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Photonic Detection and Intervention Technologies for Safe Food
Editor(s): Yud-Ren Chen; Shu-I Tu
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Volume Number: 4206
Date Published: 13 March 2001
Softcover: 29 papers (276) pages
ISBN: 9780819438713

Table of Contents
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Use of light addressable potentiometric sensor (LAPS) to detect magnetically captured Escherichia coli O157:H7 in ground beef
Author(s): Shu-I Tu; Joseph Uknalis; Peter L. Irwin; Linda S. L. Yu
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Light-emission-based biosensor for detection of food pathogens: a review
Author(s): Ashutosh Singh; Rakesh K. Singh; Arun K. Bhunia
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Whole-cell bioluminescent bioreporter sensing of foodborne toxicants
Author(s): Steve A. Ripp; Bruce M. Applegate; Michael L. Simpson; Gary S. Sayler
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Novel approach for the rapid discrimination of bacterial strains by Fourier transform near-infrared spectroscopy
Author(s): Luis E. Rodriguez-Saona; Farukh M. Khambaty; Francis S. Fry; Elizabeth M. Calvey
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Impedance spectroscopy and biochip sensor for detection of Listeria monocytogenes
Author(s): Arun K. Bhunia; Ziad W. Jaradat; Kristen Naschansky; Mindy Shroyer; Mark T. Morgan; Rafael Gomez; Rashid Bashir; Mike Ladisch
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Detection and identification of animal and food pathogens using time-resolved fluorescence
Author(s): Peter E. Andreotti; Richard Meyer; Thomas Campbell; Michael T. Goode; Deborah L. Menking; Emily D. Myers; Tom Palenius; Larry H. Stanker
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Water quality monitoring using an automated portable fiber optic biosensor: RAPTOR
Author(s): George P. Anderson; Chris A. Rowe-Taitt
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Multiwavelength spectroscopy for the detection, identification, and quantification cells
Author(s): Yvette D. Mattley; Luis H. Garcia-Rubio
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Feasibility of identification and classification of microorganisms using a combined FFFF/spectroscopy system
Author(s): Xiaojuan Fu; Luis H. Garcia-Rubio
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Development of a chemiluminescent enzyme capture immunoassay for the detection of Escherichia coli
Author(s): Seref Tagi; Philip E. Pivarnik; Arthur Garth Rand
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Hyperspectral lidar for bioaerosol size distribution determinations
Author(s): James B. Gillespie; Paul M. Pellegrino; David L. Ligon
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Laser detection of toxic substances and microorganisms in water
Author(s): Vladimir S. Gorelik; Alexander M. Agaltsov; Andrei N. Bordeniouk; Pavel P. Sverbil
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Need for rapid screening methods to detect chemical residues in food
Author(s): Steven J. Lehotay
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Optical biosensor for high-throughput detection of veterinary drug residues in foods
Author(s): Steven R. H. Crooks; Esa Stenberg; M. Annette Johansson; Karl-Erik Hellenaes; Christopher T. Elliott
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Imprinted polymer sensors for contamination detection
Author(s): George M. Murray; Bradley R. Arnold; Craig A. Kelly; O. Manuel Uy
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SERS sample vials based on sol-gel process for trace pesticide analysis
Author(s): Vincent Yuan-Hsiang Lee; Stuart Farquharson
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Sequential disinfection of E. coli O157:H7 on shredded lettuce leaves by aqueous chlorine dioxide, ozonated water, and thyme essential oil
Author(s): Nepal Singh; Rakesh K. Singh; Arun K. Bhunia; Richard L. Stroshine; James E. Simon
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New nonthermal posthavest technology to improve food safety: hydrodynamic pressure processing
Author(s): Anisha Williams-Campbell; Morse B. Solomon
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Hyperspectral imaging system for food safety: detection of fecal contamination on apples
Author(s): Moon S. Kim; Kevin Chao; Yud-Ren Chen; Diane Chan; Patrick M. Mehl
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Far-infrared and 3D imaging for doneness assessment in chicken breast
Author(s): Yang Tao; Juan Gutierrez Ibarra
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Simulated optical color correlation for identification of air sacculitis in poultry
Author(s): Juan Gutierrez Ibarra; Yang Tao; Lisa A. Newberry; Yud-Ren Chen
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Detection of contamination on selected apple cultivars using reflectance hyperspectral and multispectral analysis
Author(s): Patrick M. Mehl; Kevin Chao; Moon S. Kim; Yud-Ren Chen
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Detection of chicken skin tumors by mutlispectral imaging
Author(s): Kevin Chao; Patrick M. Mehl; Moon S. Kim; Yud-Ren Chen
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Identification and characterization of bacteria on surfaces using light scattering
Author(s): Brent Martin Nebeker; Benjamin D. Buckner; E. Dan Hirleman; Amanda Lathrop; Arun K. Bhunia
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Rapid nondestructive selection of peanuts for high aflatoxin content by soaking and tandem mass spectrometry
Author(s): Thomas F. Schatzki; William F. Haddon
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Refractive index-based detection of biomolecular interactions
Author(s): Christine Campagnolo; Thomas Ryan; Robert C. Atkinson; Carl A. Batt
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Laser instrumentation for express diagnostics of impurities and toxins in liquid food
Author(s): Tatiana Yu. Moguilnaia; Elena A. Saguitova; Kiril A. Prokhorov; E. I. Grebenuk; N. A. Grebenuk
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Biosensor, ELISA, and frog embryo teratogenesis assay: Xenopus (FETAX) analysis of water associated with frog malformations in Minnesota
Author(s): Eric A. E. Garber; Judith L. Erb; James G. Downward; Eric M. Priuska; James L. Wittliff; Wenke Feng; Joseph Magner; Gerald L. Larsen
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Real-time detection of bacterial aerosols by fiber optic-based biosensors
Author(s): An-Cheng Chang; Mary Beth Tabacco
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