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Biological Quality and Precision Agriculture II
Editor(s): James A. DeShazer; George E. Meyer

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Volume Number: 4203
Date Published: 29 December 2000

Table of Contents
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Hyperspectral compression-decompression using artificial neural networks
Author(s): David G. Wagner; Siza D. Tumbo
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Hyperspectral imaging for detection of scab in wheat
Author(s): Stephen R. Delwiche; Moon S. Kim
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High-resolution image to correct evapotranspiration of NOAA image
Author(s): Chunyan Yan; Zheng Niu; Changyao Wang; Qingyuan Zhang
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Hyperspectral data discrimination methods
Author(s): David P. Casasent; Xuewen Chen
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Multispectral inspection station detects defects on apples
Author(s): James A. Throop; Daniel J. Aneshansley; Bill Anger
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Early detection of fungi damage in citrus using NIR spectroscopy
Author(s): Jose Blasco; Coral Ortiz; Maria Dolores Sabater; Enrique Molto
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Seed characterization by dynamic speckle patterns: a proposal
Author(s): Roberto A. Braga Jr.; Flavio M. Borem; Inacio M. Dal Fabbro; Ricardo A. Arizaga; Hector Jorge Rabal; Marcelo Trivi
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Design of an optical weed sensor using plant spectral characteristics
Author(s): Ning Wang; Naiqian Zhang; Dallas E. Peterson; Floyd E. Dowell
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Smart sprayer project: sensor-based selective herbicide application system
Author(s): Lei F. Tian; Brian L. Steward; Lie Tang
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Segmentation of ultrasound fetal images
Author(s): Wei Lu; Jinglu Tan
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Beef quality grading using machine vision
Author(s): S. Jeyamkondan; N. Ray; Glenn A. Kranzler; Nisha Biju
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Fusion of visible and X-ray sensing modalities for the enhancement of bone detection in poultry products
Author(s): George Vachtsevanos; Wayne D. Daley; Bonnie S. Heck; Anthony Yezzi; Yuhua Ding
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Fuzzy logic inference systems for discriminating plants from soil and residue with machine vision
Author(s): Timothy W. Hindman; George E. Meyer
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Application of machine vision in inspecting stem and shape of fruits
Author(s): Yibin Ying; Hansong Jing; Yang Tao; Juanqin Jin; Juan Gutierrez Ibarra; Zhikuan Chen
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Optical device for sensing the index of refraction of liquids with high turbidity
Author(s): M. Pena-Gomar; C. Fajardo-Lira; Martha Rosete-Aguilar; Augusto Garcia-Valenzuela
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Cereal production assessment for North Korea
Author(s): Zhen Yang; Changyao Wang; Qingyuan Zhang
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Analysis of vegetation green wave change in China using NOAA AVHRR data sets
Author(s): Changyao Wang; Qingyuan Zhang; Zheng Niu; Xiuwang Cheng
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Hydration and stability of some globular proteins in the nonpolar medium in the presence of phosphatidilholine
Author(s): Valeriy M. Klimovich; I. S. Gulay
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Raman scattering in hydrocarbon and fluorocarbon zigzag structures
Author(s): Vladimir S. Gorelik; Ludmila I. Zlobina; Olga N. Sharts
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