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Biomarkers and Biological Spectral Imaging
Editor(s): Gregory H. Bearman; Darryl J. Bornhop; Richard M. Levenson; Darryl J. Bornhop
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Volume Number: 4259
Date Published: 2 July 2001
Softcover: 21 papers (174) pages
ISBN: 9780819439376

Table of Contents
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Beyond image cubes: an agile lamp for practical 100% photon-efficient spectral imaging
Author(s): Peter J. Miller; Richard M. Levenson
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Compact hyperspectral imager for low-light applications
Author(s): Petr Herman; Henryk M. Malak; Wayne E. Moore; Yaroslav Vecer
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Signal-to-noise analysis of various imaging systems
Author(s): Peter J. Miller; Andrew Robert Harvey
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Cancer screening through the use of enhanced visual systems
Author(s): Urs Utzinger; Michael Bueeler; Douglas L. Heintzelman; Ann Gillenwater; Rebecca R. Richards-Kortum
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Virtual reality techniques for the visualization of biomedical imaging data
Author(s): Maurice A. Shaw; William B. Spillman; Ken E. Meissner; Joseph Gabbard
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Cellular automata for the analysis of biomedical hyperspectral images
Author(s): William B. Spillman; Ken E. Meissner; S. C. Smith; S. Conner; Richard O. Claus
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Near-infrared spectroscopic approach to assess tissue viability following a thermal injury
Author(s): Lorenzo Leonardi; Michael G. Sowa; Jeri R. Payette; Mark D. Hewko; Bernhard J. Schattka; Anna Matas; Henry H. Mantsch
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Combined spectroscopic imaging and chemometric approach for automatically partitioning tissue types in human prostate tissue biopsies
Author(s): Abigail S. Haka; Linda H. Kidder; E. Neil Lewis
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Spectral karyotyping (SKY) in hematological neoplasia
Author(s): Birgitte S. Preiss; Rikke K. Pedersen; Gitte B. Kerndrup
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Structure of mouse spleen investigated by 7-color fluorescence imaging
Author(s): Hiromichi Tsurui; Shinichirou Niwa; Sachiko Hirose; Ko Okumura; Toshikazu Shirai
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Multimodal multispectral imaging of the cervix in vivo for the detection of neoplasia
Author(s): Anant Agrawal; Tim Harrell; Shabbir B. Bambot; Mark Faupel; Daron Ferris
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Skin hydration imaging using a long-wavelength near-infrared digital camera
Author(s): E. Michael Attas; Trevor B. Posthumus; Bernhard J. Schattka; Michael G. Sowa; Henry H. Mantsch; Shuliang L. Zhang
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Brain tissue charcterization using spectral imaging: a potential clinical tool
Author(s): Anita Mahadevan-Jansen; David Mongin; E. Duco Jansen; Dawn Pedrotty; Wei-Chiang Lin
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Influence of the refractive index on EGFP fluorescence lifetimes in mixtures of water and glycerol
Author(s): Klaus Suhling; Daniel M. Davis; Zdenek Petrasek; Jan Siegel; David Phillips
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Time-domain measurement of fluorescence lifetime variation with pH
Author(s): Alan G. Ryder; Sarah Power; Thomas J. Glynn; John J. Morrison
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Dimensions of calcium release domains in frog skeletal muscle fibers
Author(s): Julio L. Vergara; Marino DiFranco; David Novo
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New approach to optical imaging of tumors
Author(s): Samuel I. Achilefu; Joseph E. Bugaj; Richard B. Dorshow; Hermo N. Jimenez; Raghavan Rajagopalan
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Monoclonal antibody-tagged receptor-targeted contrast agents for detection of cancers
Author(s): N. S. Soukos; Michael R. Hamblin; Thomas F. Deutsch; Tayyaba Hasan
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Fluorescent pH probes, fluorescent proteins, and intrinsic cellular fluorochromes are tools to study cytosolic pH (pHcyt) in mammalian cells.
Author(s): Gloria M. Martinez; Lauren S. Gollahon; Keri Shafer; Sowmini K. Oomman; Christian Busch; Raul Martinez-Zaguilan
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Usefulness of indocyanine green as an infrared marker
Author(s): Yuko Fukami; Manabu Heya; Kunio Awazu
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Targeted Type 1 phototherapeutic agents using azido-peptide bioconjugates
Author(s): Raghavan Rajagopalan; Samuel I. Achilefu; Hermo N. Jimenez; Elizabeth G. Webb; Michelle A. Schmidt; Joseph E. Bugaj; Richard B. Dorshow
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