano Pelli; Giancarlo C. Righini
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Integrated optical microcavities for spectroscopy
Author(s): Evgueni Krioukov; Dion J.W. Klunder; Jan Greve; Alfred Driessen; Cees Otto
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Multichannel optical waveguides formed by periodic microcavities
Author(s): Hiromitsu Furukawa; Koji Tenjimbayashi
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All-optical number representations and logic circuits
Author(s): Josef Giglmayr
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Compact holographic memory system using one-beam geometry in photorefractive crystal
Author(s): Hideta Mitsuhashi; Minoru Obara
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Dynamic transition from self-defocusing to self-focusing in photovoltaic LiNbO3:Fe crystals
Author(s): Ying Jiang; Haidong Wen; Simin Liu; Xinzheng Zhang; Xiaohu Chen; Jingjun Xu; Guangyin Zhang
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Photorefractive phase mask
Author(s): Haidong Wen; Simin Liu; Xinzheng Zhang; Ru Guo; Guoquan Zhang; Qian Sun; Jingjun Xu; Guangyin Zhang
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New integrated optical memory based on the plasma wave modulator/switch
Author(s): Sina Khorasani; Alireza Nojeh; Bizhan Rashidian
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Optoelectronic switch and continuously tunable filter based on a liquid crystal waveguide
Author(s): Luigi Sirleto; Giuseppe Coppola; Antonella D'Agata; Giovanni Breglio; Antonello Cutolo
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Optoelectronic router based on a liquid crystal waveguide
Author(s): Giuseppe Coppola; Luigi Sirleto; Giovanni Breglio; Antonello Cutolo
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Planar and channel optical waveguide loss measurement using optical phase conjugation in BaTiO3
Author(s): Petr Hribek; Martin Slunecko; Josef Schroefel
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Evaluation of loss characteristics of the polymeric Y-branch optical waveguide with reflecting surface
Author(s): Hiroaki Kurokawa; Hiroyuki Kawashima; Kunihiko Asama; Michiko Kuroda; Hiroyuki Kasai
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Application of microsandblast machining to LiNbO3 wafer surface for broadband modulators
Author(s): Futoshi Yamamoto; Yuji Yamane; Naoki Mitsugi; Masataka Yokosawa; Hirotoshi Nagata
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Low-loss optical waveguides fabricated by Li+ for Na+ ion exchange in Na2O rich glass substrates
Author(s): Josef Schroefel; Jarmila Spirkova-Hradilova; Ivan Huettel; Zdenek Burian
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Copper-doped waveguides in glass substrates
Author(s): Jarmila Spirkova-Hradilova; Pavlina Tresnakova-Nebolova; Ivan Jirka; Karel Mach; Vratislav Perina; Anna Mackova; Gabriela Kuncova
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Positive-tone wafer coating materials evaluation on lithography process
Author(s): D. F. Huang; Jian-Yuan Chiou; Chih-Chien Hung; B. R. Young
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Influence of sodium ions on rare-earth solubility in silica-on-silicon SiO2-P205 glass hosts fabricated by flame hydrolysis deposition
Author(s): Marcos V.D. Vermelho; J. Stewart Aitchison
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1.55-um DFB waveguide lasers integrated on Yb-Er-doped phosphate glass substrate
Author(s): Sylvain Blaize; Jean-Emmanuel Broquin; Jacob Philipsen; Cedric Cassagnetes
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1.5-um tilted integrated superluminescent light source
Author(s): Yang Liu; Yuping Zeng; Junfeng Song; Bin Wu; Yuantao Zhang; Guotong Du
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Thermo-optical effects and fiber optic sensing device based on polymer dispersed liquid crystals
Author(s): Luigi Sirleto; Giancarlo C. Righini; Leonardo Ciaccheri; Mahmoud Abu Rish; Francesco F. Simoni
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Silicon-based integrated optical pressure sensor using intermodal interference between TM-like and TE-like modes
Author(s): Yuki Shirai; Takeshi Goto; Masashi Ohkawa; Seishi Sekine; Takashi Sato
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Photorefractive phase zone plates
Author(s): Haidong Wen; Simin Liu; Xinzheng Zhang; Ru Guo; Xiaohu Chen; Ying Jiang; Jingjun Xu
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New integrated programmable optical diffractive element
Author(s): Bizhan Rashidian; Sina Khorasani
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Development of a fabrication process for plastic optical modules with nano-3D structures for communication
Author(s): Seiichiro Kitagawa; Yoichi Kotani; Makoto Okada; Kazuya Yamamoto
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Ion-exchanged waveguide add/drop filter
Author(s): David F. Geraghty; Dan Provenzano; Michael M. Morrell; Seppo Honkanen; Amnon Yariv; Nasser Peyghambarian
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Chalcogenide three-dimensional photonic structures
Author(s): A. I. Feigel; Zvi Kotler; Bruno Sfez; A. Arsh; Matvei Klebanov; Victor Lyubin
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