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Advances in Fluorescence Sensing Technology V

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Volume Number: 4252
Date Published: 10 May 2001

Table of Contents
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New approach to fluorescence lifetime sensing based on molecular distributions
Author(s): Olaf J. Rolinski; David J. S. Birch; Lydia J. McCartney; John C. Pickup
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Real-time quantitation of Cu(II) by a fluorescence-based biosensing approach
Author(s): Richard B. Thompson; Hui-Hui Zeng; Badri P. Maliwal; Carol A. Fierke
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Glucose-sensing proteins from mesophilic and thermophilic bacteria as new tools in diabetes monitoring
Author(s): S. D'Auria; Mose Rossi; Joseph R. Lakowicz
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Array biosensor for simultaneous detection of multiple analytes
Author(s): Frances S. Ligler; Joel P. Golden; Chris A. Rowe-Taitt; James P. Dodson
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Surface-enhanced fluorescence biochips using industrial standard slide format and scanners
Author(s): Christian Mayer; Norbert Stich; Thomas G. M. Schalkhammer
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Dual-laser fluorescence correlation spectroscopy as a biophysical probe of binding interactions: evaluation of new red fluorescent dyes
Author(s): Kerry M. Swift; Steven Anderson; Edmund D. Matayoshi
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Fluorescence studies of beer protein uptake by silica
Author(s): Kathleen Apperson; David J. S. Birch; Kenneth Leiper; Ian P. McKeown
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Time-resolved UV-excited microarray reader for fluorescence energy transfer (FRET) measurements
Author(s): Adelina Orellana; Ari Petteri Hokkanen; Tomi Pastinen; Kristina Takkinen; Hans Soderlund
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Spectrofluorometric system devised so as to permit the synchronous measurement of both the bacterial bioluminescence and its related fluorescence emission
Author(s): Hajime Karatani; Kenji Furuta; Satoshi Hirayama
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Flow cytometric phase-resolved discrimination of damaged/dead cells by propidium iodide uptake in macrophages having phagocytized fluorescent microspheres
Author(s): John A. Steinkamp; Yolanda E. Valdez; Bruce E. Lehnert
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Fluorescence lifetime attachment LIFA
Author(s): Cornelius J. R. van der Oord; Karel W. J. Stoop; Lambertus K. van Geest
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Fluorescence lifetime imaging module LIMO for CLSM
Author(s): Cornelius J. R. van der Oord; Cees J. de Grauw; Hans C. Gerritsen
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Multispectral excitation of time-resolved fluorescence of biological compounds: variation of fluorescence lifetime with excitation and emission wavelengths
Author(s): Jean-Michel I. Maarek; Sungheon Kim
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Spectral analysis of induced fluorescence in thyroid tissue
Author(s): Gianfranco Giubileo; Francesco Colao; Paolo Rocchini; Giuseppe Panzironi
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Genetically designed biosensing systems for high-throughput screening of pharmaceuticals, clinical diagnostics, and environmental monitoring
Author(s): Brett Romain Wenner; Phillip Douglass; Suresh Shrestha; Bethel V. Sharma; Siyi Lai; Marc J. Madou; Sylvia Daunert
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Multiphoton-excited fluorescence particle metrology: application to silica hydrogels
Author(s): David J. S. Birch; Chris D. Geddes; Jan Karolin; Klaas Wynne
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Time-resolved fluorescence spectroscopy of dopamine in single cells
Author(s): Michiaki Mabuchi; Junichi Shimada; Koichi Okamoto; Yoichi Kawakami; Shigeo Fujita; Kazumi Matsushige
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