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Proceedings of SPIE Volume 4197

Intelligent Robots and Computer Vision XIX: Algorithms, Techniques, and Active Vision
Editor(s): David P. Casasent
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Volume Details

Volume Number: 4197
Date Published: 11 October 2000
Softcover: 40 papers (394) pages
ISBN: 9780819438621

Table of Contents
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Face recognition with pose variations
Author(s): David P. Casasent; Ashit Talukder
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Intelligent robot trends and predictions for the first year of the new millennium
Author(s): Ernest L. Hall
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New hierarchical approach to pattern matching for industrial applications
Author(s): Markus Brandner; Axel J. Pinz; Wolfgang Poelzleitner
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Wearable computer for mobile augmented-reality-based controlling of an intelligent robot
Author(s): Tuukka Turunen; Juha Roening; Sami Ahola; Tino Pyssysalo
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Knowledge and vision engines: a new generation of image understanding systems combining computational intelligence methods and model-based knowledge representation and reasoning
Author(s): Igor Kuvychko
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Detection and avoidance of simulated potholes in autonomous vehicle navigation in an unstructured environment
Author(s): Jaiganesh Karuppuswamy; Vishnuvardhanaraj Selvaraj; Meyyappa Murugappa Ganesh; Ernest L. Hall
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Simple obstacle detection to prevent miscalculation of line location and orientation in line following using statistically calculated expected values
Author(s): Terrell Nathan Mundhenk; Michael J. Rivett; Ernest L. Hall
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Parallel image processing for line detection in shared-memory and distributed environments
Author(s): Ville Kyrki; Jouni Ikonen; Jari Porras; Heikki A. Kaelviaeinen
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Morphological image processing of a bubble in laser-induced shock-wave lithotripsy
Author(s): Jahja O. Kokaj
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Image analysis using select-only morphological operators
Author(s): Yury V. Visilter
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Design of corner detection used for calibration of x-ray device
Author(s): Jianfeng Lu; Xuelei Hu; Jingyu Yang; Yukun Ye; Dong Wang
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Sequence of texture images and process control
Author(s): Ari J. E. Visa; Sami Autio
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Flexible workobject localization for CAD-based robotics
Author(s): Mikko Sallinen; Tapio A. Heikkila
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Surface defect detection with histogram-based texture features
Author(s): Jukka Iivarinen
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Video switching and sensor fusion for multicamera sensing systems
Author(s): Mayank Saxena; Vishnuvardhanaraj Selvaraj; Rahul Dhareshwar; Ernest L. Hall
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Computer vision system for an autonomous mobile robot
Author(s): Xiaoqun Liao; Jin Cao; Ming Cao; Tayib Samu; Ernest L. Hall
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Identification and distortion rectification of signboards in real scene image for robot navigation
Author(s): Yongmei Liu; Tsuyoshi Yamamura; Toshimitsu Tanaka; Noboru Ohnishi
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Techniques for fisheye lens calibration using a minimal number of measurements
Author(s): Terrell Nathan Mundhenk; Michael J. Rivett; Xiaoqun Liao; Ernest L. Hall
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Optimization of camera parameter calibration based on a new criterion with effective visual angle
Author(s): Yoshihiko Nomura; Takashi Fujimoto; Norihiko Kato; Hirokazu Matsui; Dili Zhang
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Free-form 3D object compression using surface signature
Author(s): Hesham F. Anan; Sameh M. Yamany
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Curvature-based range image classification for object recognition
Author(s): Jan Boehm; Claus Brenner
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Real-time image processing architecture for robot vision
Author(s): Stelian Persa; Pieter P. Jonker
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Video flow active control by means of adaptive shifted foveal geometries
Author(s): Cristina Urdiales; Juan Antonio Rodriguez; Antonio J. Bandera; Francisco Sandoval
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Dynamically reconfigurable real-time software components in the RTLinux environment
Author(s): Kristiina Valtanen; Tuomo Nayha
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Examples of design and achievement of vision systems for mobile robotics applications
Author(s): Patrick J. Bonnin; Laurent Cabaret; Ludovic Raulet; Vincent Hugel; Pierre Blazevic; Nacer K. M'Sirdi; Philippe Coiffet
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Survey of robot lawn mowers
Author(s): Rob Warren Hicks; Ernest L. Hall
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Toward a vision system for blinds
Author(s): Edwige E. Pissaloux; Hichem A. Bouayed; Samer M. Abdallah
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Automatic alignment of electron tomography images using markers
Author(s): Sami Sebastian Brandt; Jukka Heikkonen
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Nonlinear combining of heterogeneous features in content-based image retrieval
Author(s): HyoungGu K. Lee; Suk In Yoo
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Automatic image generation by genetic algorithms for testing halftoning methods
Author(s): Timo J. Mantere; Jarmo T. Alander
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Knowledge representation and knowledge module structure for uncalibrated vision-guided robots
Author(s): Minh-Chinh Nguyen; Doan-Trong Bui
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Face detection by learning from positive examples
Author(s): Shijin Li; Jianfeng Lu; Jingyu Yang
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Estimation of optical flow in a three-dimensional voting space for brightness change
Author(s): Hiroki Imamura; Yukiko Kenmochi; Kazunori Kotani
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Adaptive visual tracking of moving object with neural-PID controller
Author(s): Liucun Zhu; Hideo Fujimoto; Akihito Sano; Satoko Yamakawa
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Color space conversion for linear color grading
Author(s): Dah-Jye Lee
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Finding colored objects under different illumination conditions in robotic applications
Author(s): Dietmar Legenstein; Markus Vincze; Stefan Chroust
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Comparison of PCA and ICA in color recognition
Author(s): Hannu Tapani Laamanen; Timo Jaeaeskelaeinen; Jussi P. S. Parkkinen
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Vision system and three-dimensional modeling techniques for quantification of the morphology of irregular particles
Author(s): Lyndon N. Smith; Melvyn L. Smith
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