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Fiber Optic Sensor Technology II

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Volume Number: 4204
Date Published: 1 March 2001

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Measurement of axial and bending strain in pipelines using Bragg grating sensors
Author(s): John W. Berthold
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Monitoring of concrete curing process with embedded fiber Bragg gratings
Author(s): Yong Wang; Chuan Swee Tjin; Tuan-Kay Lim; Pilate Moyo; James M. W. Brownjohn
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Simple and potentially cost-effective demodulation technique for fiber Bragg grating sensor arrays
Author(s): Mikhail G. Shlyagin; Vasilii V. Spirin; Serguei V. Miridonov; Ileana Marquez Borbon
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Multiplexed fiber Bragg grating sensors for in-core thermometry in nuclear reactors
Author(s): Alberto Fernandez Fernandez; Francis Berghmans; Benoit Brichard; Marc C. Decreton; Andrei I. Gusarov; Olivier Deparis; Patrice Megret; Michel Blondel; Alain Delchambre
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Transverse loading effects on embedded Bragg fiber system
Author(s): Jill Bennett; Mahmoud A. El-Sherif; Mark E. Froggatt
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Low-coherence light interferometry, instrumentation design, and application development
Author(s): Michael A. Marcus; Jiann-Rong Lee; Harry W. Harris
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All-fiber optic coherence domain interferometric techniques
Author(s): Jeff Bush; Pepe G. Davis; Michael A. Marcus
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Analysis of the thermo-optically induced bias drift in resonator fiber optic gyro
Author(s): Kazuo Hotate; Yoichi Kikuchi
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Interferometric displacement tracking based on Hilbert transform processing
Author(s): John P. Harkin; Donal A. Flavin
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Intensity compensation of a transmitted spectrum using an all-fiber Sagnac interferometer
Author(s): Hector H. Cerecedo-Nunez; Evgueni Anatolevich Kuzin; Jose Javier Sanchez-Mondragon
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Advances in self-mixing vibrometry
Author(s): Nicola Paone; Lorenzo Scalise
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Single-mode optical fiber interferometer for surface vibration measurement
Author(s): Lorenzo Scalise; Raffaella Di Sante
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Fiber optic intra-cavity spectroscopy: combined ring-down and ICLAS architectures using fiber lasers
Author(s): Kathryn Atherton; George Stewart; H. Yu; Brian Culshaw
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Fiber optic oxygen sensor detection system for aerospace applications
Author(s): Alex A. Kazemi; Edgar A. Mendoza; Lothar U. Kempen; Robert A. Lieberman
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Multi-point fiber optic hydrogen sensor system for detection of cryogenic leaks in aerospace applications
Author(s): Edgar A. Mendoza; Lothar U. Kempen; Anil Menon; Eugene Durets; Steve Pflanze; Robert A. Lieberman; Alex A. Kazemi
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Dosimetry with optical fibers: results for pure silica, phosphorous, and erbium doped samples
Author(s): Paul Borgermans; Benoit Brichard; Francis Berghmans; Marc C. Decreton; Konstantin M. Golant; A. L. Thomashuk; Ivan V. Nikolin
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Distributed fiber optic stress sensing by synthesis of arbitrary-shaped coherence function
Author(s): Zuyuan He; Kazuo Hotate
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Fiber optic system for distributed detection of liquid hydrocarbons
Author(s): Alistair MacLean; Chris Moran; Walter Johnstone; Brian Culshaw; Dan Marsh; Geoff Andrews
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Enabling infrastructure for an enhancement of the prospects of fiber optic sensors
Author(s): Peter McGeehin
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Bragg peak shifts of fiber Bragg gratings in radiation environment
Author(s): Kaoru Fujita; Atsushi Kimura; Masaharu Nakazawa; Hiroyuki Takahashi
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Bi12TiO20-based optically controlled fiber voltage sensor
Author(s): Valery N. Filippov; Andrey N. Starodumov; Vladimir P. Minkovich; Yuri O. Barmenkov
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Fiber optical online monitoring for high-voltage transformers
Author(s): Joerg Teunissen; Christian Helmig; Ralf Merte; Dirk Peier
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Coherent IR bundles made using hollow glass waveguides
Author(s): Veena Gopal; James A. Harrington
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Infrared laser delivery system using hollow fibers
Author(s): Yuji Matsuura; Yukio Abe; Shintaro Mohri; Yi-Wei Shi; Mitsunobu Miyagi
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Hollow plastic waveguides for sensor applications
Author(s): Roshan J. George; James A. Harrington
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Sealed hollow fibers for medical Er:YAG lasers
Author(s): Yuji Matsuura; Shintaro Mohri; Yi-Wei Shi; Mitsunobu Miyagi
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Overview of infrared optical fiber sensors
Author(s): Mitsunori Saito
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Gas absorption spectroscopy using GaAs/AlGaAs quantum cascade lasers and a hollow waveguide absorption cell
Author(s): Lubos Hvozdara; Stefan Gianordoli; Gottfried Strasser; Werner Schrenk; Karl Unterrainer; Erich Gornik; V. V. Pustogov; Chavali S. S. S. Murthy; Martin Kraft; Boris Mizaikoff; Alexandra Inberg; Nathan I. Croitoru
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Mid-infrared sensors for marine monitoring
Author(s): Boris Mizaikoff; Manfred Karlowatz; Martin Kraft
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Efficient method to produce fibers with outer diameter varying along the length
Author(s): Vladimir A. Bogatyrjov; Alexej Alexander Sysoliatin
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Advances in gallium lanthanum sulphide glass for optical fiber and devices
Author(s): Arshad K. Mairaj; Marco N. Petrovich; Yvonne D. West; A. Fu; D. W. J. Harwood; L.N. Ng; Tanya M. Monro; N. G. Broderick; Daniel W. Hewak
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Effect of temperature on the loss of the As-S-Se and Ge-As-Se-Te chalcogenide glass fibers
Author(s): Vinh Q. Nguyen; Jasbinder Singh Sanghera; Frederic H. Kung; Pablo C. Pureza; Robert E. Miklos; Ishwar D. Aggarwal; Isabel K. Lloyd
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Recent measurements with Ru2+ oxygen sensors using doped sapphire crystals both as a calibration aid and an integral temperature sensor
Author(s): E. A.D. Austin; John P. Dakin
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Improved imaging bundles developed by Amorphous Materials
Author(s): Albert Ray Hilton; James McCord; W. S. Thompson
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Characterization of chalcogenide glasses for optoelectronics
Author(s): Marcel Poulain; Dimitrij Lezal; Jiri Zavadil; Jana Bludska
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Fiber optical liquid level sensor under cryogenic environment
Author(s): Chengning Yang; Steve Chen; Alex A. Kazemi
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