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Laser Frequency Stabilization, Standards, Measurement, and Applications
Editor(s): John L. Hall; Jun Ye

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Volume Number: 4269
Date Published: 3 May 2001

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Sub-dekahertz spectroscopy of 199Hg+
Author(s): James C. Bergquist; R. J. Rafac; Brent C. Young; James A. Beall; Wayne M. Itano; David J. Wineland
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Search for a frequency difference in the spectrum of the enantiomers of chiral molecules: How to reach a sensitivity better than 10-14?
Author(s): Christian Chardonnet; M. Ziskind; T. Marrel; Christophe Daussy; Christian J. Borde; C. Grain; L. F. Constantin; C. T. Nguyen; A. Shelkovnikov; R. J. Butcher; Anne Amy-Klein
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Indium single-ion optical frequency standard
Author(s): Thomas P. Becker; Mario Eichenseer; Alexander Yu Nevsky; Eckhard Peik; Christian Schwedes; Mikhail N. Skvortsov; Joachim von Zanthier; Herbert Walther
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Metrology of hydrogen atom: determination of the Rydberg constant and Lamb shifts
Author(s): Gaetan Hagel; Catherine Schwob; Leszek Jozefowski; Beatrice de Beauvoir; Laurent Hilico; Ouali Acef; Jean-Jacques Zondy; Francois Nez; Lucile Julien; Andre Clairon; Francois Biraben
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Sub-Doppler resolution molecular spectroscopy in the 1.66-um region
Author(s): Chikako Ishibashi; Kotaro Suzumura; Hiroyuki Sasada
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Development of an acetylene optical frequency standard at 1.5 um and its applications
Author(s): Kenichi Nakagawa; Atsushi Onae
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High-resolution Rb two-photon spectroscopy with ultrafast lasers
Author(s): Tai Hyun Yoon; A. Marian; John L. Hall; Jun Ye
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Past, present, and future of optical comb generation
Author(s): Motonobu Kourogi; Motoichi Ohtsu
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Kerr-lens mode-locked lasers for optical frequency measurements
Author(s): Jorn Stenger; Harald R. Telle
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Compact femtosecond-laser-based optical clockwork
Author(s): Scott A. Diddams; Thomas Udem; Kurt R. Vogel; Chris W. Oates; E. A. Curtis; Robert S. Windeler; A. Bartels; James C. Bergquist; Leo W. Hollberg
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Precision optical frequency measurements and coherent spectroscopy with a single trapped ion standard
Author(s): Pierre Dube; Alan A. Madej; John E. Bernard; K. J. Siemsen; L. Marmet
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Frequency control of a chirped-mirror-dispersion-controlled mode-locked Ti:Al2O3 laser for comparison between microwave and optical frequencies
Author(s): Kazuhiko Sugiyama; Atsushi Onae; Takeshi Ikegami; Sergey Slyusarev; Feng-Lei Hong; Kaoru Minoshima; Hirokazu Matsumoto; Jonathan C. Knight; William J. Wadsworth; Philip St.J. Russell
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Synchronization and phase lock of two mode-locked femtosecond lasers
Author(s): Robert K. Shelton; Long-Sheng Ma; Henry C. Kapteyn; Margaret M. Murnane; John L. Hall; Jun Ye
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Calcium optical frequency standard
Author(s): Fritz Riehle; Harald Schnatz; Burghard Lipphardt; Uwe Sterr; Tomas Binnewies; Guido Wilpers; Tilmann Trebst; Juergen Helmcke
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I2-stabilized 633-nm He-Ne lasers: 25 years of international comparisons
Author(s): Jean-Marie Chartier; Anick Chartier
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Development of an ultranarrow diode laser for interrogating the 674-nm 2S1/2-2D5/2 clock transition in Sr+
Author(s): Geoffrey P. Barwood; K. Gao; Patrick Gill; G. Huang; H. A. Klein
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Frequency reproducibility of I2-stabilized Nd:YAG lasers
Author(s): Feng-Lei Hong; Yun Zhang; Jun Ishikawa; Youichi Bitou; Atsushi Onae; Jun Yoda; Hirokazu Matsumoto; Kenichi Nakagawa
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Progress toward a single ytterbium ion optical clock
Author(s): Paul Taylor; Stephen A. Webster; Matthew Roberts; W. R.C. Rowley; Geoffrey P. Barwood; Patrick Gill
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Phase noise issues in femtosecond lasers
Author(s): Fred L. Walls
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Clocks and oscillators in space
Author(s): Lute Maleki; Brent C. Young
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Wavelength standards for optical communications
Author(s): Sarah L. Gilbert; William C. Swann; Tasshi Dennis
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Tunable diode-pumped microcrystal solid state laser for a miniaturized interferometer
Author(s): Christoph von Kopylow; Egon Pfeifer; Ingo Waldeck; Andreas S. Rasch; Sven Voigt
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Sum-frequency generation of a cw single-frequency-mode coherent light at 252 nm for laser cooling of silicon
Author(s): Yuichi Asakawa; Hiroshi Kumagai; Katsumi Midorikawa; Minoru Obara
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Suspended Fabry-Perot interferometer for determining the Newtonian constant of gravitation
Author(s): Harold V. Parks; D. S. Robertson; Alan M. Pattee; James E. Faller
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Characteristics of continuous-wave double-resonant optical parametric oscillators as spectroscopic tools
Author(s): Takeshi Ikegami; Sergey Slyusarev; Shinichi Ohshima
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Electro-optical parametric oscillators with novel loop-pulling cancellation scheme
Author(s): Andreas Wolf; Harald R. Telle
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Toward a 1.54 um frequency standard with Er-Yb (13C2H2)
Author(s): Gianluca Galzerano; Cesare Svelto; Atsushi Onae; Elio Bava
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Advantages of optoelectronic frequency control of laser diodes
Author(s): Bernd Bodermann; R. P. Kovacich; Harald R. Telle
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Iodine-stabilized frequency-doubled Nd:YAG lasers at lambda=532 nm: design and performance
Author(s): Harald Schnatz; Friedhelm Mensing
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Frequency stabilization of a 1.54-um DFB laser diode to Doppler-free absorption lines of acetylene
Author(s): Takayuki Kurosu; Uwe Sterr
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Lowering oscillation threshold and increasing output power of the red lines of He-Cd II white-light laser
Author(s): Yuzhi Wang; Gang Zhao
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Dependence of laser lines of a line-selecting CO2 laser on laser mixture components/pressure
Author(s): Yuzhi Wang
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Improved iodine-stabilized Nd:YAG laser
Author(s): Lennart R. Robertsson; Long-Sheng Ma; Susanne Picard
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Physical and technological aspects of compact He-Ne/CH4 optical frequency standards of highest performance
Author(s): Mikhail Gubin; Evgenyi A. Petrukhin; Daria D. Krylova; Evgeny V. Kovalchuk; Dimitry A. Tyurikov; A. Shelkovnikov
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